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Feb. 26, 1834:
AE. 40.

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Stephen West was born on 17 Feb 1794 in Tisbury, the son of Capt. Jeruel West and Deborah Shaw. He never married. He was described in a series of crew lists as being about 5 feet, 4 1/2 inches tall with fair complexion and dark hair. When not at sea he probably lived with his mother, who he likely took care of in her later years. Although there are many records of a 'Stephen West' sailing aboard whalers from the area, we can definitely identify this Stephen West (by his age and birthplace) as the one who sailed on board the Ship Columbus of New Bedford from 19 Jul 1823 to 14 May 1824 and from 6 Jul 1825 to 26 Jun 1826; on the Ship Maine of New Bedford from 10 Jun 1829 to 31 May 1830; on the Ship Condor of New Bedford from 2 Aug 1830 to 9 May 1831; on the Ship Chili of New Bedford from 25 Jul 1831 to 26 Mar 1832; and again on the ship Condor of New Bedford from 14 Jul 1832 to 27 May 1833. He is listed on the Tisbury tax lists of 1827 and 1831.

Dr. Yale treated Stephen during his last year for "great tenderness in pressure in epigastrium + region of liver" and he died of "an affection of the liver + heart."

See The West Family of Martha's Vineyard and The Descendants of Capt. Jeruel West for more information about his family.

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