Resident Directory of

The following transcript was OCRed from pp. 7 - 73 of the book Martha's Vineyard Directory / Containing Lists of Residents, Street Directory, Business Houses, Town Officers, Churches, Societies, Schools, Etc., of Oak Bluffs, Edgartown, North and West Tisbury, Vineyard Haven, Chilmark, Gay Head, etc. 1907 published by the Boston Suburban Book Co., Old South Building, Room 1027, Boston, Mass.

Also see the 1907 Directory of Vineyard Haven and the1907 Directory of Chilmark and Gay Head.
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(p. 7)


Selectman.—Frederick W. Smith, chairman, Horatio N. Pease, David J. Barney.
Town Clerk.—Francis P. Vincent.
Treasurer.—Elmer E. Landers.
Collector of Taxes.—Ezekiel H. Matthews.
Auditor.—Sereno D. C. Smith.
School Committee.—Osgood Y-. Mayhew, David J. Barney, Samuel Q. Rice.
Health Officers.—Job H. Gorham, Charles T. Besse, Sherman T. Meara.
Engineer Fire Department.—Andrew Warren, chief; Samuel N. Kidder, Charles A. Jov, Alfred A. Buzzell, John F. Sandiford.
Surveyor of Highways.—John C. Hamblin.
Park Commissioners.—George P. Briggs, Manuel A. Vincent, John W. McGrath.
Constables.—Eli A. Leighton, LaRoy S. Lewis.
Tree Warden.—Edwin R. Frasier.
Cemetery Committee.—Job H. Gorham, Sidney S. Hicks, Leroy S. Lewis.
Surveyor of Lumber, etc.—Henry H. Rice, David J. Barney.
Sealer of Weights and Measures.—George H. Stratton.
Pound Keeper.—Charles T. Besse.
Fence Viewers. —Frank W. Chase, Clofus L. Gonyon, Manuel S. deBettencourt.
Field Drivers.—Charles T. Besse, Manuel P. Charves, John C. Hamblin.

(p. 8)

Fancy Dry Goods AND
Art Needle Work
Cottage and Yacht Pillows
Bear Brand and Utopia Yarns.

My motive is to please my customers, knowing that a satisfied customer is always my best advertisement.
145 Circuit Avenue - Oak Bluffs, Mass.


Tin Plate and Sheet Iron Worker
Hot Air, Hot Water and Steam Heating by Most Improved Methods
Driven and Pumps Put in at Short Notice.

(p. 9)


Acushnet avenue, from Naumkeag av., next to Canonicus av.
Allen avenue, from Fourth av. to Pawtucket av.
Arlington avenue, from Columbus av. to Atlantic av., V. H.
Asbury park, between Vineland, Glenwood, Myrtle and Sylvau avs., V. H.
Atlantic avenue, from Commercial av. to West av ., V. H.
Auburn avenue, from Moss avenue, to Church av., V. H.
Beecher park, between Church and Massachusetts avs., V. H.
Beulah avenue, between Washington and Clinton avs., C. G.
Bradford Park, between Munroe, Marion and Massachusetts avs. V. H.
Brewster avenue, from Harrison av. to Lincoln pk., V. H.
Brunswick avenue, from Simpson av. westerly, V. H.
Canonicus avenue, from Sea View av. to Uncas av.
Carlyle avenue, from S. Circuit av. northwestly, O. B.
Carol avenue, from Mountain av. 2nd from Church, V. H.
Cedar avenue, from New York ave. to Oak ave., V. H.
Central av. from Lake av. to Montgomery sq., C. G.
Central park, from Broadway to Association limits. C. G.
Chauncey Park, between Massachusetts and Munroe avs., V. H.
Chestnut avenue, from New York ave. to Walnut ave., V. H.
Church avenue surrounds Baptist Tabernacle, V. H.
Chapman avenue, from New York avenue
Circuit avenue, from Oak Bluffs av., westerly to Waban Park, and south Circuit av.
Clay avenue, from Munroe av. to Jefferson av., V. H.
Clinton avenue, from Trinity Park to Association limits, C. G.
Columbus avenue, from Massachusetts av. to Harrison av., V. H.
Commercial avenue, from New York ave., to Camp Meeting Landing, V. H.
Commonwealth avenue, from Commonwealth sq. to Siloam av., C. G.
Commonwealth square, between Commonwealth and Lake avs., C. G.
Coral ave., from Mountain ave.
Cottage avenue, from Trinity av. to Fisk av., C. G.
County avenue, from Broadway to Lake av., C. G.
County avenue, from Trinity pk. to County pk.
County park, between Commonwealth and County avs, and Montgomery sq., C. G.
County road from Easiville av., opp. Wapello ave.

(p. 10)

Crescent park, from Moutain av., V. H.
Cross avenue, from Massachusctts avenue to Norton av., V. H.
Crystal park, West, from Mt. Hope ave., C. G.
Davis avenue, from Meriton av., southerly, V. H.
Delaware avenue, from Franklin av. to Atlantic av., V. H.
Dempster Park, between Church and Massachusetts avs., V. H.
Dudley avenue, from Marion av. to Harrison av., V. H.
Dudley avenue, between Marion and Winthrop avs., V. H.
Dukes County avenue, from Siloam ave. to beyond Lagoon rd.
Eastville avenue, from Water junction Beach rd.
Elliot Place, from Wendell ave.
Elmwood ave., from Glenwood ave. to Maple ave.
Fairview, from Jefferson ave.
Fayal avenue, from Lagoon rd.
Fenwick Sq., from West ave. and Schuyler ave.
quot ave.
First avenue, from School
Fisk avenue, from Trinity Pk. to Association limits, C. G.
Forest Hill avenue, from Franklin to Norris ave.
Forest Circle, between Highland and Mt. Hope avs.
Fourth avenue, from Broadway to Commonwealth av., C. G.
Franklin, from Vineyard ave. south
Franklin avenue, from Schuyler av. to Hope av., V. H.
Greene avenue, between Dudley and Hudson avs., V.H.
Greenleaf avenue, from Rowland av. southerly, V. H.
Hamilton avenue, from Jefferson av. to West av, V. H.
Hampson avenue, from Simpson av. to South av., V. H.
Harrison avenue, from Massachusetts av. to Atlantic av., V. H.
Hartford Pk., between Circuit, Massasoit, Naumkeag and Pe-quot avs., O. B.
Hebron avenue, from County pk., to Lake ave.
Hiawatha avenue, from Pocasset ave. to Circuit ave.
Hiawatha park, between Hiawatha, Pocasset and Circuit avs.
Highland avenue, from Trinity av. to Rural Circle, C. G.
Highland Boulevard, from New York ave., opp. Oak ave.
Hill avenue, from S. Circuit ave. to Wamsutta ave.
Hope avenue, from Hudson av. to West av., V.H.
Hudson av., from Marion av., to Atlantic av., V. H.
Huntington av. from Pacific av., to Meriton av., V. H.
Island avenue, from S. Circuit av.
Katama avenue, from S. Circuit av.
Kennebec avenue from Samoset ave. to Oak Bluffs ave.
Kingswood, between Simpson, Cedar, Linden and Oak avs., V.H.
Lake avenue, from Siloam av. to Sea View av., C. G.
Laurel avenue, from 485 New York ave. to Vineland ave., V. H.
Lawrence avenue, from Nev. York ave., southerly

(p. 11)

Leslie park, between Laurel and Moss avs., V. H.
Lincoln park, between Brewster and Atlantic avs., V. H.
Lincoln ave., from Merrill ave. to Central Pk.
Linden avenue, from Simpson av. to Cedar av., V. H.
Madison avenue, from Clay av. to Munroe av., V. H.
Maple avenue, from Laurel avenue to New York ave., V. H.
Marion ave., for Massachusetts ave. to Munroe ave.
Masonic avenue, from Circuit to Dukes County ave.
Massachusetts avenue, from New York ave. to Commercial ave., V. H.
Massasoit avenue, from Naumkeag av. to Circuit av.
Maxfield avenue, from Meriton av. to Oak av., V. H.
Meriton avenue, from Simpson av. to Davis av., V. H.
Merrill avenue, from Trinity pk. to County pk.
Mill square, between Cross, Norton, Massachusetts, Columbus, Arlington, Eaton and Commercial avs., V. H.
Montgomery avenue, between Dudley and Hudson avs., V. H.
Montgomery square, between Montgomery, Merrill, and Central avs.,C. G.
Morgan avenue, from Glenwood av. to Mountain av., V. H.
Morton park, between Harrison, Massachusetts, Marion, and Dudley avs., V. H.
Moss avenue, from Summerfield pk. to Vineland av., V. H.
Mountain avenue, from Wendell av. to Highland av., V. H.
Mt. Hope avenue, from Washington park to Trinity av.
Munroe avenue, from Webster av to West av., V. H.
Myrtle avenue, from Vineland av. to Glenwood av., V. H.
Nantucket avenue, from Sea View av. to Naumkeag av.
Narrangansett avenue, from Sea View ave. to Circuit ave.
Nashawena park, from Naumkeag av. to Circuit av.
Naumkeag avenue, from Ocean ave. to Circuit ave.
Naushon park, east side of Circuit, between Naumkeag and Un-cas av.
Nelson square, between Clay, Madison and Munroe avs.
New York avenue, from Commercial av. to Eastville
Niantic avenue, from Niantic Pk. to Massasoit av.
Niantic park, between Pocasset, Naumkeag and Wamsutta av.
Norris avenue, from Vineland to Lagoon road
Norton avenue, from Commercial av. to Mill sq., V. H.
Oak avenue, opp. 508 New York ave. to Paulding ave., V. H.
Oak Bluffs avenue, from Lake ave. to Wharf
Oak park, between Clinton and West Clinton avs., C. G.
Ocean avenue, from Sea View ave. to Oak Bluffs ave.
Ocean park, between Ocean and Sea View ave.
Orange park, beween Maple, Massachusetts and Elmwood avs, V. H.
Pacific avenue, from Simpson ave. to School, V. H.

(p. 12)

Park avenue, from Sea View ave. to Circuit ave.
Park avenue, between Washington pk. and Clinton av.
Pasque avenue, from Circuit ave. to Sea View ave.
Paulding avenue, from Meriton av. to Oak av., V. H.
Pawtucket avenue, from Broadway to Siloam av., C. G.
Pease avenue, from Trinity park.
Penacook avenue, from Sea View ave. to Circuit ave.
Penacook park, in Penacook ave.
Pequot avenue, from Sea View ave. to Circuit ave.
Pettuluma park, between S. Circuit ave. and Uncas ave.
Pleasant avenue, from Trinity pk. to Commonwealth av.
Plymouth park, between Church av. and Massachusetts av., V. H.
Pocasset avenue, from Circuit ave. to Tuckernuck ave.
Prospect park, between Brewster, Harrison and Atlantic avs., V. H.
Putnam avenue, from Munroe av. to West av., V. H.
Rock avenue, from Montgomery sq. to Commonwealth sq., C. G.
Rose avenue, from Vineland av. to Church av., V. H.
Rosemount avenue, from Glenwood av. to Massachusetts av., V. H.
Rowland avenue, from Simpson av. westerly, V. H.
Rural circle, from Mt. Hope av. to Clinton av., C. G.
Rustic avenue, from County av. to Central av., C. G.
Saco avenue, from Hope avenue to Atlantic av., V. H.
Saco avenue, from Sea View ave. to Circuit ave.
Samoset avenue, from Sea View ave. to Circuit ave.
Saugus avenue, from Sea View ave. to Ocean ave.
School, from Dukes County ave. to Cemetery
Schuyler avenue, from Hudson av. to Fenwick sq., V. H.
Seaside park, in Thompson av., V. H.
Sea View avenue, from the wharf southerly to Beach road
Second avenue, from School
Siloam avenue, from New York ave., to Waverly ave., C. G.
Simpson avenue, from Spruce av. to Oak av., V. H.
South avenue, from Pacific av. to Meriton av. . V. H.
South Circuit avenue, from Sea View av. to Circuit av.
Spruce avenue, from Simpson av. so. Chestnut av.
Sumner park, between Massachusetts, Wilson and Harrison avs., V H.
Summerfield park, between Auburn and Commercial avs., V. H.
Sylvan avenue, from Vineland av. to Glenwood av., V. H.
Tabernacle avenue, from Circuit av. to Trinity park
Third ave. from School
Timehagan ave. fron foot New York ave. to Eastville ave., E. C.

(p. 13)

Trinity avenue, from Trinity pk. to Circuit av.
Trinity park, surrounding Methodist Tabernacle
Tuckernuck avenue, from Sea View ave. to Circuit ave.
Uncas avenue, frown Circuit ave. to Hill ave.
Union park, between Kedron, Walnut and Linden avs., V. H.
Vineland avenue from Church av. to Maple av., V. H.
Vineyard ave. from Duke's County ave.
Waban avenue, from Tuckernuck ave. to Narrangansett ave.
Waban park, between Circuit, Nantucket, Naumkeag, Tuckernuck and Sea View avs.
Walnut avenue, from Chestnut av. to Simpson av., V. H.
Wamsutta avenue, from Hill av. to Circuit av., O. B.
Wamsutta avenue, from Waverly av. to Dukes Co. av., C . G.
Wapello ave. from Eastville ave. opp. County rd. to New York ave.
Warren avenue, from Schuyler av. to Hope av., V. H.
Warwick avenue, from 258 Circuit ave. to Duke's County ave.
Washington avenue, from Clinton av. to Mt. Hope av., C. G.
Washington park, between Auburn and Commercial avs., V. H.
Washington park, between Washington av. and Association limits, C. G.
Waverlv avenue, from Clinton av. to Dukes Co. av., C. G.
Wayland avenue, from Commercial to Church av.
Webster avenue, from Munroe av. to West av., V. H.
Wendell avenue, from Church av.
Wesley park, between Church and Massachusetts avs., V. H.
West Avenue, from Webster av. to Atlantic av., V. H.
Weston avenue, from Dudley av. to Winthrop av., V. H.
West Clinton ave., from 49 Clinton ave. to Association limits, C. G.
Wilson avenue, from Massachusetts av. to Columbus av., V. H.
Winthrop avenue, from Vineyard ave. to Ragoon rd.
Woodlawn avenue, from Mountain av. to Thompson av., V. H.
York avenue, from Hudson av. to Atlantic av., V. H.


Arcade, Circuit ave.
Ginn's, 131 Circuit ave.
Greene's, Circuit ave., opp. Pequot
G. A. R., over Postoffice
Hanes, 122 Circuit ave.
Herald, 141 Circuit ave.
Odd Fellows Hall, foot of Circuit ave., near the Monument
O. E. S., over Swift's grocery
Wigwam, Circuit and Kennebec ave.

(p. 14)


A. F. & A. M.
Oriental Lodge.

W. M., E. E. Landers; S. W., Thomas A. Dexter; J. W., Joseph K. Silva; Sec., Beriah T. Hillman; Treas., Jonathan H. Munroe.
Meet first Monday in each month, in Oriental hall, Edgartown.


C. Wesley Hale, secretary.


Commander, Wm. H. Walker; S. V. C., Sherman T. Meara; J. V. C., Beriah T. Hillmann; Adjt., Francis P. Vincent; Q. M., George H. Stratton; Chap., George T. Bacon.
Time and place of meeting—First Thursday of each month at G. A. R. hall, over postoffice.
Annual meeting—First Thursday in December.

Vineyard Lodge, NO. 228.

N. G., Herbert A. Eddy; V. G., Samuel Q. Rice; P. G. F., W. Smith; Sec., Alfred A. Buzzell, Penacook, cor Waban ave.; Treas., Sidney S. Hicks.
Time and place of meeting—Everv Monday evening, at Odd Fellows hall, Oak Bluffs ave.
Annual meeting—Last Monday in the year.


N. G., Miss Emily M. Barney; V. G., Mrs. Melinda F. Smith; Sec., Mrs. Maude L. Smith; Treas., Mrs. Annie H. Harding; Fin. Sec., Mrs. Lucy P. Smith.
Meet at Odd Fellows hall, 2d and 4th Wednesday evenings of each month.


Dubois B. Frisbee, secretary.

(p. 15)


Warden, Frederick W. Smith; vice warden, Emma I. Matthews; secretary, Alfred A. Buzzell; treasurer, David J. Barney; chaplain, Mrs. D. J. Barney.
Time and place of meeting—1st and 3d Wednesdays at Odd Fellows hall.
Annual meeting—Last Wednesday in the year.


Laban Pratt, president, Boston; Henry F. King, secretary.

Oriental Chapter, No. 73.

