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Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998
From: Jim Doggett <>
Subject: Martha's Vineyard Doggetts

Dear Chris,

Thanks so much for your kind note. I have not as yet expanded my website to include the New England Doggett/Daggett lines. When I get the Sourthern lines in shape, I will consider broadening the scope. My late good friends, George and Sydney Daggett, did so much with their supplements to Samuel Bradlee Doggett's history that I felt that the Southern lines (including mine) had priority. However, I have found mistakes and additions in George and Sydney's works, which is to be expected, and it would be nice to have an up-to-date forum.

Although in my English Antecedents page I follow the long stated views that John Doggett was the son of William Doggett of Boxford, and that Hepzibah Brotherton was the wife of John Doggett, I have come to believe that these statements are not proven, and in my revision of that page I will qualify those statements. To the best of my knowledge and information, there is no entry in the parish register of either Boxford or Groton of a marriage of John to a Hepzibah Brotherton. When I was in England some years back, I checked microfilms of the registers, and found no such entry. When I was in Salt Lake City last summer, I checked the sources of the references in the IGI for John's marriage to Hepzibah, and found that none of the references cited any documentation for the data. I think that the age of John, the son of William, and the existence of a daughter named Hepzibah and a grandson named Brotherton, together with the fact that the Doggetts and Winthrops of Boxford and Groton were connected, have confused the issue and the conclusions have been perpetuated.

In addition, there is a recorded marriage at the right time of a John Doggett, of the right age, and an Elizabeth Brotherton. This marriage took place in Bedfordshire, and to my mind places in question whether John of Watertown and Martha's Vineyard was the son of William and Avis.Your thoughts on the matter will be very much appreciated.


Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998
From: Stewart Baldwin <>
To: Chris Baer <>,
Subject: Re: Daggett Family of Martha's Vineyard

You should check out the recent article "Alice Brotherton, wife of John Doggett of Martha's Vinyard" by Gordon L.
Remington, which appeared in the April 1997 issue of "The American Genealogist" (vol. 72, pp. 89-100). The article
identifies John Doggett's wife, and gives three generations of her ancestry. "The American Genealogist" is available
in many good genealogical libraries.

Stewart Baldwin

Date: Tue, 12 May 1998
From: Jim Doggett <>
Subject: Re; Daggett


Thanks for the referral to my web site. One comment, however. I have changed my opinion as to the John Doggett-Hepzibah Brotherton marriage. I have found not evidence of such a marriage in either Boxford or Groton. There is, however, as I understand, a marriage of a John Doggett to an Elizabeth Brotherton in Bedfordshire at about the right time. For me, this leaves open the question whether the immigrant John was indeed the son of William of Boxford, or some contemporary, and whether John's first wife was Hepzibah Brotherton. I am in the process of updating and documenting my English Antecedents page, and would appreciate any contributions from list subscribers. I can be reached at ""



Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998
From: Stewart Baldwin <>
Subject: Re: surname daggett, doggett

At 02:10 AM 4/8/98 -0600, wrote:
>researching daggett line starting with hepzibah daggett, b. abt. 1642
>and ending with richard doggett, b. abt. 1481. of suffolk, england.
>contact judy at
>hepzibah dagget b. 1642 m. john eddy
>john doggett b. 1602 m. heqzibah brotherton
>william doggett b. 1557 m. avice or alice lappage
>william doggett b. 1535 m. ???
>john doggett b. 1514 m. ???
>richard doggett b. 1481 m. ???

There are two problems with the above. First, no proof has ever been given that John Doggett (the immigrant at Martha's
Vineyard) was the son of William and Avice (Lappage) Doggett. William and Avice (NOT Alice) did have a son named John, but it has never been proven that he was the same person as the New England immigrant of the same name. The immigrant John Doggett appears to be the same as the John Doggett who married ALICE Brotherton at Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire on 29 August 1622. For details see the recent article "Alice Brotherton, wife of John Doggett of Martha's Vineyard" by Gordon L. Remington, which appeared in "The American Genealogist", vol. 72 (1997), pp. 89-100. This Bedfordshire marriage seems to make it much less likely that John Doggett of Martha's Vineyard was the same person as the son of William and Avice Doggett of that name (although it does not rule it out entirely).

Also, the William Doggett above between William (md. Avice) and Richard Doggett should be removed. William Doggett (husband of Avice Lappage) was the son of John Doggett, who in turn was the son of Richard Doggett.

Stewart Baldwin

Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998
From: Jim Doggett <>
Subject: Doggett-Brotherton

I agree completely with Stewart. The more I study the situation, the more I believe that John of Martha's Vineyard was not the son of William and Avis. I have checked the parish registers of both Boxford and Groton, and did not find any record of a marriage of John to Hepzibah Brotherton. That information seems to have spread based on some entries in the IGI. When I was in Salt Lake City last year I checked the sources of the IGI entries and found that none of them cited any credible
references for the marriage, and in fact frequently cited each other! If anyone has any real evidence of the John-Hepzibah marriage, I would love to hear about it.

