Resident Directory of

The following transcript was OCRed from pp. 95 - 117 of the book Martha's Vineyard Directory / Containing Lists of Residents, Street Directory, Business Houses, Town Officers, Churches, Societies, Schools, Etc., of Oak Bluffs, Edgartown, North and West Tisbury, Vineyard Haven, Chilmark, Gay Head, etc. 1907 published by the Boston Suburban Book Co., Old South Building, Room 1027, Boston, Mass.

Compare with the 1897 Directory of Vineyard Haven, the 1910 Federal Census of Tisbury, and the 1917-18 Tisbury School Registers.
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(p. 95)

Resident Directory

Abbreviations used: ave., avenue; b. or bds., boards; B., Boston; bldg., building; blk., block; ct., court; c., corner; emp., employee; h., house; opp., opposite; pl., place; sum. res., summer resident. After the name of a street the word "street" is omitted.
U. S. M. H., United States Marine Hospital.
* Indicates Owners of Cottages.

Abdy Alfred, h. West Chop rd.
Adams Fanny B., widow of Reuben, h. Franklin, cor. Woodlawn ave.
ALDRICH LEGRAND L., graphophones, billiards, Main, cor. Spring, h. do. (see page 92)
Allard George, emp. S. T. Mera, bds. H. N. Cleveland
Allen Maria, Mrs., h. Spring
Allen Susan, widow Truman, h. Beach
Ames George E., carpenter, h. Main, at the Neck
Andrade Antone, laborer, h. Howard ave., n. Beach
Andrews Dina, widow of Samuel S., h. Centre, n. Main
ANDREWS JOHN M., baker, Main, cor. Union, h. Centre, cor. Pine (see page 89)
Andrews John S., gardener, h. Old Edgartown rd.
Andrews Joseph S., farm hand, h. Old Edgartown rd.
Armsby Addie E., h. at Neck
Armsby George F., plumbing and heating, Union, h. Main, bey. Bethel ave.
Aspey Herbert, plumber, H. L. Tilton, bds. Main
Ashton Grace E., h. Meadows
Athern Luther C., h. Beach
Athern Mayhew F., h. Beach

Baker Abbott L., wreckmaster, h. South Main, head of Beach
Baker Charles E., Capt., h. Church
Baker Emeline W., h. Main

(p. 96)

Men's, Boys and Children's
Hats, Caps and Gloves

Our Specialties: Sweet, Orr & Co.'s Shirts, Overalls and
Trousers always in stock, Dutchess Trousers, Guyer Hats, Sterling Shirts
TAILORING: We clean, Press, Repair and MAKE
Ladies' and Gents' SUITS
Lowest Prices consistent with A1 Goods,
One Price Clothier,




I am pleased to refer to the following, for whom I have built during the past few years.
Hon. Josiah Quincy, ex-mayor of Boston.
Mr. Walter I. Badger, 53 State street, Boston.
Mr. Charles B. Gookin, 99 Chauncey street, Boston.
Mr. John C. Cobb, 66 State Street, Boston.
Mr. Sebastian Zorn, Louisville, Ky.
Hon. John Pridgeon, ex-Mayor of Detroit, Mich.
Mr. Robert G. Shaw, Wellesley, Mass.
Mr. Thomas B. Eaton, Worcester, Mass.
Mr. Charles C. Jackson, Boston, Mass.
Mr. Charles A. Morss, 110 State Street, Boston.
Mr. H. O. Phillips, Pawtucket, R. I.
Prof. N. S. Shaler, Cambridge, Mass.
Mr. Charles A. Williams, Boston, Mass. (at Buzzard's Bay)
Mr. John A. Preston, Boston, Mass.
Plans and Specifications Furnished. Satisfaction Guaranteed

(p. 97)