Mrs. Clara A. W. Norton, worthy matron; Mr. David J. Barney, worthy patron; Mrs. Mary A. Rice, associate matron; sec., Mrs. Minnie E. Vincent, L. B., 83 Oak Bluffs, Mass.; treas., Mrs. Hannah B. Davis; conductor, Mrs. Emma I. Matthews; associate conductor, Mrs. Elethea E. Silvey; chaplain, Mrs. Matilda M. Gonyon; marshall, Mrs. Annie E. Hayden; pianist, Mrs. Florence Hicks; warder, Mrs. Adeline Silvey; sentinel, Mr. Francis P. Vincent. Adah, Mrs. Mabel H. Glover; Ruth, Miss Emily M. Barney; Esther, Miss Elizabeth H. Rice; Martha, Mrs. Marion Sackett; Elicta, Mrs. Lucy P. Smith.
Meetings held 2d Monday evening of each month. Special meetings at option of Worthy Matron.


President, Mrs. Carle E. coy, V. H.; S. V. Pres., Mrs. Louise Foster O. B.; J.V. P., Mrs. Lillie Swift, V. H.; Sec., Mrs. Anna E. Marshall, O. B.; Treas., Mrs. Mary J. Foss, V. H.; Chap., Mrs. Myra Wade, V. H.
Time and place of meeting—G. A. R. hall, Oak Bluffs, 1st Thursday each month.


H. J. Greene, agent.

Organized 1835.

Rev. J. Wesley Johnston, D. D., president; S. H. Bailey, secretary; E. G. Eldridge, agent and treasurer.

(p. 16)


Location of boxes and keys to same.


25 On pole, near residence of Manuel R. Charves. Key on side of box.


31 On pole, junction of Clinton and West Clinton avenues. Keyes with B. F. Rice, 2nd and R. D. Robinson.
32 On pole, Trinity Park, near head of Clinton avenue. Keys with Joseph Dias, D. J. Barney and office of Camp Meeting Association.
34 Corner New York and Siloam avenues, on old Star office. Keys with H. H. DeCorsie, Leavitt Mayhew and H. N. Pease.
3 Blows, repeated—Alarm from D. J. Barney's Coal Office.
6 Blows, repeated—Alarm from Steamer House.
10 Blows, Alarm for Forest Fire.


41 On Arcade Building. leers with Z. D. Linton, Mrs. Tripp, and Charles L. Scranton.
42 On pole, Circuit avenue, near corner grocery. Keys at the grocery, F. P. Vincent and J. L. Mayhew.
43 On pole, corner Narragansett and Naumkeag avenues. Keys with E. M. Mosher, Miss L. E. Phinney and A. A. Buzzell.
45 On pole, corner Sea View and Tnckernuck avenues. Keys with A. E. Cox, E. H. Matthews, John McGrath and Mrs. Wheeler.
4 Blows, repeated—Alarm from Hydrant Hose House.


51 On pole, New York avenue, near residence of E. A. Leighton. Keys with E. A. Leighton, H. H. Rice and Howard W. Carter.
52 On pole, Commercial avenue, near Atlantic avenue. Key on side of box.
53 Corner of Temahigan and Eastville avenues. Keys with E. L. Norton, Hiram Daggett and Charles T. Besse.
5 Blows, repeated—Alarm from Highland Hose House.
One or irregular blows, testing or repairing fire alarm.
Directions for operating a box: Open the door, pull the hook down as far as you can, then let go and do not touch it again.
22 Two rounds at 8.15 a. m., and 12.45 p. m., no school. At 11.45 a. m., one session.
Andrew Warren, Superintendent of Fire Alarm.

(p. 17)

The Household Furnishing Co.
Corner Purchase and Kempton Sts.

Just out of the High Rent district.


Furnaces, Stoves, Ranges and Pumps.
Up-to-date Plumbing in every branch.
Steam Hot Water and Hot Air Heating
Sheet Metal Work of all description.
Lighting and Gas Fitting a specialty.
William and Water Streets - - New Bedford.


Ice of the best quality
Furnished at reasonable rates.

New Eddy Ice Refrigerators for sale at 25 per cent discount from catalogue prices, delivered free.

Your patronage solicited.
Residence, 6 Nashawena Park

(p. 18)

First National Bank
New Bedford Massachusetts

CAPITAL, $1,000,000.
W. P. WINSOR, President.
W. A. MACKIE, Cashier


Denison, Plummer Co.
Carry only the best
Flour, Grain and Hay
100 South Water Street - New Bedford.


~ Vineyard Hotel ~
American and European Plans
, Prop. L. W. PERKINS, Mgr.


~ Oak Bluffs Laundry ~
M. J. PERKINS, Proprietor
First-class work guaranteed. Goods called for and delivered
Office, Circuit avenue, corner Lake Avenue

(p. 19)

Oak Bluffs.

J. S. Bridgford, pastor.
Hours of Worship -- Sunday: Preaching 10.45 a. m., 7.30 p. m.; Sunday school, 12 m.; Epworth League, 6.45 p. m. Tuesday: Prayer meeting, 7.30 p. m. Friday: Class meeting, 7.30 p. m. You are cordially invited to worship with us.

Ocean Avenue. Organized 1882.

Augustus P. Day, president. John Besson, secretary and treasurer. Services held every Sunday during July and August.


Masonic avenue. Rev. Oscar E. Denniston.


Circuit Avenue, near Nashawena Park. Rev. Wm. H. McNamara, pastor. Manuel Silvia, sexton.


Rev. S. A. Dyke, pastor.
Preaching Sunday, 10.45 a. m., 7.00 p. m. Sunday school, 12 m. Mid-week prayer service, Thursday, 7.30 p. m.

Circuit Avenue.
Charles L. Scranton, postmaster.

Office open 6.30 a. m. to 9 p. m. in summer. Office open Sunday, 12 to 1. p. m.
Money order office, 8 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Mails close: 5.40 a. m., 8.45 a. m., everywhere; 9.15 Edgartown; 9.45 Vineyard Haven and Nantucket; 12.00 New Bedford, Fall River; 2.00 p. m. Vineyard Haven; 2.55 everywhere; 4.00 Nantucket; 7.00 Edgartown.
Arrive: 6.00 a. m. Edgartown; 9.15 Vineyard Haven; 10.15 everywhere; 12.15 Boston and New Bedford; 2.00 p. m. Edgartown; 3.45 Vineyard Haven and Nantucket; 4.30 everywhere; 7.30 everywhere, Vineyard Haven, New Bedford, Boston.

Circuit Avenue.

Open in summer 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. m., daily except Sunday. Winters open Wednesdays and Saturdays. Mrs. Adalyn Ripley, librarian. 2,600 volumes.

(p. 20)

Circuit Avenue ----- Oak Bluffs, Mass.
Chaves & DeBettencourt
Meats and Groceries
Family Trade Solicited
Telephone 21-2


Dry and Fancy Goods
Bathing Goods

Ribbons and Neckwear a Specialty
New Idea Patterns
Gent's Furnishings
144 Circuit Avenue - Oak Bluffs, Mass.

(p. 21)

Resident Directory

Abbreviations used: ave., avenue; b. or bds., boards; B., Boston; bldg., building; blk., block; ct., court; c., corner; emp., employee; h., house; opp., opposite; pl., place; sum. res., summer resident. After the name of a street the word "street" is omitted.
* Indicates Owners of Cottages.

Abbott Emma R., (New Bedford), 52 Samoset ave.
*Abell J. W., Adams (New York City), h. 23 Nashawena pk.
Alden Charles, (Boston), h. 18 Commonwealth
Alden John F., carpenter, h. 12 Washington pk.
*Aldrich Frederick J., (Providence, R. I.), 14 Commonwealth ave.
*Alexander James, (Worcester), h. Worcester ave., Lagoon Heights
*Allen, Heirs of Charles F., Worcester, 13 Kennebec ave.
Allen Claude, coachman at Harbor View Sanitorium, Timehagan ave.
Alley Domingo, clerk, h. Vineland ave.
Amaral Frank, gardener, h. Circuit ave., opp. Catholic church
Amaral Manuel, laborer, h. Lagoon rd.
Amaral Maria, Mrs., dressmaker, Circuit ave., opp. Catholic church, h. do.
Ames Edwin, (Worcester), 15 Ocean ave.
Ames Frederick F., painter, h. Lawrence ave., n. New York ave.
Anderson James, (Newtonville), 6 Siloam ave.
Andre Antone, laborer, h. Norris ave.
Andre Joseph, Mrs., h. Norris ave.
Andrews William A., (Middleboro), 4 Forest Circle
*Andrews William H., (Newton), 12 Vineyard Highlands
Androws Antone S., printer and barber, 3 Montgomery sq., h. Circuit ave.
*Anthony Benj. and Charles Kelley, trustees, 2 Hebron ave., and 18 County pk.
Anthony Ella, (New Bedford), h. County pk.
Applebee Albert W., painter, bds. 45 Nashawena pk.
Applebee Elizabeth, widow of Henry, h. 45 Nashawena pk.

WILLIAM M. CORY, Expert Piano Tuning and Repairs
Box 606, Oak Bluffs, Mass.
Box 457, Providence, R.I.
Over 200 References at Nantucket. Over 300 Satisified Customers on the Vineyard, Including the Musical Colony at West Chop and Innisfail.

(p. 22)

Applebee Florence, clerk, Mrs. A. C. Smith, bds. 45 Nashawena pk.
*Archibald James, (424 Jefferson ave., Scranton, Pa.), Atlantic ave.
Archibald Ruth S., Miss, (Scranton, Pa.), Atlantic ave.
Archibald T. F., Mrs., (Scranton, Pa.), Atlantic ave.
*Armstead Violet, (New Bedford), 4 Dukes Co. ave.
*Arnold Charles E., (Hartford, Conn.), h. 13 Pequot ave.
*Arnold Diana M., (Providence), 29 Pequot ave.
*Arnold G. A. and W. W., (Taunton), 5 Forest circle
Arnold Walter E., (Pawtucket, R. I.), h. 2 Pocasset ave.
*Arnold Wilson, (Taunton), h. 5 Forest Circle
*Aspinwall, heirs of Antoinette, (New York), 22 and 24 Commonwealth ave.
*Atchison Harry, (Fitchburg), 585 Vineyard Highlands
Athearn Lena L., clerk post office, bds. 71 Pequot ave.
ATTLEBORO COTTAGE, Mrs. I. W. Babcock, prop., 11 Lake ave., h. do. (see page 28)
*Atwood Julia A. M., Mrs., (Wauregan, Conn.), h. Elliot pl., off Massachusetts ave.
*Ayer Emily C., (Shaw University, Raleigh, N. C.), h. 18 Nantucket ave.
*Babbitt Charles A., Mr. and Mrs., (431 Main, Fitchburg), 36 Narragansett ave.
Babbitt Edith D., Miss, 36 Narragansett ave.
Babbitt Ina F., Miss, 36 Narraganset ave.
*BABCOCK I. W., MRS., prop. Attleboro Cottage, 11 Lake ave., h. do. (see page 28)
*Babcock J. S., (New York City), h. Atlantic ave., cor. Winthrop ave.
Bacon Mary E., h. 6l Trinity pk.
*Bailey Emma E., 1147 Vineyard Highlands
*Bailey Samuel H., (Providence, R. I.), h. 17 Clinton ave.
*Baker Annie, Mrs., h. l3 Fourth ave.
*Baker Anthony, (New Bedford), 5 Central ave.
*Baker Charles P., (Central Falls, R. I.), h. 9 Lake ave.
*Baker Leander, (Providence, R. I.), h. 71 Clinton ave.
*Baker Mary E., 8 Forest Circle
*Baker Sarah E., 9 Lake ave.
*Ball Henry, h. 27 Clinton ave.
Ballard Charles N., (Taunton), 17 Allen ave.
*Ballou Percy E., (Woonsocket, R. I.), 32 Allen ave., 22 Trinity pk.
Baptist Vineyard Association, Commercial
*Baptiste Manuel, h. Forest Hills

E. E. SILVEY, 153 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs

(p. 23)

*Barbey A. K., (New York), 49 Ocean ave.
*Barden Walter S., Mrs., 22 West Clinton ave.
Barker W. H., (Norwich, N. Y.), "Glenwood," Trinity pk.
Barnes Clarence A., (53 Mountfort. Boston), 39 Ocean ave.
*Barnes James A., h. Timehagan ave.
Barney David J., coal and wood, 28 Siloam ave., h. Highland ave.
Barney Emily M., bookkeeper, D. J. Barney, Siloam ave., bds. do.
Barney Ethel L., clerk T. H. Chirgwin, bds. 1 Highland ave.
Barrett Herbert L., (Brown University, Prov.), confectionery, Highland Pavilion, h. 1 Brewster ave.
Barrett Luther G., Rev., (Jackson, Miss.), l Brewster ave.
*Barrows George W., (Taunton), Clinton ave.
*Barrows Mary E., (Brockton), 46 Narragansett ave.
Barry James, porter Pawnee House, bds. do.
*Bartlett Catharine, (New Bedford), 43 Narragansett ave.
Bartlett Frederic H., (215 W. 100, New York), physician, 145 Circuit ave., h. Brewster ave. Tel. office, 56-2, h. 53-3.
*Bartlett George H., (Cambridge), 1518 Vineyard Highlands
*Bartlett Robert W., (Court, cor Cottage, New Bedford), 43 Narragansett ave.
*Bass Elizabeth G., (Lowell), 148 Vineyard Highlands
*Bass William, (Lowell), physician, h. Wesley pk., cor. Massachusetts ave.
*Bates William F., (Hanover), h. 7 West Clinton ave.
*Beal Samuel M., (Bridgeton, R. I.), h. 5 Trinity ave.
Beattie John, Mrs., (Providence, R. I.), 1521 Cranston
BEATRICE HOUSE, (Hawksworth and Hall, props.), Montgomery sq. (see page 38)
*Bedell Harriet L., Miss., (81 Nassau, Brooklyn), 56 Samoset ave.
*Beesley George, Mrs., (Chicopee), 7 Commonwealth ave.
*Beetle Anna P., (Edgartown), 2 Fiske ave.
*Beetle Mary A., (Tisbury), Nashawena pk.
*Belden F. Eugene, (Brookline), h. Rowland ave.
*Belden Grace May, (Chelsea), 679 Highlands
*Bell Georgina A., (Malden), h. 11 Canonicus ave.
Bennet Mary, Miss, (New York City), Brewster ave.
Bennet Arville G., (601 West 137th, N. Y. City), Brewster ave.
*Bense Joel, (Woonsocket, R. I.), 10 Trinity pk.
Bernard Frank, engineer, h. Lagoon rd., cor. Dukes County ave.
Bernardo George, Circuit ave.
Bernardo Joseph, laborer, h. Lagoon rd.
Berry John W., prop. Cottage City House, 124 Circuit ave.

(p. 24)


The Only Route to the Islands of Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket.

Steamers operate daily except Sunday in Winter, and several times daily, Sunday included, in Summer.

Summer Excursion Rates are effective April 15th to November 1st.

