Deaths in Tisbury, Mass. 1911

1910More 1911

Gertrude F. (Foster) Howland

Mary Elizabeth (Dias) Howes

Frances Emily West

Eunice Makepeace Blandin

Leander C. Owen

Richard R. Halstrad

Body of man found on Gay Head Beach

George Strachn

Not named

Jane A. Carpenter

Wm. B. C. Merry

Henry D. Foster and Mary A. Williams

Joseph Dias and Betsey Holmes

James W. West and Bertha Hall

Allen Tucker and Polly Makepeace

Peletiah Owen and Anna Mason


Not known

Not known

Alaric K. Swift and Effie S. Tufts

John Mason and Sally Wheeler

John Merry and Kasiah B. Crowell

John H. Howland

Willis Howes


Jesse H. Blandin






Byron Carpenter

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