Banks Beatrice Bartol, Miss, h. Main
Banks Charles E., Dr., surgeon, U. S. Marine Hospital, h. Crocker Ter.
Banks Constance Wooster, h. Main
Baptiste Joseph, clerk, h. Look, n. Spring
Baptiste Manuel, plasterer, h. Pine
Barnacle Club, Main, cor. Union
*Barrett Charles R., Mrs., "Avenel"
Baxter Edson F., carpenter, h. Spring
Bearse Ermine, widow Albert C., off South Main
*Beaton George A., (Plainfield, N. J.), off North Main
Beede Jack, plumber H. L. Tilton, bds. Main
Beetle Edith A., clerk Postoffice, bds. Sarah N. Beetle, n. Main, north
Beetle Ernest R., h. Water
Beetle Mary, widow Edmund G., h. So. Main, n. Beach
Beetle Sarah N., h. off Main, north
Benson Charles E. F.. boat dealer, Beach, h. do.
Benson Norman G., h. Causway
Benson Sophronia B., h. Causway
Bettencourt Manuel S., h. Daggettville
Boardman William W., cashier Martha's Vineyard National Bank, h. "The Moorings" Spring
Bodfish Clara B., h. Main
Bodfish Eben D., h. Main
Bodfish Frank B., h. Beach
Bodfish Gertrude W., clerk Postoffice, bds. Beach
Bodfish Hartson H., Capt., h. Main
BODFISH JOSIAH P., dry goods, Main, n. Centre, h. do. (see page 107)
Bodfish Polly C., (W. P.), h. Main, opp. Bank
Bodfish Prentiss C., blacksmith, Beach, h. do.
Bodfish William P., (Bodfish & Call), grocer, etc., h. Main, opp. the Bank
BODFISH & CALL, (Wm. P. Bodfish and Wilbert A. Call), grain, Water, and grocers, Main, and fish, Union wharf see advt. Oak Bluffs)
Bradley Catherine, h. Main
Bradley Herbert L., emp. C. S. Norton, h. Main
Bradley Kate, widow Sylvester, h. So. Main, n. Beach
Bradley Oscar D., fisherman, h. Beach
Bradley Phillip, h. Franklin
Branscomb John A., painter, emp. F. H. Jenkins
BRIGGS L. ERNEST, watchmaker, souvenirs, etc., Main, opp. Union, h. Main, north (see page 112)
Briggs L. Ernest, h. Main
*Bright George, Mrs., (Washington, D. C.), h. William
Brooks George, (149 Harvard, Brookline), Long View, Crocker lane
Brower Mary R., bds. So. Main, n. Beach

(p. 98)

Brown Charles H., lawyer Oak Bluffs, h. Franklin, n. Centre
Brush Bartlett W. W., bds. Look
Brush David C., h. Look
Brush Lavinia F., clerk L. L. Aldrich, bds. Look
Brush Samuel N., painter and V. H. Sanitarium, h. Look, n. State rd.
Butler William H., h. Main
Bumpus Lester, plumber H. L. Tilton
Butler Sarah D., bds. Shubael Vincent's, Main
Butler William H., janitor, bds. Shubael Vincent's, Main

Call Wilbert A., (Bodfish & Call), grocer, etc., Main, h. Oak Bluffs
Cannon John C., h. Spring
Cannon M. E., Miss, clerk M. V. National Bank, bds. Spring
*Carey A. B., Gen. and Mrs., (Orlando, Florida), Mill Cottage, Beach
*Carleton Guy T., (Boston,) h. William, n. Look
Carlson Carl F., h. So. Main, cor. Reynolds ave.
Castello Caroline F., h. Main
Castello Harry F., prop. Tashmoo Inn, Main, h. do.
Chadwick Elmer, blacksmith, Beach, h. Spring
Chadwick Eugene, engineer, h. West Chop rd.
*Chadwick George W., director of N. E. Conservatory of Music, Boston, (360 Marlboro, Boston), Main, h. West Chop
Chadwick Matthew A., h. Church, n. William
Chaghorn Wm. W., clerk, h. Church
*Chapman Egbert H., Mr. and Mrs., (Kansas City), Haven Oaks
Chapman Geo. S., h. Main
Chase Charles C., fisherman, The Neck
Chase Clara De., h. Main
Chase Fred M., fisherman, The Neck
Chase Isaac., (47 Trowbridge, Cambridge), Beachside
*Chase Joseph, Beachside
Chesbro Augustus, gardener, h. Franklin, n. Centre
Church Bert, h. Franklin
Claghorn Margaret A., widow of James N.. h. Sea Gate, West Chop rd.
Claghorn William B., pilot, h. So. Main, opp. Old Edgartown rd.
Claghorn William W., clerk, h. Main
Clark Arthur C., (Rochester, N. Y.), prop. Hotel Cedars, West Chop, h. do.
Clark William W., fisherman, h. The Neck
Cleaveland Catharine, widow of Charles F., h. West Chop rd.
Cleveland Alvin H., carpenter, h. So. Main, n. Beach
Cleveland Benjamin F., fisherman, h. Cleveland ave.
Cleveland Charles B., fisherman, h. Cleveland ave.