Rail connections at New Bedford and Woods Hole with the N. Y. N. H. & H. R. R. During summer season connection is made at New Bedford, with direct steamer to and from New York City (Pier 40, N. R.).
For folders, time tables, hotel lists or other information address
Through tickets via this line may be purchased at all principal ticket offices.
C. G. WHITON, Treasurer,

(p. 25)

*Berry Z. E., Mrs., heirs of, 35 Kennebec ave.
Besse Bertha E., clerk E. G. Eldridge, bds. Timehagan ave.
Besse Charles T., gardener, h. Timehagan ave., near New York ave.
*Besse Lyman W., (Springfield), Sea View ave., cor. Pequot ave.
Besson John, (Brooklyn, N. Y.), 42 Ocean ave.
Beynon Nellie, Mrs., 60 Narragansett ave., 13 Temple
Bickford Robert Sloane, (Wellesley Hills), h. 9 Pequot ave.
*Bidwell A. E., Miss, (Hartford), h. 8 Cottage pk.
Bill William M., bds. 536 New York ave.
*Blackenton Mary D., (Boston), h. l Lake ave.
*Blackinton J. F., Mrs., (West Roxbury), 1 Lake ave.
Blackstein Joseph, Prof. and Mrs., (Boston), Arlington ave.
Blakeley Rose, Mrs., (Boston), h. Third ave.
*Blanchard Adrianna, Mrs., (Avon, Mass.), h. 21 County pk.
*Blankinship Benton W., horse dealer, 920 Highland Boulevard, h. do.
Blankinship Frank F., carpenter, bds. Uncas ave., at Circuit ave.
*Blankinship J. B., (Pleasant, Marion), 33 Ocean ave.
Blankinship Lyman L., clerk, bds. Uncas ave., at Circuit ave.
Blankinship Mary, widow of Willard, h. Uncas ave., at Circuit ave.
*Bliss Mary M., (New Bedford), 1 Lincoln ave.
BODFISH & CALL, (Wm. P. Bodfish, Wilbert A. Call), groceries, provisions, hay, grain and straw, Commercial ave., and Main, Vineyard Haven (see page 50)
Bodfish Wm. P., (Bodfish & Call), Commercial ave., h. at Vine-yard Haven
BOHANON ELSIE J., (Nashua), prop. the Brookline, 24 Ken-nebec ave., h. do. (see page 42)
*Boland William A., Lagoon Hts.
Bolles Fannie, ( Cambridge), Vineyard Highlands
*Boone Joseph, 1 Wamsutta ave.
*Boorum G. O., Miss, (New York City), h. Penacock ave.
*Booth Bethel, (Orlando, Fla.), b. 2 Clinton ave.
Bosworth G. N., carpenter, h. 12 Rustic ave.
*Bowen Arthur C. W., (Providence, R. I.), h. 105 Beecher pk.
*Bowen H. W., (Providence, R. I.), Vineyard Highlands
*Bowen Oscar S., (Fall River), h. 106 Beecher pk.
Bowker George W., janitor Oak Blufss school, h. New York ave., opp. Chestnut
*Bowker Harriet B., (Providence), h. 39 Washington ave.
Bowman Eben S., blacksmith, Lake ave., 190 Circuit ave.
Bowman Henry H., (41 Mulberry, Springfield, Mass.), h. 11 Tuckernuck

E. E. SILVEY, 153 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs

(p. 26)

Bowman W., clerk, 121 Circuit, bds. Laurel ave.
Bradford Rebecca S., Mrs., Sunset Villa, h. Dukes Countv ave.
Bradley Daniel M., engineer, h. Hiawatha ave.
Bradley Oscar D., h. Beach rd.
Bradlev Thomas, Mrs., (Hopedale), 23 Trinity pk.
Bragg Lewis, (Talmton), h. 89 Tuckernuck ave.
*Braley Anna W., (New Bedford) Atlantic ave., cor. Highland Boulevard
*Braley Elizabeth W., (New Bedford), h. Atlantic ave., cor. Highland Boulevard
*Breeze A. M., 78 Clinton ave.
Bridget Caroline M., 11 Montgomery sq.
*Bridget Wm. E., (Taunton), 11 Montgomery sq.
Bridgford John S., Rev., pastor Methodist E. church, h. New York ave., opp. Chapman ave.
Briggs Clarence A., (Taunton), Oak Bluffs ave., h. Vineyard Highlands
*Briggs Edwin A., (Providence), 24 Wamsetta ave.
*Briggs Elizabeth M., (Taunton), Vineyard Highlands
Briggs George K., driver, h. 33 Rock ave.
Briggs George P., mason, 95 Tuckernuck ave., h. do.
Broberg C. S., Mrs., (New Dorchester), 6 Siloam ave.
Brock Alice W., Miss, 33 Trinity pk.
*Brook Jethro C., Mrs., (11 5th, New Bedford), 33 Trinitv pk.
BROCKTON HOUSE, (Mrs. Hattie Dame, prop.), Tabernacle ave., cor. Lincoln ave. (see page 50)
BROOKLINE THE, Elsie J. Bohanon, prop., 24 Kennebec ave. (see page 42)
Brown Caroline T., widow of George W., bds. 64 Penacook ave.
*Brown Charles A., (Honolulu, Hawaii), h. Pequot ave.
Brown Charles H., lawyer, 162 Circuit ave., h. 10 Franklin, V. Haven
*Brown Edward R., (Providence), 32 Trinity pk.
Brown Edward W.. (Hyde Park), Atlantic ave.
*Brown Flora J., (Worcester), 21 Clinton ave.
*Brown F. A., Mr. and Mrs., (Providence, R. I.), 4 Trinity pk.
*Brown Gertrude L., (Lowell), 42 Pequot ave.
Brown Harriet D., Mrs., (603 Main, Worcester), 5 Trinity pk.
*Brown Henry, Mrs., (New Bedford), 6 Lake ave.
*Brown John E., (151 High, Taunton), 9 Ocean ave.
*Brown John H., Mrs., (Warren, R. I.), h. l Trinity ave.
*Brown John W., (Dorchester), 33 W. Clinton
*Brown Lucy A., Mrs., (Providence), h. 51 Penacook ave.
Brown Manuel S., h. Oak Grove
Brown Robert P., (Providence), h. 12 Pocasset ave.
Bryan Mabel, Miss, (Providence), bds. James Menese's, Fayal ave.

(opp p. 26)

The Wigwam
Block …
Store …
Headquarters For Sea Shore Supplies.
Furniture, Household and Kitchen Furnishings.
Rugs. Matting,Draperies, Crockery, Glassware.
Hardware, Wall Paper and Fancy China.
Trunks, Bags, Valises, Rubber Hose, Lawn Chairs,
Furniture, Window Shades, Window Screens, Doors.

Almost Anything wanted
Can Be Found Here.

Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard,

(opp. p. 27)

Reserved for ….
Dr. H. A. Tucker
Oak Bluffs and Brookline


Carpenter and Builder
Estimates furnished on application.
Jobbing promptly attended to.

(p. 27)

*Bryan Wilhelmus B., (Washington, D. C.), h. Nashawena ave.
Bryant C. A., Mrs., (Chicopee), Crest View
Bryant Georgianna G., widow of Noah A., h. 170 Circuit ave.
*Bryant Lillian J., (Boston), 2 Lincoln ave.
Bryant S. Fannie, h. 170 Circuit ave.
Bryant S. E., Jr., jeweler, Arcade Bldg., bds. Naumkeag
*Bugbee R. A., Mrs., (No. Attleboro), Fairview, Siloam ave.
Bullard Ira O., repair shop, New York ave., n. Chestnut ave., h. do.
*Bunce James H., Mr. and Mrs., 14 to 16 Ocean ave.
Bunker Frank C., clerk, E. P. Worth, bds. Frank P. Bunker
Bunker Franklin P., carpenter, h. Nashawena pk.
Bunker Grace, clerk, bds. Nashawena pk.
Bunker Roy A., carpenter, h. 5 Washington Point
Bunting Charles A., Mrs., h. 28 Ocean ave.
Burgess George A., contractor and builder, 61 Tuckernck ave., h. 59 do.
Burgess Joseph C., gardener, h. Lagoon road
Burnham E. A., (Pawtucket), h. 9 Chapman ave.
Burns May A., Miss, 18 Trinity pk.
*Burns Sarah, Mrs., (Leominster), 18 Trinity pk.
*Burt Salome, widow Wm. A., (Taunton), Wesley pk.
*Burt William H., (Taunton), 29 Commonwealth ave.
*Bush Emma J., (Boston), h. Second ave.
Butler Bertha, clerk, Jacob Butler, bcls. 66 Trinity pk.
Butler Cyrus, h. 60 Penacook ave.
*Butler Edward J., (Brooklyn, N. Y.), h. 63 Penacook pk.
Butler Jacob, clothing, Circuit and Lake ave., h. 66 Trinity pk.
Butler Patrick W., 35 Nashawena pk.
*Butler William, (Brooklyn, N. Y.), h. Nashawena pk.
Buzzell Alfred A., carpenter and builder, 54 Penacook ave., h. do.
Buzzel Alfred L., h. 54 Penacook
Buzzell George A., bds. 54 Penacook ave.

Cabot Lucian S.. clerk Wesley House, (Cambridge)
Cabral Manuel, gardener, h. Norris ave.
*Cady Williston A., (Providence), h. 35 Clinton ave.
*Caldwell Alvin B., (Pawtucket), h. 12 County pk.
Calhoun Georgia E.. 38 Ocean ave.
Call Wilbert A. (Bodfish & Call), Commercial ave., h. at Vineyard Haven
Caltano M. Francisco, h. Oak Grove
*Camford Emma, (Pawtucket), 13 Commonwealth sq.
Capron Georgc O., (Pawtucket), 14 Trinity pk.
Cardoza Jenny h. Central pl.

, 153 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs

(p. 28)

MRS. J. W. BABCOCK, Proprietor.

Very pleasantly located, facing the harbor. New Steamboat Landing.
Electric line passing the door. Terms, $7.00 to $10.00 per week.


~ Novelty Market ~

—Successor to LOOK, WASHBURN & CO.—
Meats and Provisions
Orders called for and delivered
Family Trade Solicited.


(p. 29)

Cardoza Joseph M., Elysian Heights
*Cargill Charles, (Providence), 196 Circuit ave.
*Carlson Margaret, (132 New Britain, Hartford, Conn.), h. Oak Grove
*Carpenter E. E., (Worcester), h. Vineyard Highlands
*Carpenter Minnie E., 8 Nantucket ave.
*Carter Fred L., (1039 Mass. ave., Cambridge), 26 Samoset ave.
Carter Howard W., carpenter, New York ave.; cor. Chestnut ave.
*Carter John H., (Boston), h. School
*Carver George W., (Putnam, Conn.), 12 Trinity ave.
Casey Herbert D., (Jackson, Miss.), Atlantic ave.
Castodio John M., h. Central pl.
Caton Frank, painter, h. Vineyard ave. n. Dukes County ave.
Cavert Cora L., art work, Circuit ave., cor. Samoset ave., h. do.
Cawthorn Frank S., carpenter, h. Lawrence ave., n. New York ave.
Chadwick Alice T., Mrs., h. 7 Crystal pk.
Chadwick Henry C., supt. Carnp Meeting Ass., h. School
Chadwick Joseph A., laborer, 24 Rural circle
*Chadwick Moses, 6 Central ave.
*Chadwick Moses W., 6 Central ave.
*Chadwick Nancy W., Mrs., 4 Siloam ave.
Chamberlain John N., photographer, Circuit, cor. Narragansett ave., h. do.
Chamberlain Max K., photographer, Circuit ave., cor. Narragansett ave., bds. do.
Chandler Clara G., Miss, 79 Trinity pk.
*Chandler James A., Mrs., (40 Brighton, Providence), 79 Trinity pk.
Chandler Jessie R., Miss, 79 Trinity pk.
*Chapman Catherine, (So. Braintree), Windemere
*Chapman Dora M:, (New Haven), 80 Massasoit ave.
Chapman Hamilton E., Rev., (Worcester), bds. Mountain ave.
*Chapman Lillian H., library and typewriter copying, 19 Wayland ave., h. do.
*Charnley James A., Mrs., (Providence), 79 Trinity pk
*Chase Algenon, (Taunton), h. Washington pk., V. H.
*Chase Anna P., (Norwich, Conn.), 2 Piquot ave.
Chase Frank W., h. Faun Neck
Chase Fred D., painter, h. 7 Wapello ave., cor. Eastville ave.
*Chase Herbert M., (Cambridge), manager Wesley House and 54 Trinity pk.
*Chase John A., (Fairhaven), h. Penacook ave.
*Chase Louene F., widow, Chas. H., h. Spruce ave.
*Chase Marcus M., (Taunton), 25 Rock ave.
*Chase Mary E., Mrs., (Fairhaven), 72 Penacook ave.

, 153 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs

(p. 30)

*Chase Sarah E., (Taunton), Vineyard Highlands
CHAVES & DEBETTENCOURT, (M. R. Chaves & M. S. deBettencourt), provisions, Eagle Market, Circuit ave. (see page 20)
Chaves Flossie, clerk P. O., bds. 18 Nashawena pk.
Chaves Manuel R., (Chaves & deBettencourt), Eagle Market, Circuit ave., h. 18 Nashawena pk.
*Cheever George, h. Chestnut ave., n. New York ave.
*Cheney Matilda W., (Fall River), 11 Siloam ave.
*Cheseldine S. Phelps, (Cincinnati, O.), h. 49 Tuckernuck ave.
Chirgwin T. H., plumber, Circuit ave., h. Circuit ave., cor. Pequot ave.
Chisholm Alpin, ( North Attleboro ), h. 43 Pequot ave.
*Church Charles H., (Bristol, R. I.), h. 5 Clinton ave.
Church Coleman A., fish dealer, Lake ave., h. Wamsutta ave., n. Circuit ave.
Churchill William F., plumber, J. L. Mayhew, h. Commonwealth sq.
*Claflin Caroline M., 3 Canonicus ave.
*Claflin Frederick L., (Marlboro), h. 3 Canonicus ave.
*Claflin Louisa P., (Worcester), 8 Trinity ave.
Clancy Margaret, h. Pacific ave.
*Clark Alvah B., (Rockland, Me.), Vineyard Highlands
Clark Edgar F., Rev., h. 13 West Clinton ave.
*Clark Ellen, Mrs., (Stoughton), h. 10 Fourth ave.
Clark Harriet, cashier, 21 Pequot ave., bds. do.
*Clark Julia A. E., widow, Joseph B., h. Mountain ave.
*Clarke William M., (Newark, N. J.), h. New York ave., Lagoon Heights
*Claypool Edward F., (Indianapolis, Ind.), h. 12 Ocean ave.
*Cleveland Edward M., (Washington, R. I.), 14 Crystal pk.
*Clifford Orin W., (No. Attleboro), h. Lakeside pk.
*Codding Elizabeth, Mrs., (Taunton), h. Washington pk.
*Codding George M., (Dighton), Vineyard Highlands
Codose Joe M., fisherman, h. Vineland ave.
*Coffin George W., Mrs., (Worcester), h. Mountain ave.
*Coffin John H., (1630 Dorchester ave., Dorchester), 1 Tabernacle
*Coggins Paschal H., (Philadelphia, Pa.), h. California ave., Lagoon Heights
Colt Henry L., Dr., (Newark, N. J.), Crest View
*Coles Barak G., Mrs., (Brooklyn, N. Y.), 24 Montgomery pl.
*Condit Samuel D., Mrs., (E. Orange, N. J.), h. Mass. ave.
*Cook Emeline, Mrs., 23 Clinton ave.
Cook Wm. H., Vineyard Highlands
*Cooper Lucy A., (New Bedford), 19 Dukes County ave.

(p. 31)

*Corbin Philip, (New Britain, Conn.), h. 20 Ocean ave.
Corcia Henry, h. near Vineyard ave.
Cordoza see Cardoza.
Cordoza Manuel, gardener, h. Lagoon rd.
Cornell Ellen F., widow, Mark H., Hillside Cottage, New York ave.
Cornell S. K., Mrs., h. 19 Commonwealth sq.
*Cornwell E. D., Mrs., (Ypsilantti, Mich.), 32 Ocean ave.
Corrigan M. J., hairdresser, Pawnee House, Park ave., bds. do.
CORY WILLIAM M., piano tuner, P. O. box 606 (see foot lines)
Cory Henry, barber, h. Vineland ave.
Cottage City and Edgartown Traction Co., E. R. Frasier, mar.
Cottage City Gas & Electric Light Co., E. R. Frasier supt. 2 Montgomery sq.
Cottage City House, J. W. Berry, prop., 124 Circuit ave., h. do.
*Cottage City Rink Co., Wm. H. Walker, (Taunton), Oak Bluffs ave.
Cottage City Water Co., 149 Circuit ave.
Cottage City & Edgartov.rn Traction Co., 2 Montgomery Bq., E. R. Frasier, supt.
*Coursen Henry A., Col., (Scranton, Pa.), h. 68 Massasoit ave.
*Cowen Obed S., h. 37 Rock ave.
*Cowing Obed S., (278 Mill, New Bedford), 6 Trinity pk.
*Cox Alfred E., (Maiden), h. 4 Canonicus ave.
*Crandall Clara D., Mrs., (Westerley, 13 Granite), h. 56 Narragansett ave.
Crandall Mary Blaine, 56 Narragansett ave.
Crawford Emma L., Miss, (Pawtucket), 13 Commonwealth sq.
CREST VIEW, Mrs. Everett Schwartz, prop., East Chop, (see opp. page 62)
Crisp Richard O., (Baltimore), h. 11 County pk.
*Crocker Emmons, (Fitchburg), 14 Samoset ave.
Crocker E. Matilda, (Providence), bds. 17 Nashawena pk.
*Crocker Irene W., (Marston Mills), 11 Lake ave.
Crocker Oliver A., boats, Attleboro Cottage, Lake ave.
Crosby Frances C., 47 Trinity pk.
*Crosby Samuel McC., (71 E. 36th, New York City), 47-48 Trinity pk.
*Crossman Mary G., (Taunton), h. Wesley pk.
*Crowell Thomas D., Tuckernuck ave., cor. Circuit ave.
*Cudlipp Hattie L., (New York City), h. Wesley pk.
Cummings J. C., (Attleboro), 6 Samoset ave.
*Cummings Silas S., Mrs., (Somerville), h. Vineland ave.
*Cummings W. J. (Winchendon), Vineyard Highlands
Cunha Leander S., h. Oak Grove

(p. 32)

Is centrally located on Pequot and Narragansett
Avenues near Post Office, parks and electrics.
Two minutes walk from the beach where the
facilities for sea-bathing and hot water baths
are unsurpassed. This house is widely known
for the completeness of its appointments and
light airy rooms. Electric lights throughout;
delightful environments, cool verandas, perfect
sanitary conditions.

Is especially noted for the excellence of its table.
L. E. PHINNEY - - Proprietor


Hotel Naumkeag

Is the leading family hotel.
Has the most charming location at the Bluffs,
is very central, overlooking the Ocean Park.
Steamboat landing near post office, bath houses and
all points of interest. Is elevated, cool and commands
fine view of the ocean. Situated among
the most fashionable residences, removed from the
noise and dust of the main thoroughfares.

Its attractive appearance will at once recommend it
to all lovers of home comforts. Has broad piazzas, well
shaded and cool.

