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In Memory of
Mrs. Sarah wife of
Mr. Ebenezer Allen
She died DEC. 1st 1803
In the 86th Year.
Her former Husband

(The rest of the stone is buried, but Tisbury Vital Records suggests that the buried portion of the stone identifies her former husband as Samuel Daggett.)

Sarah (Chase) Daggett Allen was the daughter of Captain Thomas Chase and Jane Smith. Her father died at sea off the coast of Virginia in 1721 when Sarah was four years old. After her mother's death, she inherited the family property along with her brother Thomas. Her first husband Samuel Daggett had died 1740/43, and she married Ebenezer Allen shortly after Samuel's death. They set-up housekeeping on the property Sarah inherited at Holmes Hole and shortly after began innkeeping, which they did for nearly 20 years. The couple reared seven children of their own as well as the three children of the Daggett marriage.

See The Chase Family of Martha's Vineyard for more information.

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