(p. 99)

Cleveland Charles F., Mrs., h. West Chop rd.
Cleveland Clement L., fisherman, h. Beach
Cleveland Clarence L., coal, hay and straw, Water, h. Main
Cleveland Edward W., fisherman, bds. West Chop rd.
Cleveland Elijah S., fisherman, h. West Chop rd.
Cleveland Frank H., fisherman, h. West Chop rd.
Cleveland Genevieve, Cleveland ave.
Cleveland George, fisherman, The Neck
Cleveland George, carpenter, bds. West Chop rd.
Cleveland George M., stage driver, h. So. Main, n. Beach
Cleveland Hattie B., h. Main
Cleveland Henry J., fisherman, h. Reynolds ave.
Cleveland Henry N., hostler W. H. Renear stable, h. Main, cor. Beach
Cleveland James R., fisherman, bds. West Chop rd.
Cleveland Jennie W., bookkeeper Swift Bros., bds. William
Cleveland Maurice P., fisherman, Cleveland ave., The Neck
Cleveland Robert F., h. William
Cleveland Waldo C., carriage washer, bds. Main
Cleveland Warren D., supt. cemeteries, h. William, n. Church
Clough Charles A., h. William
Clough Charlotte C., widow of Benjamin, h. Pine
Clough Jennie C., h. William
Cole Varanus M., h. West Chop rd.
Colleton Edward, h. at the Neck
Condit Sears B., (Garrison rd., Brookline), Crocker cottage
Conroy John M., laborer, h. So. Main, opp. Old Edgartown rd.
Conroy Michael, laborer, h. So. Main, n. Beach
Conroy Sarah, h. Main
Cook Bertha W., clerk D. S. Luce & Co., bds. Main, south
Cook Charlotte A., widow of Harvey S., h. So. Main, n. Beach
Cook Edwin, laborer, h. Old Edgartown rd.
*Cooper Charles A., (Boston), h. Beach
Cottle Eleanor M., h. Main
Cottle Zadoc, h. Main
Coye Henry W., retired, h. Main, opp. Union
Crocker Elizabeth, h. Chappaquonsett
*Crocker Rudolphus W., Crocker Ter.
Crocker Sarah, h. Main
Crowell Coal Co., coal dealers, Water
Cromwell Peter T., h. So. Main, n. Beach
Cromwell Presbury C., h. Franklin
Crowell Benjamin D., coal dealer, Water, h. William
Cromwell Emma F. S. h. Water
*Crowell John H., civil engineer, (1738 Broad, Providence, R. I.), h. William
Cummings Mark F., Mrs., h. Main
Custom House, L. F. Luce, deputy collector, Main

(p. 100)

The Vineyard Clothier

Main Street, Vineyard Haven, Mass.
Telephone 26-2


Mrs. M. F. Hunter

Main Street, at the Neck
Telephone 125-12.

(p. 101)

Daggett Eliza, h. West Chop rd.
Daggett Grafton L., Capt., h. William
Daggett Henry W., fisherman, h. West Chop rd.
Daggett Loretta, bds. W. E. Macomber's, Main
Daggett Loretta L., Miss, h. Main
Daggett Silas, Capt., h. off Main
Daggett Silas, treas. Tisbury Water Works, Main, h. off Main, north
Daggett Timothy, h. Look, n. State rd.
Dakill Morris J., tailor, emp. W. E. Godfrey
Davies Henry E., (Stamford, Conn.), h. West Chop rd.
Davidson Alfred, butler, emp. C. E. Whitney
Day William A., asst. lighthouse keeper, Main, West Chop
deBettencourt Manuel, carpenter, h. off Main, at the Neck
Delano Maurice F., mar. Owen Farm, h. Crocker Ter.
DeCosta Antone, h. Edgartown rd.
DEWEY WILLIAM H., hairdresser and lunch, Main, n. Church, h. do. (see page 112)
Dewson Thomas, h. Main
Dexter Benjamin N., h. Egartown rd.
Dexter Phebe, h. Main
Douglass S. C., Mrs., (Kansas City), Haven Oaks
Downes Frank G., h. Main
Downey James, nurse, U. S. M. Hos., bds. do.
Downes Frank G., harness maker, Main; n. Centre, h. do.
Downes Howard, driver, bds. F. G. Downes
Downes Thankful, Miss, telephone operator, bds. F. G. Downes
Duart Antone, ice dealer, William, h. do.
Dugan Joseph E., fisherman, h. Howard ave., n. Beach
Duggan James F., messenger, U. S. M. H., bds. do.

*Eaton Thomas B., (Worcester), h. Main, West Chop
Edwards Madison, h. Union
Eldridge George W., chart maker. h. Main, opp. Crocker Ter.
Eldridge M. B., pharmacist, U. S. M. Hospital, bds. do.
Eldridge Sylvia, h. Main

*Fairbrother Arthur, (Avon), h. William, cor. Centre
Fantes Migel D., h. Main
Fields Alexander G., asst. cook U. S. M. Hos., bds. do.
First Baptist Church of Vineyard Haven, Spring, cor. William
Fischer Albert O. (Fischer Bros.), Union, h. Centre, n. Union
FISCHER BROS., (Albert O. Fischer), Union, boneless fish, paints, oils and marine railways, h. Centre, n. William (see page 116)
Fisher Herbert L., carpenter, Lane's Blk., h. do.
Fisher Margaret, bds. H. L. Fisher, Lane's Blk., Main
Flanders Henry R., insurance inspector, h. Pine
Foss Mary J., widow of Otis, h. Main