The hotel is well furnished—Electric and gas lights
and perfect sanitary arrangements makes the Naumkeag a
most desirable place to pass the summer months.

Special Rates for the Season.
$2.50 to $3.50 per day; $12.00 to $21.00 per week.
A. L. DREW, Proprietor and Manager

(p. 33)

*Cunningham Sarah B., (E. Providence), 50 Kennebec ave.
*Curtis Eva C., Mrs., (North Attleboro), h. 47 Pequot ave.
Curtis Mary, Mrs., h. Masonic ave.
*Cushing Joseph A., (East Weymouth), h. 3 Washington pk., C. G.
*Cutter George F., Mr. and Mrs., (11 Everett, Cambridge), Atlantic ave.
daCarros Marano Joaquin, grocer, Franklin, h. do.
*Daggett Hiram, master mariner, off Eastville ave., opp. Timehagan ave.
*Dalbeck Octave, (Worcester), 59 Clinton ave.
DAME HATTIE, MRS., Brockton Dining Room, Tabernacle, cor. Lincoln ave. (see page 50)
Dame L. E., Miss, milliner, 130 Circuit, bds. Brockton House
*Damon Eunice E., Mrs., bds. 4 Merrill ave.
*Daniel Mary A., (New York), 52 Narragansett ave.
Daniels J. Calvin, (Attleboro), h. 2 County pk.
*Daniels Timothy A., Mr. and Mrs., (33 Adelaide, Hartford, Conn.), 52 Narragansett ave.
DARLING CARROLL J., confectionery, 26 Circuit ave., h. 14 Kennebec ave. (see outside cover)
Darling Edward E., (Providence), h. 13 Clinton ave.
Darling Emily, (Pawtucket), 20 Trinity pk.
David Edward Ben, Central pl.
David Jule Ben, express, Franklin, h. do.
*Davis Annie S., Mrs., (550 Locust, Fall River), 73 Trinity pk.
Davis Benjamin C., bds. 80 Penacook ave.
*Davis Ella F., (Somerset), Vineyard Highlands
*Davis Everett A., (West Tisbury), Vineyard Highlands
*Davis Fannie S., (Worcester), Vineyard Highlands
Davis Henry H., supt. U. S. L. S., h. 78 Penacook ave.
*Davis Ida L., (Brockton), 12 Crystal pk.
*Davis Joseph F., (Somerset), h. 84 Penacook ave.
Davis Josephine W., Mrs., (Providence), Stiness Cottage, h. 35 Washington ave.
*Davis Mary N., (Chilmark), 77 Pequot ave.
Davis Nathan R., (Freetown), h. 19 County pk.
*Davis T. J., 18 Commonwealth ave.
*Davis William, (Brockton), h. 12 Crystal pk.
Davis William H., painter, 10 Kennebec ave., h. do.
Lawson Grace Hall, h. 174 Circuit ave.
*Day Augustus P., (118 Lee ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.), h.50 Narragansett ave.
Day Jeanette E., Miss, 50 Narragansett ave.
Day Sarah T., Miss, 50 Narragansett ave.

153 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs

(p. 34)

Day Thomas Fleming, (hew Citv), h. 36 Penacook ave.
Deaconess Cottage, (Fall River), Mrs. Anna Kellogg, Trinity pk.
*Dean Anna B., 37 Penacook ave.
*Deane Carrie O., (Worcester), 40 Kennebec ave.
*Deane Fannie A., Mrs., (Edgartown), 27 Washington ave.
*Dean Henry M., lawyer, (Hyde Park), h. Summerfield pk.
Dean Henry M., Jr., lawyer (Hyde Park), bds. Summerfield pk.
*Dean Henry N., (New Bedford), h. 3 County pk.
Dean Hubert T., M. D., physician, 144 Circuit ave., h. do.
*Dean Joseph O., (Taunton), h. 37 Penacook ave.
deBettencourt Joseph, laborer, h. Norris aye.
deBettencourt Manuel, farmer, h. end Dukes County ave.
deBettencourt Manuel J., carpenter, h. Circuit ave., n. Catholic church
deBettencourt Manuel S., (Chaves & deBettencourt), Circuit, h. Wing rd.
DeCorsie Henry W., hairdresser, 122 Circuit ave., h. Siloam ave.
DeCosta John, laborer, h. Vineyard ave.
Deey Katherine, Miss, h. 81 Trinity pk.
Dennison Mary A., (Hartford), 83 Vineyard highlands
Denniston Oscar E., Rev., pastor Oakland Mission Church, h. Masonic ave.
*DeWolf Alfred W., Mrs., (New Bedford), 8 County pk.
Dias Joseph, prop., Vineyard Grove House, 31 Siloam av., h. do.
*Dix Lucy J. Mrs., h. 18 Kennebec av.
DeLongo Alexander, restaurant (Washington, D. C., Montgomery sq., h. do.
Donald William, painter, 3 Siloam ave.
Donarte Joseph F., h. Head of Pond
Donnelly Joseph, agent, J. Wilkinson The, 123 Circuit ave., h. 2 Trinity ave.
Doran Edward, emp. C. A. Gilkes, bds. 264 Circuit av.
*Dorchester Cleora E., (Cambridge), Vineyard Highlands
Dorchester Daniel Rev., h. Atlantic av.
Dorchester Elizabeth Miss, (Pittsburg, Pa.) Atlantic av.
Dorne John K., Mr. and Mrs., (W. Springfield), 4 Siloam ave.
*Doughty F. N. Mrs., prop. Providence House, 8 Montgomery sq.
Douglas Walter B. (Fall River) A. F. Lewis cottage, 28 Commonwealth av.
Dow Edwin O., (Providence) h. 2 Lake av.
Dow Harriet B. Mrs., h. 7 Trinity av.
Dow Jessie G., 28 Rural Circle
Dow L. E., driver, express, 121 Circuit av.
Dow Lorenzo W., baker, 148 Circuit ave., h. do.

153 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs

(p. 35)

DeWolf & Vincent

Send us your mail inquiries which
will have our prompt attention.
149 Union Street - - New Bedford.


Confectioner and Caterer

Parties supplied with Ice Cream and Ices, Fancy Cakes, etc. Ice cream and ices our specialty.
Maillard Chocolates on Sale


The leading house on Martha's Vineyard for fine stationery,
sporting goods and a thousand and one things most wanted by Tourists and Sumner Residents.
F. A. MARSHALL - - - Proprietor
Wigwam Block, Oak Bluffs, Mass.

(p. 36)

The Bright Busy Store.
Because the policy is live, quick and up to date in every respect.
Busy Because the merchandise offerings are always interesting enough to keep customers coming.

The best dry goods store, because is best equipped to serve both home and out-of-town patrons.

New Bedford.


Lumber, Brick, Lime, Cement, Hay.
Yard rear of residence on New York Avenue
Oak Bluffs, Mass.


Residence of Francis J. Ward, East Chop, Oak Bluffs.

(p. 37)

*Dowe Gfrace B. Mrs., (The Elba," 23 Trinity pk.
*Rowley Augusta L., Vineyard Highlands
*Rowley Emma R., Vineyard Highlands
*Rowley George B. (Hyde Park) h. Atlantic av., cor. Saco av.
Downley Joseph A., (Pawtucket), h. 41 Washington av.
Dowley Levi B., (Albion, Hyde Park) h. Brewster av.
*Drew Amelia L., (Boston) 32 Samoset av.
DREW A. L., prop. and mgr., Hotel Naumkeag, cor. Narragansett and Naumkeag av. (see page 32)
Duart Antone F., ice dealer, Head of Pond
Duart Joseph S., h. Head of Pond
*Duffy J. G., (Boston) Vineyard Highlands
Duncanson James (Clinton, Mass.) Tabernacle
Dunham C. G. N. (Edgartown) 7 Forest Circle
Dunster Jane (West Medford) 9 Forest Circle
*Durfee Mary A., (Providence), h. 17 Nashawena pk.
*Durfee Philip B. (Providence, R. I.) h. 58 Massasoit av.
*Durgin Emeline E., widow of Moses M., (No. Cambridge) h. 82 Plymouth pk.
Durgin Nellie M., (No. Cambridge) bds. 82 Plymouth pk.
Dutcher William H., h. 19 llTennebec av.
Duxtury John Rev., h. 9 Clinton av.
*Dwight Elizabeth D., 3 South Circuit ave.
Dyer Annie R., Mrs., (Warren street), h. 64 Penacook ave.
Dyke S. A., Rev., clergyman, h. rear Spruce ave.

EAGLE MARKET Chaves & de Bettencourt props., Circuit av.
*Earle Charles C. Rev. D. D. (Boston) h. Sea View av.
East Chop Lighthouse, Atlantic ave.
Eaton Annie L. Mrs., (Brooklyn, N. Y.), h. Atlantic av.
Eaton Charles O. Mrs., fancy goods, Circuit ave. h. do.
*Edwards Amy Ann, (Providence, R. I.) 1 Trinity Park
Eddy Bertha L., bookkeeper, 4 Montgomery sq., bds. New York av.
*Eddy Daniel C. Mrs. (Brooklyn, N. Y.) h. Atlantic av.
Eddy Herbert A., h. New York av.
Eddy Osborne, carpenter, h. Dukes County av.
Eginton L. J. Miss, (490-E-l7th Ditmas Pk., Brooklyn), 54 Samoset
Elder Joseph A., (New Haven) Highland Drive
*Eldridge A. R., (Bourne) h. 29 Clinton av.
ELDRIDGE EDMUND G., Insurance, etc., Circuit av., h. Circuit ave., cor. Wamsutta ave. (see front col. page)
*Eldridge Lydia A., widow Eli H. (Taunton) h. Wesley pk.
Eldridge Susan C., widow of Abram, h. Circuit av., opp. Wamsutta av.

(p. 38)

HAWKSWORTH & HALL, Proprietors.
First-Class Table and Pleasant Rooms
at Reasonable Rates
Our Own Choice Bakery Goods on Sale.


Globe Fish Market.

109 Circuit Avenue,
OAK BLUFFS - Massachusetts

Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in

(p. 39)

*Ellman James, heirs of (Providence), 89 Penacook ave.
Ellinwood Fred B., h. Ellinwood Heights
*Ellinwood Truman J., h. 1 Greenleaf ave., Ellingwood Heights
*Elliott Samuel G. (Hyde Park) h. Saco av.
*Ellis Hannah B. Mrs., 12 Fourth av.
Emerson George L., fancy goods, (420 Boylston, B.), 147 Circuit ave., h. do.
Emerson N. W., 38 Ocean ave., (293 Lexington ave., New York)
Emory John C. Mrs., h. 12 Siloam av.
Endree Joseph, laborer, h. Franklin
Engley Drury W., student, bds. Spruce av.
Engley Hollis L., student, bds. Spruce av.
*Engley Hollis W. (Boston) h. Spruce av.
Engley Lewis, bds. Spruce av.
Enos Joseph A., Wing rd.
Enos Josephine, widow, h. Forest Hill av.
Enos Manuel, farmer, h. Lagoon road
Evans C. P. & Sons, (Geo. O. & C. Frederick) Regal shoe store, 156 Circuit av.
*Evans Corielle P., Mr. and Mrs., (Mexico), 35 Ocean ave.
Evans George Olney, 35 Ocean av.
*Evarts Lottie M., (Boston) Vineyard Highlands
*Everett Jennie Mrs. (Worcester) h. 206 Circuit av.

Fairbanks William H. Col. and Mrs., (Terra Haute House, Terra Haute, Ind.), 20 Narragansett av.
Faria Manuel, copler Arcade, h. Lagoon rd.
*Farrell Edward T., (Woonsocket, R. I.), 9 Trinity pk.
*Farnham Lee, (Brockton), "Hate to Quit," 4 Pawtucket ave.
*Farnham Lydia P., (New Bedford), 10 Washington pk.
Featherstone Alfred C., prop. Eastville Inn., Eastville, av. opp. Timehagan ave.
*Fennessy Edward H., Mrs., (Brookline), h. 33 Penacook
*Fernald Eva, 8 Crystal pk.
*Ferguson John R. (Fall River) h. 16 Cottage pk.
*Ferris Ella Mrs. (Wakefield) h. 13 Clinton av.
*Ferris Frank A. (New York City) h. Atlantic av., cor. Winthrop av.
*Ferris Mary A., (New York) Vineyard Highlands
*Ferris Walter R., (38 Highland ave., Middletown, N. Y.), h. Atlantic ave.
Fewkes G. A., Mrs., (Newtonville), 51 Austin
*Field Abby M. (Worcester) h. 26 Washington pk., C. G.
Field Harriet E. Mrs., (Providence, R. I.), 4 Trinity pk.
*Field Julia F., Vineyard Highlands
Fields Susan M., widow of Theodore H., h. 218 Circuit av.

(p. 40)

First Baptist Church, Pequot av., cor. Grove av.
Fisher George H., lighthouse keeper, East Chop Lighthouse, h. do.
Fisher Stanley, boatman, h. 7 Central ave.
*Fleming William M., upholsterer, near New York av., h. Highland Boulevard
*Flint John D. (Fall River) h. 7 Cottage pk.
*Flint Mary E. Miss (Summit, N. J.) h. Atlantic av.
*Flint S. W. (Fall River) Vineyard Highlands
*Folsom S. S. (Boston) 5 Central pk.
*Forster M. L. (Middletown, Conn.) 14 Trinity Park
Foss H. Caroline (Middletown, Conn.) 42 Narragansett av.
Fowler Kate K. (81 Nassau, Brooklyn, N. Y.) 56 Samoset av.
Fox Joseph (Fall River) h. 8 Forest Circle
Francis Arthur C., h. Washington ave.
Francis Herbert, paper hanger, bds. Mrs. Abbie Norton's Lawrence av.
Francis I. Herbert, h. Vineyard Highlands
*Francis Manuel (New Bedford) h. 58 Clinton av.
Francis Maria R., bds. Lagoon road
Francis Mary, widow of Manuel, h. Lagoon rd., Norris av.
Frasier E. R., supt. Cottage City Gas and Electric Light Co., 2 Montgomery sq., h. Sea View av.
FRASIER HOUSE THE (Robert Frasier, prop.) Fourth (see page 42)
Frasier Robert, prop., Frasier House, Fourth
Frates J. Vincent, b: Elysian Heights
*Frazier Robert (Brockton) 5 County park
French Bessie M., (Deere, N. H.), h. Elliot pl., off Massachusetts av.
*French Charles A., 3 Rock av.
French Mae B. (Keene, N. H.) h. Elliot pl., Massachusetts av.
*French M. A. (Keene, N. H.), h. Elliott pl., Massachusetts av.
*Frost Alice Mrs., nurse, h. Winne av., Lagoon Heights
*Frost Etta Mrs. (Natick) h. California av., Lagoon Heights
Frye Elizabeth F., (East Milton) 8 Ocean av.
*Fuller Wm. J., Mr. and Mrs., (Chicopee, Mass), 40 Ocean ave.
Furlong Hannah, widow of Charles M., h. Hiawatha, av., cor. Pocasset av.

*Gainville Mary F. (New Bedford) 13 Dukes Co., av.
*Gale Herbert L. (Medford) h. 6 Chapman av.
*Galley Truman A., 12 Washington pk.
Gallond A. Y. Mrs., (South Braintree) Samoset av.
Gardener Mary C., 74 Clinton ave.
*Gardiner R. T. Mrs., (Milford, Mass.) 27 Allen av.

(p. 41)

*Gardiner Sarah R. (Providence) 9 West Clinton av.
Gardner Archie C., watchmaker, Island House, bds. Brockton House
*Garey Minot B., (East Weymonth), h. 3 Cottage pk.
Garfinkel M., fruit, 156 1-2 Circuit ave., h. do.
*Gibbs William F. (Waltham) h. 38 Penacook av.
*Gifford Annie E. Mrs., (5 Highland, Attleboro) 25 Ocean av.
Gifford Ethel M., 25 Ocean av.
Gifford O. P. Rev. (Buffalo) h. New York av., East Chop
*Giles Charles M., 19 W. Clinton av.
Gilkes Cooper H., billiards, Island House av., cor. Highland Boulevard
Gilkes Edward, laborer, bds. Oak ave., cor. Eastville ave.
Gilkes Hamble C., h. Bellvue Heights
Gilkes Mary, widow Cooper A., h. Oak av., cor. Eastville av.
Gilkes W. W., night police, h. Vineyard Highlands
Gilmore Richard M., clerk, Novelty Market, bds. Mrs. Ames, Circuit av.
*Ginn David R. Dr., (Dennisport) Hotel Metropolitan
Givens Sarah, widow James H., h. 39 Tuckernuck av.
GLOBE FISH MARKET (Ernest A. Pease, prop.) 109 Circuit av. (see page 56)
Golden Maria, h. 42 Rock av.
Gomes John, laborer, bds. Manuel Ameral's, Lagoon rd.
Gonsalves John, h. Central pl.
Gonsalves Manuel, Central pl.
*Gonyon Clofus L., h. School st.
*Goodrich Frances A. (Florida) 19 Ocean av.
Gordon A. A., dentist, Herald bldg., h. at Nantucket
*Gorham Alexander (Providence, R. I.), 226 Circuit av.
Gorham Henrietta M. C., h. Vineyard Highlands
*Gorham Job H., undertaker, School, h. do.
Gorham Wilson S., carpenter, h. 504 New Ynrk av.
*Gorman Jennie S. (Rockville, Ct.), 86-88 Massasoit av.
*Goss John, (Fall River) 37 Washington av.
Gough M. P., Mrs., h. Bellview Heights
Gould Dora Mrs., h. 6 County pk.
Gould John B. Rev. (Reading) h. 11 Cottage pk.
*Goulding William H. (Worcester) h. 50 Hartford pk., Massasoit av.
*Gouley Rhoda J., Mrs., (New York), h. 1 Rustic ave.
Grace Charlotte A., (New Bedford) h. 21 Dukes Co. av.
Grand View House, W. E. Maine, manager, Kennebec and Park av.
*Grandeson A. Miss, Central pl.
Gray Alida M., Mrs., h. Lakeside pk., New York ave.