As far as the two Williams are concerned, John Doggett's will makes it quite clear that he had two sons named William - "William the elder" and "William the younger. William the younger was William of Boxford who married Avis Lappage. William died in 1610 and is buried in the Boxford church with a very unusual stone. The only American line we can trace to
him with certainty is the line descending from the Rev. Benjamin Doggett, who came to Virginia in 1669.

If anyone wants to discuss these or any other questions abut the Doggetts in England, I will be glad to participate.

Jim Doggett

From: "Scott Ives" <>
Subject: Daggett/Brotherton/Eddy

Greetings all,

There was a post to the group the other day, and a couple replies, about Hepzibah Daggett and John Eddy of Martha's Vineyard c.1660. Does anyone have a list of their children? I know of just two so far: Alice b. c.1662, m. Benjamin HATCH in 1682; and Amy b. c.1668 m. Joseph DAGGETT c.1685 - Alice info from an April 1997 article in The American Genealogist (TAG) by Gordon Remington called 'Alice Brotherton, Wife of John Doggett of Martha's Vineyard' and Amy info from Charles Banks' 'History of Martha's Vineyard'.

I have been told that the above TAG article may be in error concerning which John Eddy that Hepzibah Daggett married. The article names him as the son of Samuel and Elizabeth (__) Eddy of Plymouth. Correspondence with a descendant of another John Eddy informed me that Hepzibah Daggett married John Eddy Jr., son of John and Amy (Daggett/Doggett) Eddy of
Watertown MA and that John Eddy, son of Samuel, married Susanna PADDOCK. The TAG article mentions John and Amy (Doggett) Eddy (though it doesn't give her first name, it quotes Anderson's 'Great Migration Begins' which says John Eddy (Sr.) married a daughter of John Doggett of Groton (ENG), first name as Amy from Bond's 'History of Watertown') but calls John Eddy, who married Hepzibah, "nephew" of John and Amy (Doggett) Eddy. (There is probaby a less confusing way to have written that last sentence but I can't think of one right off)

That John and Hepzibah named two of their children Alice and Amy does help convince me that John's parents were possibly John and Amy Eddy of Watertown. Of course I don't know what other children John/Hepzibah had - if they named their first son Samuel and had another daughter born before Amy named as Elizabeth that would shoot this full of holes. Any info would
be appreciated. I'm not a descendant of the above actually - I'm just trying to get this correct. I am a descendant of John and Alice (Brotherton) Daggett's son Thomas who m. Hannah Mayhew, their son John m. Sarah Pease, their daughter Mary m. John Titus. The last two hold some problems for me in that there is no proof that John Daggett m. Sarah Pease apparently (Banks lists the marriage as 'probably'), and my Mary Daggett may have married a different John Titus - I have John as son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Johnson) Titus of Rehoboth/Attleboro but there is one source, 'Your Ancestors' (?), which says she married John Titus son of John and Hannah (__) Titus of Rehoboth. Again, any info appreciated.

Scott Ives

Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 12:58:12 -0700
From: Jim Doggett <>
Subject: Daggett Books

>I keep hearing about books that people have written about the Doggett/Daggett
>lines and would love to purchase them but so far I have been unable to find
>them anywhere. Can anyone tell me where I can buy the Daggett books by Samuel
>Bradlee and George H. Daggett with co-author Sydney B. Daggett?

In answer to [this] inquiry about the Samuel Bradlee Doggett reprint and the supplements published by George and Sydney Daggett, my good friends George and Sydney passed away 10 years ago or thereabouts. Their remaining stock of books was held by their son Bill, who was filling orders for them. I don't know whether he has any left or not. If not, most of them are available at genealogy book stores.

Bill can be contacted at;

William R. Doggett
3425 SE 2nd Court
Ocala, FL 34471

Jim Doggett

Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998
From: Dean Ayer <>
Subject: Daggett Books

Hello, all of you DAGGETT relatives,

It is easy to see how the names "Daggett" and "Doggett" got mixed together over the years, the "a" becomes an "o", and vice versa.

Jo Ann requested information on the "Daggett" books, written by Samuel Bradlee Doggett, and by George H. and Sydney B. Daggett. One of our good Doggett family members, Jim Doggett, was good enough to answer her request, which needs some
additions and corrections. I did not have her phone number, which Jim was good enough to give us. Thank you, Jim.

The books are "History of the Doggett/Daggett Family", "A Supplement to the History of the John Doggett/Daggett Family of Martha's Vineyard", and "A Supplement to the Sections Entitled Thomas Doggett/Daggett of Marshfield, MA and William Daggett of Saco, Maine, and Miscellaneous other Daggett Families". They were available for $25 to $22.50, depending on the volume needed, plus shipping.

One of the three books written, "A Supplement to "John Doggett/Daggett of Martha's Vineyard", was available a few years ago from: Martha B. Daggett, 3425 S.E. Second Ct., Ocala, FL 32674. I personally bought one of them from her, which I currently have in my possession; one of our sons has another copy.

I am a descendant of Chester Daggett, William James Daggett, James Thomas Daggett, and Elihu Daggett of Maine. If there is any interest in this from others, please let me know. My grandfather, Chester Dagget, did quite a bit of work on our genealogy, and I have a lot of his material.

Best regards,

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