(p. 102)

Foster Abner W.., painter, h. Beach, cor. Main
Foster Charles H., h. at the Neck
Foster Henry D., clerk, bds. end William
Foster Mary A., widow of Henry D., h. end William
Fuller James O., mason, (Swift & Fuller), h. William
Fuller James O., (Swift & Fuller), So. Main n. Beach
Furniss Charles W., laborer, h. Spring

Gansby Ernest, h. Tashmoo
*Gardner Annie B., h. West Chop rd.
Gaspar Manuel G., h. Howard ave.
Gerrish Henry, Jr., (Malden), h. Main, West Chop
Getchell Rebecca D., widow of Alfred E., h. William, cor. Church
Gifford Charles, ship carpenter and boat builder, Beach at Water, h. Water
*Gough Leroy, (Washington, D. C.), h. Iroquois ave. West Chop
GODFREY WILFRED E., gents' furnishings, Main, h. Union (see page 96)
Goethals George W., h. Main
Golart Katary, widow of Frank, h. Spring, n. Pine
Golart Frank, emp. N. E. T. & T. Co., h. Main cor. Beach
*Gookin Charles B., (328 Bay State rd., Boston), h. West Chop
Gould Emma M., h. West Chop rd.
Gould Henry M., police, h. Main at the Neck
Grace Episcopal Church, William, cor. Woodland ave.
*Greene Edward M., Dr., (Boston), h. William
*Grenough Charles P., (45 Carlton, Brookline), h. Main, West Chop
Greenough Henry V., (Brookline), bds. Main, West Chop
*Griffin Alice L., (215 E. 15th, New York City), h. Grove ave.
Guinn S. R., Mrs., Bethel ave.

Hamilton Charles M., carriage painter, Beach, h. William
Hammett O., Capt., h. Main, n. Centre
Hammond William H., hairdresser, Main, n. Beach, h. do.
Hancock Berta G., h. Main
Hancock Herbert, carpenter, h. Greenwood ave., n. Main
Hancock Willis R., plumber, h. So, Main, n. Old Edgartown rd.
Harding Edward L., h. Centre
Harding Elliot C., painter. h. William. cor. Centre
Harding Sarah A., widow of George H., h. William
Harding Sarah E., widow William, bds. William, cor. Centre
Harper Charles E., bds. Main, cor. Woodlawn ave.
Harper Elizabeth C., h. Main
Harper Ella E., widow of William, h. Main, h. Woodlawn ave.
Haskins Isaiah P., hostler Norton stable h. Main
Hatch Express Co., L. P. West, mgr. Main

(p. 103)

Hillman Ethel D., telephone operator, Main, opp. Union, bds. Geo. D. Hillman
Hillman George D., carpenter, h. William
HINCKLEY HERBERT N., contractor and builder, Main, h. do. (see page 96)
Hinckley Joseph N.., Capt., h. Greenleaf ave., n. Main
Hinckley Lucretia, widow of Thomas, bds H. W. McClellan's, Main, at the Neck
Hinckley & Renear, undertakers, Church
*Hine C. C., Mrs., (Newark, N. J.), h. Cedar Neck
*Hollingsworth Ellis, (38 Fairfield, Boston), h. West Chop rd.
Holmes Abbie H., Mrs., h. William, cor. Centre
Holmes Rudolphus H., h. William
Hook & Ladder, No. 2, Cleveland ave.
Horton Charles B., fisherman, bds. West Chop rd.
Horton Eleanor M., h. West Chop rd.
Horton Isadora, widow of Murray W., h. West Chop rd.
Horton Perez C., carpenter, h. West Chop rd.
Hotel Cedars (Arthur C. Clark, prop.), West Chop
HOWES HENRY S., clothing, gents furnishings, Main, cor. Church, h. William, cor. Church (see page 100)
Howes Mary E., Mrs., (Willis), h. Main
Howland Abbie B. C., h. William
Howland C. D., Miss, bds. Spring, cor. Franklin
Howland John E., h. William
Howland Rebecca, widow of John W., h. Spring, cor. Franklin
Hoyt Juliette, Mrs., (282 Broadway, Somerville), h. Main
Hunter Millard F., painter, h. Main, at the Neck
HUNTER MILLARD F., Mrs., florist at the Neck, h. do. (see page 100)
HYATT WILLARD I., teacher, (Lincoln and Grant aves. Alleghany, Pa.), William, h. do. (see page 104)
Hylan Albert E., h. Spring

Isaac John, laborer, h. Howard ave., n. Beach

Jenkins Elizabeth, h. Centre
Jenkins Foster H., painter, wall paper, etc., Main, cor. Beach, h. Centre, n. Franklin
Jenney Walter I., clerk Bodfish & Call, h. at W. Tisbury
Johnson Christiana, widow of Martin, h. So. Main, n. Beach
Johnson Laura M., clerk C. F. Lane, bds. Main
JOHNSON NORMAN, carpenter and builder, Union, h. Main (see page 104)
Jolliffe T. H., Mrs., (Brookline), h. West Chop
Jones Elizabeth W., clerk C. F. Lane, bds. Main
Jones Jane C., Mrs., (George J.), h. Main, n. Beach

Kelley Ruth T., h. West Chop rd.