(p. 42)

The Frasier House
Oak Bluffs
Martha's Vineyard

Formerly Cottage City


The Nashua
OAK BLUFFS . . Massachusetts
George S. Wheeler, Proprietor

Table service at the Brooklyn Dining Rooms
Open From June 15th


The Brookline
Open From June to September
Miss E. J. Bohanon, Proprietor


(p. 43)

*Gray Clifton D. Rev. (Boston) Lakeside pk., New York av.
Gray Ella A., clerk, H. Mackay, bds. 2 Hebron av.
*Gray Frank (Worcester) h. 8 Pequot av.
Gray Frank H. Dr. (Worcester) bds. 8 Pequot av.
Green John C., express Wamsutta ave., n. Dukes County ave., h. do.
Greene Hamilton J., real estate, 149 Circuit av., h. do.
*Greene Nathaniel A., carpenter, h. Brunswick av.
*Greene Sarah J., Vineyard Highlands
*Greenleaf Ellen B. (Malden) 126 Circuit av.
*Greenough James C., (Westfield) Prospect pk.
*Greenwood Marcella, Vineyard Highlands
Grover Charles L., (108 Forest, Attleboro) Weston cottage, Narragansett ave.
*Guigon Frank (Franklin) Bellevue Heights
Gurney Mary A. J., h. Highland av., cor. Rural pk.
Guy Walter P., Mr. and Mrs., (32 Thompson, Springfield, Mass.), Mrs. Weston's cottage, 30 Narragansett ave.

*Hadley George F. (Syracuse, N. Y.) h. 12 Narragansett av.
*Haigh William Mrs. (Woonsocket) h. 30 Rock av.
Hakar Bros., (Boston) Japanese goods, 134 Circuit av.
*Hale Edwin E. Dr. (No. Attleboro) h. 60 Massasoit av.
*Hale Sarah C. Mrs., (Springfield), h. 66 Massasoit av.
Hall Evelyn Mrs. (Worcester) h. 33 Kennebec av.
Hall Gertrude L. Miss, Highland Bathing Pavilion, Putnam, Conn.
Hall Henry (Hawksworth & Hall), Beatrice House, Montgomery sq., h. do.
*Hall James L. Mrs. (Fall River) h. 16 Forest Circle
*Hall Robert (North Attleboro), h. Lakeside Park
*Hall Sarah C., (Springfield) 66 Massasoit av.
*Hall Sarah Mathilda (Prov., R. I.), 57 Trinity pk.
*Hammant Geo. R., (North Brookfield) 64 Massasoit av.
HAMBLIN JOHN C., prop. Oak Bluffs Ice Co., 6 Nashawena pk., h. do. (see page 17)
Hamlen George M. Rev., D. D., (Kinsey, Ala.) h. 5 County av.
Hamlin Mary A., widow of Charles C., h. 6 Nashawena pk.
Hamlin Olive G., clerk post office, bds. 6 Nashawena pk.
Hammond Alice M. (Roxbury) h. Francis J. Wards, Atlantic av.
Hammond Herbert, clerk, h. 94 Penacook av.
Hammond Herbert F., clerk Novelty Market, h. Penacook ave.
*Hancock George S., h. Spruce av., cor. Chestnut av.
*Hand Alfred, Vineyard Highlands
*Hand Henry S. (Brooklyn, N. Y.) h. Hudson av.

(p. 44)

*Handy Lenna P. (Providence) Vineyard Highlands
*Hanes E. B., Mr. and Mrs., 34 Samoset ave.
*Hanson George (Fall River) h. 19 Washington pk., C. G.
Harbor View Sanitarium, Timehagan ave.
*Harding D. E., (Mansfield), 39 Ocean ave.
Harding William D., dry goods, boots, shoes, etc., Herald Bldg., Circuit av., h. 85 Penacook av.
Hardy T. S. Mrs., (Westfield) Prospect pk.
*Hargrave Ellen F. (Dayton, Ohio), 41 Kennebec av.
*Harkins Matthew, h. 51 Nashawena pk.
Harrigan Beezie (Fitchburg) h. 12 Kennebec av.
*Harrigan Mary E., (Fitchburg), h. 12 Kennebec ave.
Harris Christopher R., (Providence) h. 4 Lake av.
*Harris Isabella C. (Cambridge) Elysian Heights
*Harris Mary A., (Providence, R. I.) 27 Washington av.
*Hart Martha, (New Britain, Conn.), 18 Pequot ave.
*Hart William H., (New Britain, Conn.), 57 Penacook ave.
Haskins Amos, baggageman, h. Second av.
Hatch & Co., George C. Hatch, express, 121 Circuit av.
*Hatch B. F., (Charlestown) 2 Central Park
Hatch George C. (Hatch & Co.) express, 121 Circuit av., 110 Beecher pk.
*Hathaway David L., (New Bedford), 23 Commonwealth ave.
HAWKSWORTH & HALL (Henry K. Hawksworth and Henry Hall) Beatrice House and Bakery, Montgomery sq. (see page 38)
Hawksworth Henry R. (Hawksworth & Hall) Montgomery sq., h. do.
Hayden Eugene, Island House, Circuit ave., h. do.
Hayden Sarah J., widow Hiram, h. Circuit av., cor. Dukes County av.
Hayes Robert P. Mrs., 11 Narragansett av.
*Hayner (Charlotte E. (Brooklyn, N. Y.) h. Seaside pk. of Massachusetts av.
Hayward Clara E. Mrs., (Providence, R. I.), 4 Trinity pk.
Hazard M. B. Miss, (Hyde Park) Brewster av.
Healis Edward T., gardener, h. Franklin st.
Hegeman Elizabeth C. Mrs., (24 Montgomery pl., Brooklyn) Atlantic av.
*Hemmings Dora (Boston) Vineyard Highlands
*Henshaw Thomas A., (4 Hollis Place, Boston) 41 Trinity pk.
*Heroo Minnie P., Mrs., h. Warwick ave.
*Herrigan Mary E. (Fitchburg) 12 Kennebec av.
*Herrick Clara V., 27, Trinity pk.
Hicks Sidney S., stationer, Herald bldg., h. do.
*Hiler Thomas G. (Boston) h. Wesley pk.

153 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs

(p. 45)

*Hillard Emma M., Miss, (Fall River), 31 Trinity pk.
Hillard Esther, (Fall River) 31 Trinity pk.
*Hills Susan B., 16 Uncas ave.
*Hilt David H. (N. Cambridge) h. 13 Washington pk., C. G.
Hodges Alice M. Miss, (85 Revere, Boston) 41 Trinity pk.
*Hodges Francis F., (48 Dana, Cambridge) 52 Trinity pk.
Hodges Gertrude L. Miss (4 Hollis pl., Boston), 41 Trinity pk.
Hodges Grace, (85 Revere, Boston) 41 Trinity pk.
Hodges John, bds. 91 Penacook av.
Hodges Leonard L., (85 Revere, Boston) 41 Trinity av.
*Holden Anna M. Mrs. (Worcester) h. 19 Clinton av.
*Holland Marietta M., (Brockton) 11 Commonwealth sq.
Holmes Bertha, clerk, 137 Circuit av., bds. Nashawena pk.
*Holmes Everard (Providence, R. I.) h. 22 Pequot av.
*Holmes Sumner (N. Brookfield) h. County pk.
*Holt Ellis Mrs., h. 8 Central av.
Holt George W. (Maiden) h. 164 Circuit av.
Hooker A. J. Miss (New York) h. 23 Rock av.
Hopkins Edwin G. (Taunton) h. 6 Fourth av.
*Hopkinson Thomas (Fall River) h. 9 Washington pk., (I. G.
*Hopkirk Jane, h. Simpson av.
*Horton Sarah F., Vineyard Highlands
Horvitz Samuel, fruit, Lake av., h. School
HOTEL NAUMKEAG (A. L. Drew, prop. and mgr.) cor. Narragansett and Naumkeag av. (see page 32)
*Hough George T. Mrs., h. 7 County pk.
*Howard Ella E., h. 2 Central av.
*Howard E. H., (Providence), 75 Trinity pk.
*Hoxie Royal S., (Hartford, Conn.), h. 4 Cottage pk.
*Hudson Mary A. Mrs. (Philadelphia, Pa.) h. New York av., Lagoon Heights
*Hudson Rolle, (Pawtucket), 94 Penacook ave.
Hughes Elizabeth S., 74 Trinity pk.
Hughes William H. Mrs., (Providence, R. I.), 74 Trinity pk.
*Humes Betsey P. Mrs. (Providence, R. I.) h. 26 Clinton av.
Huntsman J. Jr. (Plainfield, N. J.), Gibson Cottage, Commonwealth av.
Hurley Peter, laborer, h. Vineyard av., cor. Dukes County av.
Huss Frederick E., Mrs., (11 Warren ave., Boston), 60 Narragansett ave.
Hussey Charles M. (New Bedford) h. 27 Nashawena pk.
Hutchinson George (Nantucket) (jeweler) h. 66 Penacook av.
*Hutchinson Susan G., h. 66 Penacook av.
*Huxford Carrie B. Mrs., (Edgartown) 7 Trinity pk.
Huxford Eliza A. Mrs., 13 Siloam av.

(p. 46)

Subscribe for the
The Leading Paper of Duke's County
- $2.00 Per Year -

All who are interested in the progress
of Martha's Vineyard should patronize
the local paper and that means
Y O U !!!

Have your JOB PRINTING done at the Herald
Office and it will be done right and at a right price

E. F. Landers, Proprietor,

(p. 47)

*Ingraham Walter A., (Prospect Place and Summer, Bristol, Conn.) 47 Ocean av.
*Irvine Margaret H., Vineyard Highlands
Ishikawa S., (162 W. 23d, New York), Japanese goods, 133 Cir-cuit, av. h. do.
Ivory John J., cook, h. 31 West Clinton av.
*Izett Louisa A. (Boston) h. 220 Circuit av.

*Jackson Mattie (Providence, R. I.) h. Second av.
*Jackson Mina B. (New York) near Central pl.
*Jackson Washington (Providence, R. I.) 4 Wamsutta av.
James Charles F., (Chadwick's Express), Circuit ave., h. School
*Jenks E. M., (Warren, Mass.) 34 Ocean av.
*Jenney Clarence (New Bedford) 25 Commonwealth av.
Jernegan Walter S., (New Bedford) physician, Herald Bldg., h. do.
Joaquin Mariano deC., h. Oak Grove
*Johnson Eliza (Boston) bakery, Commercial av., n. New York ave., h. do.
*Johnson Herbert E. (Worcester) h. Springfield av., Lagoon Heights
Johnson Leonard E., clerk (Vineyard Haven) h. New York av., n. Hampsen av.
*Johnson Otis C., (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Atlantic av.
*Johnson William H. (Boston) laundry, 90 Plymouth pk., h. do.
Johnston J. Wesley Rev. (73 Willow qt., Brooklyn, N. Y.), h. 5 West Clinton av. President Camp Meeting Association Office Trinity pk.
*Jones Amy, (Medford) 56 Clinton av.
*Jones Charles N., (Medford), h. 56 Clinton ave.
Jones Edward A., publisher (Old South Bldg., Boston), h. 20 Kennebec ave.
*Jones Edward M. (Providence, R. I.) Pembroke Cottage, New York av., near Laurel av.
*Jones Edwin F. Rev. (Providence, R. I.,) h. 38 Clinton av.
*Jones Margaret J., Vineyard Highlands
Jordan L. A. Mrs., (Newtonville) 6 Siloam av.
Joseph Clement, h. Oak Grove
Joy Charles A., painter, 76 Penacook av., h. do.
Joy Eugene, supt. Joy's wharf
Joy Everett, painter, lighthousekeeper, 21 Lake av., h. do.

Keegan Michael, mason, h. Naushan pk.
Kelleher Mary, nurse, Harbor View Sanitarium, Timehagan ave. bds. do.
*Kelly William P. (New York City) h. 21 Penacook av.

(p. 48)

*Kenney James F. (Fall River) h. 10 Lake av.
*Kenney Joseph P., 140 Circuit av.
Kenney J. F., Rock av.
*Kenney W. H., Mr. and Mrs., (Leominster), 18 Samoset ave.
*Kidder Benjamin F., (New York) 53 Narragansett av.
KIDDER SAMUEL N., carpenter, 3 Kennebec av., h. 167 Circuit ave., (see page 27)
Kilburn M. A. Mrs. (Brooklyn, N. Y.) 9 Commonwealth av.
Kilton Mary C., (Coventry, R. I.) 30 Ocean
Kilton Mary H., (Coventry, R. I.), 30 Ocean
Kiner William H. (Cambridge) h. Wamsutta av., cor. Pocasset av.
*King Henry F. (Riverbank, Court, Cambridge) h. Sea View av., cor. Penacook av.
King John D. Rev., (Ph. D.) h. Dempster pk.
*Kingman Gardiner M., (W. Somerville), h. 6 Washington pk., C. G.
*Kingman George F. Mrs. (New Bedford) h. 31 Nashawena pk.
Kirby Eugene, livery stable, end Sea View ave., h. rear do.
*Knight Frederick E. (Gardner, Mass.) h. 1 Washington pk., C. G.
*Knight George (Brockton) h. 5 Pequot av.
*Knight Harriet N., 1 Washington pk.
Knight Jeremiah Mrs., h. 74 Trinity pk.
Kossman Carrie V. Mrs., (Boston), clerk, 154 Circuit ave.

*Lamson Flora M., h. New York av., East Chop
LANDERS ELMER E., publisher Martha's Vineyard Herald and town treasurer, Herald bldg., h. 610 New York av.
*Lawrence Arthur A. (Hartford) Vineyard Highlands
Lawson Meredith E., h. Timehagan ave., n. New York ave.
*Lawton Benjamin, h. 22 Rock av.
*Lawton Eugenia C. Miss, 70 Trinity Park
Lawton Mary S. Mrs., (Providence, R. I.) 34 Linden
Leaman George A., gardener, h. Circuit av., n. Catholic church
*Leaming Rose, (Fall River), 32 Rural Circle
*Lee Sylvester J., Mr. and Mrs., 17 Commonwealth ave.
Lee Yee, laundry, 112 Circuit av., h. do.
Leery M. E. Mrs., Grand View, Park av.
Legg Herbert L. (Tisbury) 83 Penacook
Leighton Fidelia A. Miss (1190 Centre, Newton Centre) 17 and 20 Siloam av.
Leighton Eli A., chief of police, h. 615 New York av.
*Leighton Mary J., widow of Barney, h. Laurel av.
Lemas Manuel, gardener, bds. Manuel Ameral's, Lagoon road
*Lentell Charles B. (Newton Highlands) h. Atlantic av.

