From pp. 524-527 of
The History of Martha's Vineyard, Vol. I
by Dr. Charles E. Banks.

The following list of persons belonging or credited to the Vineyard represents, as far as obtainable, the names of persons who served in the navy during the Civil War, with a record of the services of each. In addition to these persons, there were enlisted in the navy by the State at large and credited to the towns, 33 for Edgartown, 30 for Tisbury. The author is indebted to the late Dr. Winthrop Butler for much of the following information, particularly that relating to the character of the service rendered. The list includes a few persons now resident who did not live on the island during the war.

See also The Army.

NAME Residence Rating Ships and Service
Adlington, Frank Edgartown Master's Mate
Anderson, George Edgartown
Anthony, Joseph P. Gay Head Seaman
Armstrong, Thos. Edgartown Seaman
Barry, William Tisbury
Beetle, David S. Edgartown Ensign Emma
Bell, Joseph Edgartown
Bradley, Henry, Jr. Tisbury Paymaster's Clerk Katahdin
Bradley, Leander D. Tisbury Paymaster Katahdin , Gulf Squadron
Bunting, James H. Edgartown Ensign Ethan Allen
Butler, Hebron V. Edgartown Master's Mate
Butler, Winthrop Tisbury Ass't Surgeon Saratoga & Hornet , Gulf Squadron
Cannon, Loring Tisbury Ensign Captured Sabine Pass, Texas
Casey, James Tisbury
Chadwick, John P. Edgartown Ensign
Chirgwin, Thos. H. Edgartown
Cleaveland, Chas. W. Edgartown
Coffin, Edwin Edgartown Lieutenant Midnight , S. A. Squadron
Cooper, Thos. G. Gay Head Seaman
Cooper, Thos. J. Tisbury
Cooper, Thomas Edgartown
Couch, Geo. Tisbury Master Adger
Courtney, Chas. Edgartown Master
Crocker, Frederick Edgartown Clifton
Crosby, James E. Tisbury
Crowell, Jared W. Tisbury Also served in Army
Crowell, Jos. M., Jr. Tisbury Seaman Shawsheen , Captured and conf. Southern Prison
Curtis, James C. Edgartown
Daggett, John T. Tisbury
Dempster, George Tisbury
Dexter, Benjamin F. Tisbury
Dexter, Rodolphus W. Tisbury Delight
Dixon, James W. Tisbury
Dunham, Hiram N. Edgartown Seaman Mohican , credited to New Bedford
Earl, Wm. B. Edgartown Ensign
Fisher, Alonzo D. Edgartown Seaman Mohican
Fisher, Brazillai Edgartown Seaman
Fisher, Chas. F. Edgartown Master's Mate
Fisher, Geo. L. Edgartown Seaman
Fisher, John P., 2nd Edgartown Seaman
Fisher, Thos. A. Edgartown Seaman
Foss, Otis Tisbury Seaman Fearnought
Foster, Henry D. Tisbury Ensign Baruna , with Farragut at New Orleans
Freeman, Robert Tisbury Seaman
Gabrielson, Eric Edgartown Seaman Later Capt. R. C. S.
Gibbs, Albion P. Edgartown Ensign
Hammett, Hiram Chilmark Seaman Tobago
Hancock, John Edgartown Seaman Hedden
Hart, Matthew F. Edgartown Seaman
Hedden, Edward F. Edgartown Ass't Engineer Later in R. C. S.
Holmes, Jos. Wheldon Tisbury Pay Master Dunbarton
Howes, Willis Tisbury Master Roanoke & Vanderbilt
Johnson, Nathan Gay Head Seaman
Johnson, Sidney Gay Head Seaman
Kidder, Benj. H. Edgartown Surgeon Colorado . At capture Fort Fisher; now Medical Director U.S.N.
Lewis, Alan G. Edgartown Seaman
Littlefield, Aaron D. Edgartown Master Georgia
Luce, Irving Tisbury Seaman
Manning, Thomas Chilmark Seaman
Marchant, Cornelius Edgartown Ensign Genessee
Marchant, Geo. W. Edgartown
Marchant, Wm. B. Edgartown Ensign
Morse, John O. Edgartown Master R. R. Cuyler
Morse, Stephen H. Edgartown Hunchback
Nevers, Daniel Edgartown
Norton, Andrew J. Edgartown
Norton, Chas. Edgartown Master
Norton, Ichabod Edgartown Ass't Paymaster
Norton, Lott Edgartown
Norton, Martin V. B. Edgartown
Norton, Shubael C., Jr. Edgartown Ensign
Norton, Wm. H. Gay Head First class boy Rhode Island
Orswell, Geo. B. Edgartown Ass't Engineer
Osborne, Abraham Edgartown
Osborne, John Edgartown
Owen, Leander C. Tisbury Ensign Seneca with N.A. Squadron, capture Fort Fisher
Peakes, Thos. M. Edgartown Ensign Ethan Allan
Pease, Geo. W. Edgartown Ensign
Pease, Henry, Jr. Edgartown Ensign
Pease, Isaac D. Edgartown Ensign
Pease, John N. Edgartown Ensign
Pease, Peter Edgartown Ensign
Pease, Wm. H. Edgartown Master
Ripley, Benj. H. Edgartown Seaman
Roberts, Wm. H. Edgartown
Robinson, James B. Tisbury Ensign Queen
Smith, Chas. G., Jr. Tisbury Master's Mate Penguin and Tuscarora
Smith, Eliakim Edgartown
Smith, Geo. A. Edgartown Ensign
Smith, Ivory H. L. Edgartown Seaman
Smith, John M.
Smith, Roland Edgartown
Spencer, John Tisbury
Stapleford, James W. Edgartown Ensign
Starks, Daniel Edgartown Master's Mate
Sylva, George Oak Bluffs Seaman
Thaxter, Leavitt Edgartown Seaman
Tilton, Walter H. Chilmark Master's Mate Fredonia
Vanderhoop, Edwin D. Gay Head Landsman Mahaska
Vincent, Francis W. Edgartown
Vincent, Wm. T. Edgartown Master's Mate Canandaigua
Wade, Henry Clay Tisbury Master Commanding Strs. Gertrude and Yucca. With Farragut at New Orleans. Died (yellow fever) at Pensacola.
Waldron, Ebenezer Edgartown Seaman
West, Abner Tisbury Master Potomska . At fight bet. Monitor & Merrimac.
West, Nathaniel P. Tisbury Lieut­Commander Was in Mexican War. Retired during Civil War.
West, Wm. L. W. Tisbury Seaman Mississippi
Wilbur, Calvin H. Edgartown
Winn, Edward A. Chilmark
Worcester, Edward Chilmark
Worth, Jethro Edgartown Ensign

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