(p. 104)


Willard I. Hyatt, (B. A. Dartmouth)
Box 536, Vineyard Haven, Mass.

Hours arranged by correspondence at the following address before June
10th: Allegheny Preparatory School, Lincoln and Grant Aves.,
Allegheny, Pa.



Dealers in Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Wall Paper, Etc.
H. W. John's Asbestos Paints and Patten's Sun Proof Paints,
Telephone Connection.


Contractor and Builder
Union Street,
Residence Main Street,

(p. 105)

Kendall Charles B., teacher (North Easton), mgr. Tashmoo Club, h. West Chop
Kennedy Georgianna D., Miss, Cleveland ave.
Kruse Carl M., conductor, (Boston), h. Beach

Lair Carlton P., carpenter, h. William
Lair Fannie, telephone operator, Lane's Blk., bds. William
Lair Leroy C., teamster, Centre, n. William
Lambert John H., h. William
Lane Charles F., M. D., physician, Lane's Blk., bds. Mansion House
Laranza Julius N., h. Water
Leach Althea, widow of William, h. William
Leighton B. F., painter, h. Beach
*Lee S. Perry, Mrs., (Washington, D. C.), Main
Legg Sarah E., widow of William, h. So. Main, n. Beach
Legg William N., janitor Nobnocket Club, h. Main
Legge Harriet A., Mrs., The Neck
Legge Louis Whitney, plumber, h. The Neck
Lewis Allison B., fisherman, h. Grove ave.
Lewis Almira, h. West Chop rd.
Lewis Caroline, h. Grove ave.
Lewis Edward J., fisherman, h. Main, at the Neck
Lewis Ethelyenda, Mrs., h. Lane's Blk., Main
Lewis Florence M., widow of George L., h. Centre, n. Franklin
Lewis William H., laborer, h. Main, The Neck
Lindsay Wallace L., chief engineer, U. S. Marine Hospital, h. So. Main, n. Beach
Littlefield S. J., Mrs., (38 Fairfield, Boston), h. West Chop rd.
Look Albert, (Look, Smith & Co.), Union, h. Spring
Look Alfred H., clerk Swift Bros., h. Spring
Look Arvilla D., widow of John, h. Look
Look Charles C., express messenger, h. Centre, opp. Look
Look Frank B., Dr., V. Haven Sanitarium, Main
Look Frank L., h. State rd, n. Old Edgartown rd.
Look Lizzie P., widow of Seth, h. State rd, cor. Old Edgartown rd.
Look Samuel, h. Main
Look, Smith & Co., (Albert Look, Herbert L. Smith and Arthur L. Smith), meats, groceries, fish, etc., Union, cor. Main
Look William J., carpenter, h. Spring, cor. Look
Lopes Antone, laborer, h. Spring
Lopes Frank S., emp. Public Telephone, Lane's Blk., bds. Main
Lord Edward C., marine reporter and ship chandler, off Main, next Beachside
Lorenzo F. Luce, h. West Chop rd.
Loring Lindsay, (Westwood), h. Main, West Chop
Luce Benjamin N., farmer, h. near U. S. Marine Hospital