(p. 49)

Leopes John G., laborer, h. County road
*Lewis Annie F., (Worcester) lodgings, h. 39 Rock av.
Lewis John S., laborer, h. Circuit av.
Lewis LeRoy S. police, h. 71 Pequoit av.
*Lewis Marshall F., (New Bedford, Russel st.), 23 County pk.
*Lewis Mary A. (New Bedford) 47 Tuckernuck av.
Lewis Thomas, h. Oak Grove
Lilley Geo. E., bds. 16 County pk.
*Lillev William, (New Bedford) physician, h. 16 County pk.
*Lincoln Charles H., (58 Summer, Taunton), 28 Samoset ave.
*Lindsay Elizabeth E., Vineyard Highlands
*Lipton Zenas, h. 132 Circuit av.
Little Fred E., Mr. and Mrs., (Worcester), prop. "Highland Pavilion," Atlantic Highlands
Long J. M. Mrs. (Summit, N. J.) Atlantic av.
Look Christopher, h. 508 New York av., opp. Oak av.
*Look Frank L., New York av.
Look Harold G., clerk, post office, bds. 508 New York av.
Look John E., h. 530 New York ave.
Look Thomas F., contractor and builder, Laurel av., h. do.
*Lovell John A. (Pawtucket) h. 30 Clinton av.
*Lowe Willard (Fitchburg) Vineyard Highlands
Luce Charles T., h. Faun Neck
*Luce Warren A. Rev. (Taunton) h. 10 Trinity av.
*Lunt Ada Chase, 6 Forest Circle
*Lunt Forest S. (Princeton, Ind.) 49 Clinton
*Luther Eben, Mr. and Mrs., (100 Mill, Springfield), Harrison ave.
Luther Ernest L. (Springfield) h. Atlantic av.
Luther Everett H. (Springfield) h. Atlantic av.
*Luther Margaret Mrs., (Brockton) 11 Ocean av.
*Luther O. C., (Promised Land, N. Y.) 24 Rural Circle

*Macdonald James A., (Lawrence) 65 Penacook av.
Machado Manuel, gardener, h. Lagoon rd.
Machado Manuel S., Jr., bds. Lagoon rd.
MACKAY HOWARD, furniture, kitchen ware, etc., Wigwam blk. Circuit av. (see opp. page 26)
Maggie Gustin Laura V. Dr., Harbor View Sanitarium, h. Timehagan
Macomber George E., (New Bedford) ice cream, Herald bldg.
MACY ARTHUR H., souvenirs, Oak Bluffs ave., cor. Kennebec ave., h. 35 Rock ave. (see outside cover)
Madeiros Domingo P., h. Green Meadow pl.
Magee James B. (Fall River) h. 13 Washington pk., C. G.
Maine William E., manager Grand View, Park ave., h. do.

(p. 50)

2 Stores
2 Stores

Groceries, Meats, Produce, Fruits and Confectionery
Wholesale FISH Retail
Vineyard Haven—Main Street
Oak Bluffs—Commercial Avenue

Telephone Connection
Goods delivered promptly free of charge.


Mrs Hattie ame, Proprietor


(p. 51)

Maloof Sultana Miss, 58 Narragansett av.
Manchester Alice H. Miss, 82 Olney
*Manchester Margaret J. Mrs. (82 Olney, Providence) 62 Trinity pk.
*Manchester Mordaunt H., painter, h. Hebron av.
Manchester Rhoda J., Rustic ave.
Manese Ovzenio, h. Oak Grove
Manisees House Mrs. Nellie Rounds, 137 Circuit av., h. do.
*Marble Simon R. (Lynn) h. 7 Trinity av.
*Marsh Charles A. (114 County Attleboro) 27 Ocean av., cor. Park av.
MARSHALL F. A., the Gem Wigwam, Wigwam blk., Circuit av., h. Kennebec av. (see page 35)
Marshall Helen Mrs., 67 Trinity pk.
Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association, office Trinity pk.
MARTHA'S VINEYARD HERALD, E. E. Landers, pub., Herald bldg. (see page 46)
Martha's Vineyard Telegraph Co., Oak Bluff av.
MARTIN GEORGE F., (27 Whitman st., Providence, R. I.), real estate, h. 23 West Clinton ave., 123 Circuit ave. (see page 53)
Martin John E., h. Faun Neck
Martin John E., laborer, h. Lagoon road
*Martin Manuel E., (Chicago) Bellevue Heights
Mason Frank, manager C. A. Briggs, bowling alley, Oak Bluffs av.
Mason Frank E., carpenter, h. Dukes County av., near Vineyard av.
Mason George W., steward, 21 Pequot av., bds. do.
*Mason J. F. D., (Winthrop) 49 Kennebec av.
*Mason Otis N. (35 Halsey, Providence, R. I.) 17 Narragansett av.
Mattar Bros. (Samuel Mattar) fancy goods, Circuit av.
Mattar Samuel (Matter Bros.) fancy goods, Circuit av.
Matthews Emma I., 43 Tuckernuck ave.
MATTHEWS EZEKIEL H., real estate and contractor, 137 Circuit ave., h. 1 Nashawena pk., cor. Naumkeag ave. (see page 54)
*Matthews Lucinda (Boston) Vineyard Highlands
Marcy William, hostler A. R. Norton, bds. do.
Mayhew John L., h. 178 Circuit ave.
*MAYHEW JOSEPH L., plumber, 5 Commonwealth sq., h. 13 do. (see page 11)
*Mayhew Leavitt, Mr. and Mrs., h. 4 Allen ave.
*Mavhew Orland S., Dr., (West Tisbury), h. Vineyard Haven
Mayhew Osgood M., ice dealer, New York av., h do.

(p. 52)

McBride Dand J., driver, h. Dukes Co. av.
McBrien Rose, nurse, Harbor View Sanitarium, Timehagan ave., bds. do.
McCambridge Frank (North Attleboro) jeweler Circuit av., bds. Island House
McCartney R. J. Mrs., Crest View
McCluskey Grayce G., clerk Post Office, bds. The Beatrice
McDonald Samuel E., h. 212 Circuit ave.
McDonald Samuel E., engineer, h. 214 Circuit av.
McGair John, (Prondence) h. 6 Lake av.
McGrath John F., manager Pawnee House, 123 Circuit ave., h. do.
McGrath John W., florist, South Circuit av., opp. Waban pk., bds. do.
McGrath Thomas A., landscape gardener, h. South Circuit, opp. Waban pk.
*McKelvy William M., (Pittsburg, Pa.), Naumkeag ave., opp Waban pk.
McLeod Roderick A., clerk, Vineyard Hotel, bds do.
*McLeod William G., (Cambridge), 7 Narragansett ave.
McNamara William H., Rev., pastor Sacred Heart Catholic church, h. Circuit ave., n. Nashawena pk.
McQuitty Robert G., (Fall River), bds. 16 Washington pk., C. G.
McWilliams J. W., Mrs., (E. Orange, N. J.), bds. Mrs. S. D. Condit's, Mass. ave.
*Mead Adelbert S., (Boston), h. 13 Nashawena pk.
Meara F. S., physician, h. 145 Circuit ave.
Meara Sherman, boots and shoes, Circuit ave., h. 147 Circuit ave.
Medaris Frank, plumber, h. Norris ave.
Medaris Marian, fanner, h. Norris ave.
Mediros John, h. Lagoon rd.
*Medley William H., (Fall River), 8 Clinton ave.
Meins Charles F., (565 Boylston, Boston), h. Ocean ave.
Meleney Clarence E., Dr., (Stamford, Conn.), h. Prospect pk., n. Atlantic ave.
Meleney Robert Coit, (New York City), bds. Prospect pk., n. Atlantic ave.
Menese James, farmer, h. Fayal ave.
*Meres Baptiste, (38 E. 60th, N. Y. City), Arlington ave.
Meras Emile, (38 E. 60th, N. Y. City), Arlington ave.
*Merritt Louiso J. (New York City), 57 Narragansett ave.
*Metcalf Edgar D., Col. and Mrs., (Auburn, N. Y.), Prospect pk.
Metell Joseph, clerk, h. 65 Clinton ave.
Metro Joseph, h. near Vineyard ave.
Metropolitan House, Park ave.

(p. 53)



(p. 54)

Residence of Mr. E. H. Matthews.

~ Real Estate Agent ~

Cottages To Let and For Sale
Lots, Tracts of Land and Farms For Sale
Cottages Cared For During Absence of Owners

For Building, Painting, Repairing and
Moving Cottages.
Plans and Specifications Furnished for Cottages.

Circuit Avenue, - Cottage City, Mass.

(p. 55)

*Miller Henry R.. (Bristol, Conn.), 18 W. Clinton ave.
*Miller Leslie W., (Philadelphia, Pa.), h. County rd.
*Miller Mary A., (Denver, Col.), h. 16 Commonwealth ave.
Miller Mary E., Mrs., h. 2 Wamsutta ave.
*Millard Martha D., h. 72 Trinity pk.
*Mills Andrew, (New York City), h. Winthrop ave., n. Atlantic ave.
Mills Elijah, h. Eastville
Mills Manuel, laborer, h. Forest Hill ave.
Misquita Jacintha, h. Oak Grove
Mitchell Ralph, laborer, h. Laurel ave.
Mitchell Thomas A., (Taunton), Island House, 6 Railroad ave.
Miyanaja & Co., Japanese goods, 145 Circuit ave.
Montgomery James D., New Sea View House, Sea View, cor. Tuckernuck ave., h. do.
Montgomery J. F., (Taunton), Wesley pk.
*Montgomery Mary P., (Taunton), h. Wesley pk.
Montross W. F., (New York City), Crest View
*Moore Phoebe, Miss, (Boston), 43 Trinity pk.
Moore Walter L., (Noyes & Moore), pop corn, etc., 143 Circuit ave., h. do.
*Morey Daniel C., Mrs., (Holliston), 1 Clinton ave.
*Morningstar Joseph M., (214 W. 138th, New York City), h. 30 Nashawena pk.
*Morris Agnes B., h. First ave.
*Morrison Frank M., Mrs., (Natick), Columbian ave., Lagoon Heights
*Morton E. E., Mrs., (Brockton), 24 Commonwealth ave.
Mosher Elihu M., 4 Lake ave.
*Mosher William C., (Denver, Col.), 35 Narragansett ave.
*Mowry Mary A., (Holliston), l Clinton ave.
Mowry William A., (17 Riverside sq., Hyde Park), Atlantic ave.
*Munroe Thomas G., (Fall River), h. 73 Tuckernuck ave.
Murdock I., Mr. and Mrs., (Dorchester), 5 Siloam ave.
Murdock Marion, bds. 5 Siloam ave.
Murphy J. F., News Co., The Tivoli and (South Station, B.), T. F. Gibbons, manager
Myrick Alexander G., (New Bedford), h. 47 Clinton ave.
*Myrick Walter R., (New Bedford), h. 47 Clinton ave.

*Nash Charles W., Mrs., (New York City), h. 6 Penacook ave.
Nashua The, Geo. S. Wheeler, prop., Park ave., cor. Kennebec ave.
*Negus Robert, Mrs., 9 Rock ave.
*Neil Joseph O., (Fall River), h. 43 Clinton ave.
*Newcomb Frank H., (Brooklyn), Eastville

E. E. SILVEY, 153 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs

(p. 56)

Free use of dark-room for amateurs. Particular attention given to Developing and Printing.
First class Portrait work. Special attention given to Cottage Groups and all out door work. Copying and Enlarging. Souvenir Cards.
Lake Avenue, near the Monument.
Courteous treatment to all.



Watches. Clocks, Jewelry, Kodaks and Supplies,
Edison Talking Machines and Records,
Cut Glass, High Grade China, etc.
Souvenirs and Post Cards.


THE NEW SEA VIEW, OAK BLUFFS, MAASACHUSETTS. Built in 1907. Most modern and finest located hotel on the Island. Situated among the most costly villas on Sea View Avenue and Waban Park. Water and park frontage sixty feet from bathing beach and Sea View Pier. Fourteen hundred square feet of piazza. Balconies on each floor overlooking the ocean. Large parlor and office. Public and private dining rooms. Fireplaces in parlor and dining room. Suite with bath conneoted. Toilets on each floor. Finished throughout in natural wood. Polished floors with rugs, new furnishings. Electric and gas lights. Call bells in every room. Long distance telephone. The health, comfort and happiness of our guests is the chief aim in the constrootion and management of the "New Sea View", and we thank our many guests of the ``Old Sea View", of whom we have such pleasant remembrance, for their patronage, and shall gladly welcome them and all others who include the ``New Sea View" in their summer plan.
J. D. MONTGOMERY, Proprietor.

(p. 57)

*Newcomb Susan O., (Worcester), 35 W. Clinton ave.
*Newell Emily W. (Pawtucket, R. I.), h. 92 Penacook ave.
*Newell Fred E., (Central Falls), h. Nantucket ave., opp. Waban pk.
NEW SEA VIEW THE (J. D. Montgomery, prop.) Sea View ave., cor. Tuckernuck ave. (see adv.)
Newton G. Walter, (Roxbury), bds. John F. Newton's, Atlantic ave., west Light house
*Newton John F., (Roxbury), h. Atlantic ave., west of Light house
*Newton John F., Jr., (Roxbury), h. Atlantic ave., west of Light house
New York & Boston Despatch Ex. Co., A. S. Teller, agt., 121 Circuit ave.
New York Yacht Club, New York wharf, foot of New York ave.
*Nichols Albert L., (Fall River), h. 21 Washington pk.
*Nichols Annie D., (Fall River), h. 22 Washington pk., C. G.
Nicholson Delia, Mrs., h. First ave.
Nickerson Grace., clerk J. F. Murphy News Co., The Tivoli
Nickerson Mark E., (40 Elm, Pawtucket), 13 Ocean ave.
*Nickerson Mary J., (New Bedford)' h. 15 County pk.
*Niles Henry E., ( Hartford, Conn.), 12 Pequot ave.
Nooning Hannah B., Mrs., Trinity pk.
Norris Howes, (Missouri), mining, h. Timehagan ave.
Norris Howes, Jr., bds. Timehagan ave.
Norton Abbie, widow Clement, h. Lawrence ave., n. New York ave.
Norton Alice L., Mrs., (Leominster), h. 3 Lake ave.
Norton Allen R., livery stable, 110 Circuit ave., h. 81 Penacook
Norton Charles W., lather, h. 56 Nashawena pk.
Norton Clara, Mrs., h. Alpine ave., cor. County rd. Lagoon Heights
Norton Darius D., head of Pond
Norton George E., clerk 129 Circuit ave., bds. 64 Kennebec ave.
Norton Hattie J., h. Nashawena pk.
Norton Henry C., h. Faun Neck
Norton Herbert L., h. Eastville ave., opp. Timehagan ave.
Norton Isaac W., livery stable, Dukes County ave., h. do.
Norton James G., druggist, 129 Circuit ave., h. 54 Kennebec ave.
*Norton Mary W., (Fall River), 20 Lincoln ave.
Norton Priscilla, Miss, h. 22 Rural Circle
Norton William A., livery stable, Lake ave., h. Wamsutta ave.
Norton William, Jr., blacksmith, Dukes County ave., h. 532 New York ave.
NOVELTY MARKET, Reuben Phillips, prop., Circuit ave. (see page 28)

E. E. SILVEY, 153 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs

(p. 58)

Noyes & Moore, (James M. Noyes and Walter L. Moore) pop corn and confectionery, Circuit ave.
Noyes James M., (Noyes & Moore), confectionery, Circuit ave., h. at Nantucket
Nunes Manuel J., h. Oak Grove
Nunes Manuel J., stone mason, h. Forest Hill ave.
Nunnerley H. I., photographer, Lake ave., n. Monument
*Nye Clark D., (New Bedford), 58 Trinity pk.

OAK BLUFFS ICE CO., John C. Hamblin, prop., 6 Nashawena pk., h. do. (see page 17)
Oak Bluffs Land & Wharf Co., Henry F. King, secretary
OAK BLUFFS LAUNDRY, (M. J. Perkins, prop.) office Circuit ave., cor. Lake ave. (see page 18)
*Oatman Emma S., (Providence), 42 Trinity pk.
Olin William W., h. 16 Commonwealth sq.
*Olmstead Melinda, 27 Penacook ave.
O'Neill Kathleen Helen, Miss, Yonkers, N. Y.
*Orr Alexander M., (New York), 48 Samoset ave.
Owens Emma, h. Masonic ave.