p. 106

Luce Bros., (P. S. Luce), furniture, Main
Luce Caroline, Mrs., h. Beach
Luce Content, widow of Presburv, h. Main
Luce D. S., & Co., (D. S. Luce); dry goods, Main, h. at Canton
Luce Ebenezer, h. Chappaquansett
Luce Edward H., h. Main
Luce Elisha L., supt. streets, h. So. Main, n. Beach
Luce Ethel, clerk Luce Bros., bds. Main
Luce Fred C., clerk, h. Franklin. cor. Centre
Luce Ida M., clerk E. R. Tilton, bds. Main, north
Luce Jason, teamster, Beach, h. do.
Luce John, teamster, h. Greenleaf ave.
Luce John B., electrical contractor, Pine. h. do.
Luce Lois, h. Main
Luce Lot, laborer, h. Main
Luce Lorenzo F'., deputy collector Custom House, Main, h. West Chop rd.
Luce Mary J., h. Causway
Luce Mary N., widow John A., h. Centre, n. Main
Luce Presby S., (Luce Bros.), furniture, Main, h. William
Luce Stephen C., postmaster, Main, h. Spring, cor. William
Luce Stephen C., Jr., clerk postoffice, bds. S. C. Luce
Luce Susan M., Miss, h. Main
Luce Walter M., boatman, h. Main, cor. Greenleaf ave.
Luce William H., painter, h. Woodlawn ave.
Luce William L., h. Causway
Luce William L., poultryman, bds B. N. Luce, near Hospital
Luce Wilmot C., carpenter, h. Church, n. William
Luxemoor Co., William Barry Owen, pros., William H. Robinson, treas. and sect., Main
Luxemore Co., The, carving of leather, Main
Lyman Edward C., (Denver, Col.), h. Main, n. Woodlawn ave.
*MacArthur J. R., (346 W. 84th, New York), "Kappawicke"
Macomber William E., clerk, h. Main
Manchester Bradford B., concreting and teaming, William, cor. Church, h. do.
Manning Mary, h. Water
Manross William Doane, rector Grace Episcopal Church, h. The Rectory, Main
Mansion House, Mrs. Samuel Look, Main, cor. Beach
Manter Ellis H., boots and shoes and printer, Main, h. do.
Manter William G., carpenter and builder, Union, h. Main
Marble A. L., Miss, baker. Main, opp. Spring, h. do.
MARTHA'S VINEYARD NATIONAL BANK, Main (see outside cover)
Martha's Vineyard Telegraph Co., Main
Martinson Jacob, coachman, C. E. Whitney
Mass. Humane Society, Life Saving Apparatus, Station No. 60, Beach



Small Wares and Gents' Furnishings
Straw Mattings and Rugs
Curtains and Window Shades


Newsdealer and

Post Cards, Cigars and Tobacco, Fruit
and Confectionery


(p. 108)

Office and Garage, Main Street, Vineyard Haven


Henry W. McLellan, Jr.
General Teaming

(p. 109)

Matthews Roy, h. Makonikev Point
Mayhew Abner, h. Main
Mayhew Charles B,., teamster, h. Pine
Mayhew Josiah B., laborer h. Old Edgartown road
Mayhew Orland S., physician, Main, h. Spring, cor. Franklin
Mayhew Walter C., carpenter, bds. C. E. Norton, off Old Edgartown rd.
Mayhew William, clerk, h. Old Edgartown rd.
Mayhew William A., clerk Swift Bros., h. Main
McCaslin Annie E. Mrs., h. Beach
McLellan Henry W., fisherman, h. Main, at the Neck
McCLELLAN HENRY W., JR., ice dealer and general teaming, Main, h. do. (see page 108)
McDearmid E. F., emp. H. D. Tyler, rms. Lane's Blk.
McDonough John P., engineer, h. So. Main, n. Beach
McKay H. M., Mrs., h. Spring, n. Franklin
Meara Sherman T., boots and shoes, Main, h. at Oak Bluffs
Medeiros Raul B., barber, Main, cor. Centre, h. Franklin, cor. Woodlawn ave.
Merry Augustus B., student, bds. Geo. A. Merry's, n. U. S. Marine Hospital
Merry George A., leather worker, n. U. S. Marine Hospital
Merry Joseph A., postmaster West Chop and emp. Swift Bros., h. Main
Merry Joseph A., clerk, h. Old Edgartown rd.
*Moller Charles, Mrs., (63 Riverside Drive, New York City), h. West Chop rd.
*Moller Paul E., (Highwood pk., N. J.), h. West Chop rd.
Moore Frederick, winters, Mansion House, the Neck
Morse Seth G., fisherman, The Neck
Morse William A., (Equitable Bldg., Boston), lawyer, h. West Chop rd.
*Morss Charles A., (Chestnut Hill), h. West Chop
Mosher Thomas E., carpenter, h. William, n. Spring
Murrant Adriana, h. Main
Murrant Thomas, carpenter, h. So. Main, n. Beach

NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH CO., Main (see front col. page)
Nickerson Alexander, laundryman, U. S. M. H., bds. do.
Nobnocket Club, off Main
Norton Augustus A., laborer, h. off Old Edgartown rd.
Norton Benjamin A., h. Water
Norton Benjamin L., h. Edgartown rd.
Norton Carlton E., clerk, h. off Old Edgartown rd.
NORTON CHARLES S., real estate broker, Main, h. No. Main (see page l08)
Norton Cyrus B., h. Edgartown rd.
Norton Dyer S., h. Edgartown rd.

(p. 110)

*Norton D. W., Mrs., h. Grove ave., off West Chop rd.
Norton Fanny, h. Edgartown rd.
Norton Frances M., h. Main
Norton Fred L, fisherman, h. Centre
Norton Fred W., h. State rd.
Norton George, clerk, h. Main, at the Neck
Norton Henry F., h. William
Norton Isaac C., Capt., fisherman, h. So. Main, n. Beach
Norton James H., stone mason, Old Edgartown rd. h. do.
Norton Jennie E., clerk L. E. Briggs, bds. Mrs. Susan Allen's, Beach
Norton John O., h. William
Norton Leavitt T., retired, h. Main, opp. Spring
Norton Luther E., h. Water
Norton Lyman K., bds. Mrs. Marion W. Norton's, Beach
Norton Margaret, h. William, n. Look
Norton Marion W., h. Beach
Norton Mehitable, widow of Rudolphus, bds. So. Main, n. Beach
Norton Rhoda B., Mrs., housekeeper at Mrs. Susan Allen's, Beach
Norton Roy W., student, bds. William
Norton Walter, engineer, h. Main, over Luce Bros.
Norton Walter, ice cream, Main, n. Church, h. Main
Norton W. Chaney, h. William

Oden John H., barber, W. Hammond, bds. do.
Oliver Celestino V.. laborer, h. Old Edgartown rd.
Oliver E. St. Croix, ship chandler and grocer, Union, cor. Water, h. Main
Oliver Jesse J., carpenter, h. Old Edgartown rd.
Oliver William B., h. Main
Owen William Barry, h. William
*O'Shea John A., (20 Wales, Boston), h. Algonquin ave., from Main, West Chop
Owen Leander C., Capt., h. Main
Owen Wm. Barry, pres. The Luxemoor Co., Main, opp. Union, h. William

Pachico Manuel G., laborer, h. Pine
Peakes Frederick, clerk, bds. William
Peakes Fred C., h. William
Peakes William R., wood dealer, William, h. do.
Peirce Charles L., carpenter, h. Old Edgartown rd, n. So. Main
Pease Herbert C., clerk Walter Norton, Main, bds. Norton House
Pease Thomas, bds. Norton House
Pena Frank, h. Cliappaquonsett
Pinkham Simeon C., Capt., h. off Main, at the Neck
Pope Rebecca C., Mrs., h. William

(p. 111)

*Powers Leland T., Mr. and Mrs., (1800 Beacon, Brookline), The Mooring
Pray John, h. State rd.
*Preston John A., (Boston), h. Main, West Chop
Public Telephone Co., Dr. C. F. Lane, prop., Lane's Blk.

Quimby Israel P., pastor Stephen's Memorial Church, h. Beach

Ramos John, h. Howard ave.
Randall William M., Capt., h. Main
Raymer John, laborer, h. Howard ave.
Renear Mary, widow of Hertine, h. William
RENEAR WALTER H., real estate, livery, etc., Hinckley and Renear, undertakers, Church, h. Main and Church (see page 92)
Revel John, ice cream dealer and harness maker, So. Main, n. Beach
Revells Hannah, h. Main
Reynolds Benjamin F., h. William
Reynolds John S., master mariner, So. Main, n. Beach
Rhino Simeon L., mill, off Franklin
Roach John, (63 Riverside Drive, New York City), h. West Chop rd.
Robbins Nelson A., (boat railway, Nantucket), h. n. U. S. M. Hos.
*Robinson Charles H., (Providence), h. Main
Robinson Chester H., seaman, h. West Chop rd.
Robinson Edward D., h. West Chop rd.
Robinson Eunice O., Mrs., dressmaker, West Chop rd., h. do.
Robinson George D., master mariner, h. Main, at the Neck
Robinson James B., Capt. (Delano, Cal.), h. William, cor. Centre
Robinson Laura, widow of Thomas M., h. Main
Robinson Myra C., h. William
Robinson Sarah D., h. William
Robinson Wm. A., treas. The Luxemoor Co., Main, h. William
Rogers Joseph F., laborer, h. Reynolds ave.
Rook S. John, Rev., pastor Methodist Episcopal church, h. Centre, cor. Franklin
Rook S. J. A., h. Franklin, cor. Center
Root Nathaniel W., Taylor Mrs., h. Crocker Ter.
Rosenda Antone D. E., h. Old Slough
Rosenda Simeon L.. h. Old Slough
Rotch Albert, mgr. for Bodfish & Call, Water, h. Main
Roth Edward, h. Water
Roth Edward, Jr., h. Water
Rucker W. C., asst. surgeon, U. S. Marine Hospital, medical officer in command, h. near Hospital

(p. 112)





Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Kodaks and Supplies,
Edison Talking Machines and Records,
Cut Glass, High Grade China, etc.
Souvenirs and Post Cards.


William H. Dewey
Hair Dressing and Boot Blacking Parlors

Don't forget to try Dewey's Famous
Home-made Bread, 8 cents loaf.