Pacheco Frank, h. Vineland ave.
*Pachico Joseph G., laborer, h. Forest Hill ave.
Pachioc Julio, laborer, h. Lagoon rd.
Pacheco Manuel F., oil dealer, Vineland ave., bds. do.
*Packard Lucy A., Mrs., (Boston), 30 Washington ave.
*Padelford Adela N., (Providence), h. 11 Penacook ave.
Palmer A. F., lunch, Central ave., h. do.
*Palmer Benjamin, (Fall River), h. 41 Clinton ave.
Palmer Charles A., h. Eastville
*Palmer Mary L., (Jew York), 53 Trinity pk.
Parker John E., Mrs., (Hamilton, Ont.), Sea View ave., cor. Samoset ave.
*Parkin Frank P., (Phila., Pa.,) 42 Clinton ave.
*Parsons Thomas L., (New Bedford), 11 Forest Circle
Parsons William H., bds. Grand View
Partridge James, electrician, 123 Circuit ave., bds. 126 do.
Partridge L. F., (Worcester), h. 13 County pk.
Patterson J. L., Mrs., (Attleboro), 15 Siloam ave.
Paul Samuel B. clerk Pawnee House, bds. do.
Pawnee House, J. G. Bassett, prop., 125 Circuit ave., h. at Bridgewater
Pearson Fred H., Mr. and Mrs., (255 Foster, Lowell), 45 Narragansett
Pease Albert, electrician, 123 Circuit ave., bds. 224 do.
Pease Alex M., plumber, J. L. Mayhew

(p. 59)

PEASE ERNEST A., Globe Fish Market, 109 Circuit ave., h. do. (see page 56)
*Pease Herbert O., (404 Wilbraham rd., Springfield), 43 Ocean ave.
Pease Horatio N., grocer, Circuit ave., cor. Penacook ave., h. 15 Fourth ave.
Pease Leila W., bookkeeper, Novelty Market, h. 1 Pease ave.
Pease Leonard, fireman, bds. 224 Circuit ave.
*Pease Louis H., (Edgartown), 109 Circuit ave.
Pease Peter, laborer, h. 224 Circuit ave.
Pease Sadie, clerk, G. E. Macomber, bds. 224 Circuit ave.
*Peck Harriet A., Mrs., (Boston), h. 15 Wamsutta ave., n. Dukes County ave.
Peck Jessie C., (Providence), h. 23 West Clinton ave.
*PIERCE HERBERT S., prop. "The Tivoli," Oak Bluffs ave., (661 So. Water, New Bedford), h. 51 Penacook (see opp. page 63)
*Pent Mary, h. 54 Rural Circle
PEQUOT THE, Lydia E. Phinney, prop., 91 Pequot ave. (see page 32)
*Perkins Emily A., 191 Williams, Providence), h. 17 Commonwealth sq.
Perkins Leslie W., Vineyard Hotel and Variety Store, 114 Circuit ave., h. do.
Perkins Walter, clerk, Vincents, bds. Vineyard Hotel
*Perry Arthur E., trustee, New Bedford, 150 Circuit ave.
*Perry Charles L., (Marlboro), h. 20 Rock ave.
Perry Frank, cigar mfg., Circuit ave., h. Vinevard ave.
*Perry Herbert L., (183 Pleasant, Attleboro), h. 16 Penacook ave.
Perry John, h. Green Meadow pl.
Perry Joseph F., painter, 1l. Vineyard ave.
*Perry Nahum, (Attleboro), 16 Penacook ave.
*Peters Alvah H., (Boston), 7 Clinton ave.
Peters Avis, widow of Joseph S., h. Commercial ave., cor. New York ave.
Peters John, h. Green Meadow pl.
Peters Manuel, driver, h. Dukes County ave.
*Phillips Alice A., (New Bedford), Vineyard Highlands
Phillips Antonio S., laborer. h. Lagoon rd.
*Phillips Charles L., (Taunton), h. 70 Washington pk., V. H.
Phillips Frank S., laborer, h. Lagoon red.
*Phillips H. O., (Pawtucket), h. Timehagan ave.
PHILLIPS REUBEN, prop. Novelty Market, Circuit ave., h. New York ave. (see page 28)
Phinney Elisha A., (Pawtucket), h. 50 Kennebec ave.

E. E. SILVEY, 153 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs

(p. 60)

Mrs. L. G. Sinclair
- Artist and Teacher -
Orders taken in China Painting, Oil, Water Color Work and Pyrography


Enid Goulding Sinclair
Reader, Impersonator and Teacher, Instructor
in Elocution, Dramatic Art,Voice Building.
Studies with Flag, Drapery, Etc. . . . .
Summer Classes


Boarding and Livery Stable. Fine Turnouts and Careful Drivers.
Teams to Let by Day or Hour. Boarding Horses Given Best of Care. Straw Rides a Specialty.
Both Telephones
Foot of Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs.


Fancy and Staple Groceries
Canned Goods of Every Description.
Butter, Tea, Coffee, Spices, Etc.

(p. 61)

PHINNEY LYDIA E., prop. The Peqnot, 21 Pequot ave., h. do. (see page 32)
Pieoto Manuel F.. fisherman, h. Third ave.
PIERCE A. W., (Hopkinton, Mass.), photographer, Lake ave., h. 7 Lake ave. (see page 56)
*Pierce John B., Capt., h. Laurel ave., cor. Morse ave.
Pierce Martha F., h. Vineyard Highlands
*Pillsbury Louisa T., (Boston), 53 Tuckernuck ave.
Pimental Virginia M., bds. Lagoon Heights
Place Arthur W., bds. Mrs. Melia A. Place
Place Charles F., shoe cutter, h. 10 Clinton ave.
Place Frederick B., clerk E. G. Eldridge, bds. 10 Clinton ave.
PLACE M. A., dry goods, ladies' furnishings, 145 Circuit ave., h. do. (see page 10)
*Place Wm. H., (13 Parkis ave., Prov.), 11 Narragansett ave.
Place Wm. H., Jr., 11 Narragansett ave.
Police Department, E. A. Leighton, chief, over Hatch & Co., Circuit ave.
Pollard John, h. Church ave., cor. Dempster pk.
Pollard Minnie A., Miss, 17 Siloam ave.
Pordencia Joaquin Enos, Forest Hills
*Potter Alden T., (Dartmouth), 48 Penacook ave.
*Powell Samuel, (Cambridge), 33 Kennebec ave.
Power Station, Beach rd., cor. Easiville
*Pratt James A., livery, h. 15 Lake ave.
*Prescott Henri M., (Winchendon), h. 22 Rustic ave.
*Pridgeon John, Jr., (Detroit, Mich.), h. Timehagan ave., Eastville
Public Library, Circuit ave.
*Puddefoote W. G., (So. Framingham), Vineyard Highlands

Queen James, (New Bedford), ice cream, etc., 134 Circuit ave., h. do.

*Rand William H., (East Milton), 8 Ocean ave.
Randolph John F., h. Bellvue Heights
Rankin John F., Dr. and Mrs., (852 Park Pl., Brooklyn, N. Y.), 48 Narragansett ave.
RAUSCH ANTHONY J., (74 Central, Providence), confectioner and caterer, 131 Circuit ave., h. 18 Penacook (see page 35)
Rausch Flora, Miss, bds. 18 Penacook ave.
Rausch Isabella, Miss, bds. 18 Penacook
Rave Samuel M., h. Circuit ave.
Ray Elos A., clerk, E. P. Worth 115 Circuit ave., bds. do.
*Ray Frances, widow of Wm. P., h. Rowland ave.

E. E. SILVEY, 153 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs

(p. 62)

*Raymond Aaron F., h. Highland Boulevard, n. New York ave.
*Read Andrew, (No. Hanover), h. Hudson ave.
*Read Mary E., Miss, "Greghurs," (Hoboken, N. J.), h. 30 Penacook ave.
*Reed Clara M., (Fall River), h. 11 Siloam ave.
*Reed Georgretta A., (Brockton), 23 Ocean ave.
Reed Nellie C., Miss, h. 8l Trinity pk.
Reil John, fanner, h. County rd
Reinstein & Weisbrot, tailors, 124 Circuit ave.
Reinstein V., (Reinstein & Weisbrot), tailor, 124 Circuit ave., h. 8 Rustic ave.
*Renear Clara J., (Vineyard Haven), 9 Lincoln ave.
*Rhodes Ida, Miss, (Providence), h. Highland ave.
*Rhodes Marie, Miss, (36 Harvard ave., Providence), h. Highland ave., cor. Rural Circle
Rice Benjamin F., carpenter, h. 57 Clinton ave.
Rice Frank F., bds. Ocean View
RICE HENRY H., lumber, builders' material, etc., New York ave., h. do. (see page 36)
*Rice Katie B., (New Bedford), Rural Circle
Rice Lucy E., widow George, h. 8 Kennebec ave.
*Rice Mary A., Mrs., (Providence), Ocean View House, Washington pk., Wayland ave.
*Richards Alfrieda K., (New Bedford), 12 Pocasset ave.
Richards Horace Evans, (Philadelphia, Pa.), h. 34 Pequot ave.
*Richards Ira, (Attleboro), 40 Samoset ave.
*Richards William D., (weir Bedford), 10 Pequot ave.
*Richardson Miriam, (Baltimore), Vineyard Highlands
Rici Samuel Q., h. Vineyard Highlands
*Riddell Emily F., (Providence), 22-24 Nashawena pk.
Ripley Adalyn, librarian, h. opp. 490 New York ave.
Ripley Alonzo, carpenter, h. 23 Washington ave.
Ripley Samuel E. A., purser, N. B. M. V. & N. S. Co., h. 17 Kennebec ave.
Ripley Walter C., carpenter, bds. opp. 490 New York ave.
*Ritchie John, (Boston), Seaview ave., cor. Canonicus ave.
Robinson Clarence H., (1 Crescent, Westerley, R. I.), 56 Narragansett ave.
Robinson Louise, widow Charles M., florist, Eastville ave., cor. Timehagan ave., h. do.
Robinson Robert D., painter, h. Washington pk.
Roderiques Mary Louise, h. Forest Hills
*Rocker Eunice C., widow Antone C., (Providence), h. Dukes County ave.
Rogers Emanuel, driver, h. Third ave.
*Rolfe George W., (Cambridge), Eastville

(opp. p. 62)


Is situated directly on the bluffs of East Chop, the breeziest spot on Marthas Vineyard. It has an unobstructed view of Marthas Vineyard Sound, the second largest shipping channel in the world, and the harbor at Vineyard Haven; also of mainland from Falmouth to end of Cape Cod. The house has a well-established high-class patronage.
There are four daily mails and long distance telephone connections.
Crest View is open from June 15 to September 15.

RATES: $3.00 per day, or from $12.00 to $20.00 per week.
Special rates for June and September.

Address Mrs. Everett Schwartz,

(opp p. 63)

The New Casino


H. S. PEIRCE, Proprietor
661 South Water St., New Bedford, Mass.

(p. 63)

*Rolfe John C., Prof., (4400 Chestnut, Philadelphia), h. Timehagan ave.
Rose John, h. Elysian Heights
Rose Joseph F., h. Wing rd.
Rose Manuel J., h. Green Meadow pl.
Rose Manuel, laborer, h. Vineyard ave., n. Dukes County ave.
Rose Manuel D., motorman, h. Lagoon rd.
*Rose Sophia A., (W. Lynn), 2 Uncas ave.
*Rounds Ellen A., (Taunton), Vineyard Highlands
Rounds Neil, carpenter, h. 137 Circuit ave.
Rounds Nellie, Mrs., (Portchester, N. Y.), manager, Mamsees House, 137 Circuit ave.

Sackett Louis, manager Oak Bluffs Bath Houses, h. 6 Pocasset ave.
*Sackett Lucinda J., Mrs., h. 45 Kennebec ave.
Sadler Frank H., (126 County, Attleboro), 5 Samoset ave.
Salisbury Ellen, Miss, (Providence), 9 Siloam ave.
*Sanders Ann, (Brookline), h. Dempster pk.
Sandiford John E., h. Trinity ave.
*Sanford A. B., Rev. Dr., (Mamoraneck, N. Y.), h. 76 Hartford pk. Massasoit ave.
Sanford Raymond L., clerk, 144 Circuit ave.
Sanford W. E., real estate, 144 Circuit ave., h. Nashawena pk.
Sawyer F. R. Co., (Geo. F. Martin, mgr.), real estate, 123 Circuit ave.
*Schuh Emma L., Mrs., (Middletown, Conn.), h. 58 Penacook ave.
*Schuyler Mary, (New York), Wyoming House
*SCHWARTZ EVERETT, MRS., prop. Crest View, Atlantic ave. (see opp. page 62)
Schwartz see Swartz.
*Segar Bros., (Brighton), 26 Samoset ave.
*Scoville Albert W., (Hartford, Conn.), h. 79 Plymouth pk.
Scranton Charles L., postmaster, h. Arcade
*Seeberger Charles, Mrs., (Dunkirk, N. Y.), h. Dempster pk.
Segar Herbert, Chappaquiddick
Selectmen's Office, Pequot ave., cor. Grove ave.
*Selkirk Isabel, (Brooklyn, N. Y.), h. Wesley pk.
Serpa Manuel, iceman, h. Dukes County ave., cor. Vineyard ave.
*Sewall Julia E., widow of Thomas, (Baltimore), h. Wesley pk.
Shaw Mary W., (New Bedford), h. 24 Commonwealth sq.
*Shearer Charles H., (Boston), h. Morgan ave., n. Baptist Tabernacle
*Sheldon Julia R., (Fitchburg). h. 90 Massasoit ave.
*Sheldon Melinda J., Mrs., (Milford), h. 36 Clinton ave.

(p. 64)

Shepard Douglass, h. Laurel ave., V. H.
*Shepard Eleanor G., Mrs., Vineyard Highlands
*Sherman Julia W., (Swansea), h. 68 Trinity pk.
*Sherman Robert A., (New Bedford), 16 Siloam ave.
*Sherman William H., (New Bedford), 34 Trinity
*Short L. A., Mr. and Mrs., Fall River
Shuster Herman, fruit, Lake ave., h. School
Shuster Simon, h. School
Sieben George S., h. W. Clinton
Silva Joseph W., laborer, h. Winthrop ave.
Silva Manuel W., plumber, h. 12 Pawtucket ave.
Silvia Albert, gardener, h. Lagoon rd.
Silvia Andrew, gardener, h. Lagoon rd.
Silvia Anna L., widow of Alfred, h. Norris ave.
Silvia Antone, laborer, h. Vineyard ave., n. Dukes County rd.
Silvia Clara, widow Casino, h. First ave.
Silvia Edward, Wing rd.
Silvia Emelia R., h. Forest Hills
Silvia Frank, h. Wing rd.
Silvia John F., Montgomery sq.
Silvia Joseph, h. Oak Grove
Silvia Joseph, (pastor), Oak Grove
Silvia Joseph D., h. Faun Neck
Silvia Manuel, h. Faun Neck
Silvia Manuel G., Circuit ave.
Silvia Manuel M., h. Oakland
Silvia Manuel P., h. Oak Grove
Silvia Manuel W., Circuit ave.
Silvia Mary A., widow of George, h. Uncas ave.
SILVEY EDWARD E., plumber, automobile supplies, 153 Circuit ave., h. do. (see foot lines)
Simmons Allen S., (New Bedford), 9 Trinity pk.
*Simmonds Oliver P., (Dighton), Vineyard Highlands
Simons B. R., Dr., and Mrs., (Phila., Pa.), Mosher cottage, 35 Narragansett ave.
Sinclair Enid G., reader and teacher, 80 Hartford pk.
Sinclair H. A., (Cranford, N. J.), 54 Samoset
SINCLAIR LAURA G., MRS., artist, 80 Hartford pk., h. do. (see page 60)
*Sisson Henry B., Mr. and Mrs., (Hamburg, Conn.), 10 Siloam ave.
*Shillings Angeline, Mrs., (Milford), 70 Narragansett ave.
*Slocum Judson B., (Providence), h. 9 Trinity ave.
Smith Adelaide A., Mrs., (5 Lombard, Ashmont, Mass.), 67 Trinity pk.
Smith Alton, asst. wharfinger, N. B. M. V. & N. S. Co., 260 Circuit ave.

E. E. SILVEY, 153 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs

(p. 65)

*Smith Anthony, (Boston), h. 230 Circuit ave.
Smith Arthur C., h. Kennebec ave.
Smith Arthur E., (Worcester), h. 37 Washington ave.
SMITH A. C., MRS., dry goods, 144 Circuit ave., h. 8 Kennebec ave. (see page 20)
Smith Benjamin, carpenter, rms. Herald Bldg.
Smith Caroline, widow of Charles, (Marlboro), bds. 260 Circuit ave.
*Smith Charles B., Mr. and Mrs., (New York City), 1 Narragansett ave.
*Smith Eliza M., Head Lagoon pond
*Smith Emma T., (New York City), h. Wesley pk.
Smith E. Roland, building mover, Laurel ave., h. do.
*Smith Frances M., Mrs., (142 Garden, Pawtucket), 44 Trinity pk.
*Smith Fred, (Marlboro), conductor electric, h. 14 Rock ave.
Smith Frederick W., selectman and assessor, h. 150 Circuit ave.
Smith George Albert, h. head of lagoon pond
*Smith Georgia, Mrs., (Cambridge), h. First ave.
Smith Gertrude W., Miss, (New Bedford), h. 10 County pk.
*Smith Ira N., (Fall River), h. 19 Washington pk., C. G.
*Smith James L., (Boston), Leslie pk.
*Smith Jennie L., (Taunton), 10 Forest Circle
*Smith Joseph B., Mrs., (New Bedford), h. 72 Narragansett ave.
Smith Lucy P., Mrs., (George A.), h. 156 Circuit ave.
Smith Maria D., widow of Obediah, h. 68 Penacook ave.
Smith Martha F., widow Thomas, bds. Brunswick ave.
*Smith Mary L., (Fall River), 15 Washington pk.
Smith Ralph T., h. head of Pond
*Smith Ruel P., (Brooklyn, N. Y.), h. 97 Plymouth pk.
Smith Sereno D. C., clerk, h. 70 Penacook ave.
*Smith Susan T., Miss, h. 24 Washington ave., C. G.
*Smith Theron I., (North Attleboro), h. 53 Pequot ave.
*Snow George S., Mrs., dressmaker, h. 24 County pk.
*Snow Isabella, (Brockton), 20 County pk.
*Snowe Belle F., (Northampton), 15 Tuckernuck ave.
Soares Jacintha, h. Oak Grove
Soares Manuel, h. Elysian Heights
Soares Manuel M., h. Forest Hills
Sommer John J., (North Attleboro), h. 26 Tuckernuck ave.
*Sparrow Sarah, Mrs., (Plymouth), h. 25 Washington ave., C. G.
*Spaulding Catharine, (Dorchester), 9 Nashawena pk.
Spaulding Percy F., h. Vineyard Hotel
*Sparrell Emeline A., (Boston), 38 Ocean ave.
*Spencer John E., (Providence), 12 Lake ave.

(p. 66)

*Sprague E. W., Mrs., (Fitchburg), 20 Narragansett ave.
*Sprague Fannie W., (Fitchburg), 27 Pequot ave.
Sprague Geo. C., (Hingham), confectioner, 122 Circuit ave., bds. Island House
Stafford E. F., Mrs., (Fall River), h. 7 Cottage pk.
Stanley Elizabeth, Mrs., (Newtonville), 6 Siloam ave.
*Staples Abiel B., (Taunton), Vineyard Highlands
Starr John, laborer, h. Lagoon rd.
Stearns S. A., Mrs., h. 23 County pk.
*Stetson Susan R., (Boston), 42 Penacook ave.
*Stiness Walter R., (Providence), 35 Washington ave.
*Stockard James M., (Providence), 36 Pequot ave.
Stratton Elsie M., clerk Post Office, bds. 168 Circuit ave.
Stratton George H., painter, h. 168 Circuit ave.
Straw Frank E., chief engineer Electric Light Station, h. Laurel ave.
Studley Elisha F., carpenter, h. 38 Pocasset ave.
STUDLEY I. MAYNARD, livery stable, foot Circuit ave., h. 55 Laurel ave. (see page 60)
Studley Minnie B., Mrs., laundry, 38 Pocasset ave., h. do.
*Suseman Adelaide, (Providence), 30 Nashawena pk.
Swan Edward, clerk Chaves & de Bettencourt
*Swan Virginia, (Boston), h. Dukes County ave., n. Vineyard ave.
Swartz see Schwartz.
Swartz Emanuel, fisherman, h. Third ave.
Swartz Jules, laborer, h. Dutes County ave.
Sweetland T. D., (Pawtucket), h. 12 County pk.
*Swett Charles C., (Melrose), 58 Clinton ave.
*Swett Persis H., 45 Trinity pk.
*Swift Helen A., (New Bedford), 2 Lake ave.
Swift May, clerk 154 Circuit ave., bds. 17 Dukes County ave. continuation
Swift R. W., Mrs., (Providence), h. 2 Lake ave.
SWIFT TIMOTHY S., grocer, 154 Circuit ave., h. 17 Dukes County ave. continuation (see page 60)

Talbot Co., (Fall River), 135 Circuit ave., F. G. Wells, mgr.
*Talbot Micah J., Rev. D. D., (Providence), h. 14 Clinton ave.
Tavers John, laborer, h. Franklin
Taylor Agnes M., widow Charles E., bds. 74 Washington pk., V. H.
*Taylor Avis Miller, h. 74 Washington pk.
Taylor C. E., express, Oak Bluffs
*Taylor James B., (Fall River), h. 8 Lake ave.
*Taylor Mary A., widow Thomas T., (Cambridge), h. School

(p. 67)

*Tefft Lyman B., (Richmond, Va.), h. Atlantic ave., cor. York ave.
Tefft Mary A., Miss, (Richmond, Va.), bds. Atlantic ave., cor. York ave.
Teller A. S., agent N. Y. & B. D. E. Co., 121 Circuit ave., h. 155 do.
*Terry Mary C., (Freetown), 77 Trinity pk.
Thatcher Horace A., carpenter and builder, 536 New York ave., h. do.
*Thayer Philo E., Mr. and Mrs., (58 Olive, Pawtucket), 25 Narragansett ave.
*Thomas Calvin, (New York City), h. Highland Boulevard, East Chop
Thomas Charles H., harness maker, Lake ave., cor. Circuit
Thomas Joseph W., h. 28 Rural Circle
Thomas Manuel, barber, Circuit ave., h. Lagoon rd., cor. Dukes County ave.
*Thompson Edgar E., (Worcester), h. Prospect pk., n. Atlantic ave.
*Thompson Elijah I., (Fitchburg), h. 5 Lake ave.
Thompson John H., Oak Bluffs ave.
*Thorndike Edward R., (Fitchburg), h. 16 W. Clinton ave.
Tillinghast Phoebe A., Miss, (Woonsocket, R. I.), 19 Siloam ave.
Tingley Rowena P., Miss, (Providence), 19 Siloam ave.
Tingley Xenaphon D., Mr. and Mrs., (Gloucester), 7 Siloam ave.
*Tilton Mabel T., (Vineyard Haven), 19 Uncas ave.
*Tinson Ella F., Mrs., (Providence), 21 Commonwealth ave.
*Todd E. Luella, Mrs., (Bridgeport, Conn.), 18 Siloam ave.
*Todd Mary, (New Bedford), Vineyard Highlands
*Toles Amanda F., (Boston), h. Vineland ave.
Tophan William, (New Bedford), h. 22 County pk.
*Totten Annie, Mrs., (N. Attleboro), h. 29 Washington ave.
Town Clerk's office, Pequot ave., cor. Grove ave.
Tracy Mary L., h. 24 Washington pk., C. G.
*Trafton Inez D., (Taunton), 22 Vineyard Highlands
Treat Edward Bryant, (Lawrenceville, N. J.), h. 23 Tuckernuck ave.
*Trench Isabella, Vineyard Highlands
Trinity Episcopal Church, Ocean ave., cor. Lake ave.
Tripp Frank C., janitor, 21 Allen ave.
Tripp Franklin D., Mrs., h. Montgomery sq.
*Tripp J. F., 21 Allen ave.
*Trueworthy William F., carpenter, h. Svlvan ave.
Tucker H. A., Dr., physician, (Brooklyn, N. Y.), h. Ocean ave.
*Tucker S. Chase, (Peabody), 146 Circuit ave.
*Tufts James W., Mrs., (Medford), h. 9 Tuckernuck ave.

(p. 68)

Turnell Joseph, flying horses, Circuit & Lake aves., h. 31 Clinton ave.
*Tuttle Ezra B., Mr. and Mrs., (494 Bedford ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.), 29 Samoset ave.
*Tuttle Frank D., Mr. and Mrs., (55 Remsen, Brooklyn, N. Y.), 31 Samoset ave.
Tuttle Frederick A., (Lowell), h. 14 Forest Circle
Tuttle Varnum, Mrs., (West Acton), 9 Commonwealth ave.
*Twitchell Clarinda A., Mrs., (Worcester), h. 7 Chapman ave.
*Twitchell Eliza H., (Saratoga Springs, N. Y.), h. 55 Pequot ave.
*Twitchell Walter H., (Worcester), 7 Lake ave.
*Twombly Isabella, (Newton Lower Falls), 8 Central pk.

Uhler Harris H., Mr. and Mrs., Gonyon Cottage, (Glen Ridge, N. J., 34 Highland ave.)
*Underwood George P., Mrs., (New Bedford), 2 Trinity pk.
*Upham Francis B., Rev., (Brooklyn, N. Y.), h. 21 Nashawena pk.
*Upham Lucy G., (Madison, N. J.), h. 12 Cottage pk.
*Upham Samuel F., Mrs., (114 Henry, Brooklyn, N. Y.), h. 12 Cottage pk.

*Van Derlip Guida L., S Narragansett ave.
Vanderhoof William A., h. Kennebec ave.
Veator Jennie G., Bellevue Heights
*Vennerbeck Thomas, Mrs., (Providence), 6 Commonwealth ave.
Venerbeck Mabel S., 29 Naushon pk.
Vera Jeff, laborer, h. County rd.
*Verner Maria N., (E. Windsor Hills, Conn.), 17 Tuckernuck ave.
Vierra John, laborer, h. Franklin
Vincent Charles F., h. Circuit ave.
Vincent Francis P., town clerk, Pequot ave., cor. Grove ave., h. 184 Circuit ave.
Vincent Joseph F., h. Vineyard ave.
Vincent Manuel, gardener, h. Vineyard ave., n. Dukes County ave.
Vincent Mary J., clerk W. D. Harding, bds. Vineyard ave.
Vincent Minnie E., Mrs., secretary Oriental chapter O. E. S., 184 Circuit ave.
Vincent M. A., grocer, 4-5 Montgomery sq., h. Circuit ave.
Vincent Syrus, Heirs. h. 95 Penacook ave.
Vineyard Grove Co., Bath Houses, O. B. and V. H. wharves, etc., and real estate, H. J. Greene, agt.
Vineyard Grove House, Joseph Dias, prop., 31 Siloam ave.
VINEYARD HOTEL, L. W. Perkins, prop., 114 Circuit ave., h. do. (see page 18)

WILLIAM M. CORY, Expert Piano Tuning and Repairs
Box 606, Oak Bluffs, Mass.
Box 457, Providence, R.I.
Over 200 References at Nantucket. Over 300 Satistied Customers on the Vineyard, including the Musical Colony at West Chop and Innisfail.

(p. 69)

Wade Jane, Mrs., h. 26 Trinity pk.
*Waldron S. C., h. 25 Commonwealth sq.
*Walker George L., (Taunton), h. 3 Forest Circle
*Walker Jennie E., (Taunton), 29 Trinity pk.
Walker K. A., Mrs., 34 Trinity pk.
*Walker Thomas, (Boston), Vineyard Highlands
*Walker Thomas, (Taunton), h. Lakeside pk.
*Walker William, (Taunton), 30 Trinity pk.
*Walker William H., (Boston), h. 10 Nashawena pk.
*Walker W. H., (Newton), 10 Nashawena pk.
*Walmsley Robinson, (Fall River), Vineyard Highlands
Wall E. M., Mrs., emp. Mrs. C. O. Eaton, Circuit ave.
*Warburton Thos. D., (Fall River), 2. W. Clinton ave.
*Ward Ann J., (Roxbury), East Chop
*Ward Francis J., "Havengate," (37, Winthrop, Roxbury), h. Atlantic ave.
*Ward John, (Providence), h. Brunswick ave.
*Wardwell Lucy F., (Providence), 76 Trinity pk.
*Ware A., Miss, (Clifton), h. 2 Trinity ave.
*Warfield Georgianna L., 7 Canonicus ave.
Warner John M., painter, h. Dukes County ave.
Warren Andrew, mason, chief of Fire Dept., h. 6 Rustic ave.
*Warren (Walter) Lydia R., Mrs., (Yonkers, N. Y.), 49 Trinity pk.
*Washburn Dorcas C., (Providence), 65 Trinity pk.
*Washburn William H., Mr. and Mrs., (147 Prospect, Providence), 65 Trinity pk.
*Waterhouse Barbara, (Greenville, R. I.), Narragansett ave.
Waters Arthur, clerk J. F. Murphy News Co., The Tivoli
Watkins Henry W., (Nassau, B. W. I.), dentist, Wigwam blk.,
*Watkins Perley Ann, (Providence), 62 Clinton ave.
Watson Amelia M., Miss, Brewster ave.
Watson Edith S., (Past Winsor Hill, Conn.), Brewster ave.
Watson Sarah B., Mrs., Brewster ave.
Webb Aaron T., h. head Lagoon Pond
Webb Nathan D., livery stable, cor. Circuit ave. and h. Uncas ave.
Webb William, driver, bds. Circuit ave., cor. Uncas ave.
*Weed George R., Mr. and Mrs., (560 Second, Brooklyn, N. Y.), 6 Ocean ave.
Weisbrot W., (Reinstein & Weisbrot), tailor, 124 Circuit ave. 2 Massachusetts
*Welch Martha P., Vineyard Highland
Welch Mary E., clerk F. A. Marshall, bds. do.
Welch Nathan W., (Taunton), h. 91 Tuckernuck ave.
*Welch Snow, iceman, h. School
*Wellington Mary M., Mrs., (No. Brookfield), h. 14 County pk.
*Wells Charles A., (Malden), 47 Washington pk.

(p. 70)

Wells Frank G., manager Talbot & Co., 135 Circuit ave., h. 11 Forest Circle
*Welsh Emeline B., (Taunton), 91 Tuckernuck ave.
Wentworth Herbert E., Highland Inn, h. Beecher pk., cor. Mass. ave.
Wentworth Sarah, widow of Philip, Dukes County ave., cor. School
Wesley House, incorporated, Herbert M. Chase, Lake ave.
*West Augusta M., (Fall River), 22 Commonwealth
*West Elizabeth R., Mrs., (Pawtucket), h. 88 Penacook ave.
*West L. B., (Taunton), 22 Commonwealth ave.
*Westcott Alice, (Boston), 8 Narragansett ave.
*Westgate Jane A., (Fall River), h. 4 Washington ave., C. G.
*Westgate Jerome B., 16 Washington pk.
*Weston Carrie E., (Brooklyn), 30 Narragansctt ave.
*Wheeler George S., prop. The Nashua, Park ave., cor. Kennebec ave., h. do.
*Wheeler Frank, Mrs., (1919 7th ave., New York), h. 2 Penacook ave.
*Whipple Susan R., (Cumberland, R. I.), 2 Rural Circle
*Whitaker Harriet S., widow Stephen, Highland Park Villa, h. Lakeside Park
*White Althea M., (Fosboro), 33 Ocean ave.
White Luther, Mrs., (Chicopee, Mass.), Crest View
*White Robert H., (Taunton), 21 Rock ave.
Whitehead Mary, Mrs., (10 Daniels, Pawtucket), 8 Siloam ave.
*Whiteley Mary V., (Fall River), 18 Washington pk.
*Whitney Anna D., 29 Tuckernuck ave.
*Wiggins Susie P., Mrs., h. end Third ave.
*Wight Henry K., (Springfield), 17 Penacook ave.
Wigwam The, F. A. Marshall, Wigwam Block, Circuit ave., and Kennebec ave.
*Wilbur George E., Mr. and Mrs., (130 High, Taunton), Ocean ave., cor. Sea View
Wilcomb George, (Boston), h. 21 Tuckernuck ave.
*Wilcox Horace C., Mrs., (Meriden, Conn.), h. Sea view and Nantucket ave.
Wilde Joseph O., 1 Forest Circle
*Wilkins Emerson N., (Somerset), h. 8 Washington pk., C. G.
Wilkinson James Co., (41 Franklin, B.), electricians, 123 Circuit ave.
*Willard Laura J., widow of Joseph, (Worcester), h. 95 Penacook ave.
Williams Alfred W., h. Lake ave.
*Wilson James, (Pawtucket), Trinity pk.

E. E. SILVEY, 153 Circuit Ave., Oak Bluffs

(p. 73)

*Wilson Robert, (Pawtucket), h. Spruce ave.
Wing Annie 13., (New Bedford), bds. 27 Nashawena pk.
Wing Mary M., (New Bedford), h. 4 County pk.
*Wing William R., (New Bedford), h. 27 Nashawena pk.
Winslow, Fred G., h. 63 Clinton ave.
Wood Arthur H., Mrs., (475 Elmwood ave., Providence), 52 Samoset ave.
Wood Elizabeth, 91 Penacook ave.
*Wood Mary J., (Watertown), h. 6 Trinity ave.
Wood William A., Mrs., (Boston), 45 Ocean ave.
Wood W. S., Dr., (Providence), 52 Samoset ave.
Woodin E. B., Crest View
Woodin H. P., Rev., (Chicopee), Crest View
*Woods Jane E., h. 91 Penacook ave.
Wooward Eliza L., widow of William F., h. Washington pk., V. H.
Woodward James A., (Taunton), h. Washington pk., V. H.
Wormley George, driver, bds. Uncas ave.
Wormley Lindsey, laborer, h. Uncas ave.
Worth Edward P., Ph. G., M. D., druggist and physician, 115 Circuit ave., h. at Edgartown
Worth Emily, clerk J. L. Matthew, bds. 16 Commonwealth ave.
Worth Fannie D., Miss, 10 Commonwealth ave.
Worth John B., emp. A. R. Norten, h. 96 Penacook ave.
*Worth Rebecca M., Mrs., 10 Commonwealth ave.
*Worthen Harry, Dr., (Boston), h. Kennebec ave., cor. Samoset ave.
*Wortman Jessie B., (East Orange, N. J.), h. 57 Tuckernuck ave.
*Wright Bedie E., Mrs., (Fitchburg), h. 11 Wamsutta ave., n. Dukes County ave.
*Wright Charles F., (Providence), h. 24 W. Clinton ave.
Wright Franklin Eddy, (246 Lockwood, Providence), 81 Trinity pk.
Wrightington Sidney R., (31 State, Boston), bds. 95 Plymouth pk.
*Wrightington Stephen C., Mrs., (Fall River), h. 95 Plymouth

WILLIAM M. CORY, Expert Piano Tuning and Repairs
Box 606, Oak Bluffs, Mass.
Box 457, Providence, R.I.
Over 200 References at Nantucket. Over 300 Satistied Customers on the Vineyard, including the Musical Colony at West Chop and Innisfail.


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