(p. 113)

Savage Charles E., Whittemore cottage (Baltimore, Md.)
*Savage Georgine A., Mrs., h. Main
Schwartz Katon, laborer, h. Howard are., n. Beach
Sears Cyrus, h. Main
Sheldon Charlotte A., Mrs., h. Main, n. Woodlawn ave.
Shugrue M. Eugenie, widow of Timothy, music teacher and organist, William, bds. do.
Simonds Edward A., h. Look
Sivee Joseph, laborer, h. Main at the Neck
Slack Amelia, widow Anderson B., h. No. Main
Slocum E. Florence, Mrs., h. Church, cor. William
Slocum Oman J., shoemaker, Main, h. off Old Edgartown rd.
Smith Arthur L., (Look, Smith & Co.), provisions, Union, h. William
Smith Carrie D., widow of William M., h. Church, cor. Main
Smith Chancey C., h. Edgartown rd.
Smith Charles S., laborer, h. Main, at the Neck
Smith David B., fisherman, h. Beach
Smith Edward J., treas. Vineyard Haven Wharf Co., h. Union
Smith Fannie B., Mrs., h. William
Smith Fannie W., widow Alexander W., Franklin, cor. Church
Smith Florence A., Miss, h. Main
Smith Fred E., carpenter, bds. Main, at the Neck
Smith George, groom C. E. Whitney
Smith George F., master mariner, h. Pine
Smith George H., mgr. Southern Mass. Telephone Co., h. at Falmouth
Smith Gilbert L., Capt. h. Spring, opp. Franklin
Smith Herbert L., h. Church
Smith Howard, h. Edgartown rd.
*Smith Isabella A., Mrs., h. The Neck
Smith James, bds. Mansion House
Smith James L., painter and paper hanger, William, h. do.
Smith J. Annie, clerk D. S. Luce & Co., bds. Church, n. Main
Smith Jane Ann, widow of James L., h. Main
Smith Jesse, master mariner, h. West Chop rd.
Smith John H., emp. H. D. Tyler, rms. Lane's Blk.
Smith Herbert L., (Look, Smith & Co.), Union, h. Franklin, cor. Church
Smith Howard, fisherman, h. Old Edgartown rd.
Smith Laura J. C., h. Main
Smith Lewis, pilot, h. Union
Smith Louis E., h. Main
Smith Marcus M., h. State rd.
Smith Marcus M., Jr., h. State rd.
Smith Martha A., h. Spring
Smith Mary, widow of Wallace, h. Old Edgartown rd.
Smith Mary E., h. Franklin, n. Centre
Smith M. A., Mrs., h. Spring
Smith Matthew L., Capt., h. Main

(p. 114)

Smith Olevia V., widow of Henry, h. Spring, cor. William Smith Thankful, h. Church
Smith Thomas, h. West Chop rd., n. Grove ave.
Snow Fred K., cook, U. S. M. Hos., bds. do.
Soaves Antone S., h. State rd.
Soaves Catanno S., h. Howard ave.
SOUTHERN MASS. TELEPHONE CO., Main, opp. Union (see front col. page)
Sparrow Hartley A., piano tuner, Church, cor. William, bds. do.
Steele F. A., Mrs., clerk W. H. Walker, h. 3 Look
*Stelley Leonard M., ( l 58 Woodward rd., Providence), "Oak Knowl," h. West Chop rd.
St. John Lucinda S., Mrs., Woman's Exchange, h. So. Main, n. Beach
Strahan Jennie C., Miss, h. "Havenside"
Strahan Louise S., Miss, h. "Havenside"
Suits S., h. Main
Swain George H., h. William
Swift Alaric K., clerk Swift Bros., bds. W. S. Swift
Swift Arthur B., mgr. for Bodfish & Call, Vineyard Haven wharf, h. Main
SWIFT BROS., (W. S. Swift), grocers, Main (see page 90)
Swift Dana C., clerk, Swift Bros., bds. Spring
Swift Eliza A., h. Main
Swift Holmes A., boatman, h. North Main
Swift Henry C. (Swift & Fuller) So. Main, n. Beach
Swift Sherman G., h. Spring
SWIFT WILLIAM S., (Swift Bros.), civil engineer, Main, h. Spring (see advt. page 90)
Swift & Fuller (Henry C. Swift and James O. Fuller) masons. So. Main, n. Beach
Sylva Manuel, Head of Pond
Sylva T. M., h. Howard ave.
Symonds Edmund, carpenter, h. Look, n. State rd.

Tashmoo Inn, Main
Taylor Annie J., widow of Walker J., laundry, Spring. h. do.
THOMPSON EDWIN S., dentist, Main, opposite Union, h. Edgartown rd., office hours 9 to 12 a. m., 1 to 5 p. m., telephone office, 25-13; house, 25-22
Thornton Benjamin B., Capt., h. Water
Tilton Agnes B. Widow of Thurston W., h. Woodlawn av.
TILTON ERNEST R., hardware, wooden ware, etc., Main, n. Centre, h. do., (see page 94)
Tilton Eliza R., Mrs., (F. O. Tilton & Co.), Water, h. Main
TILTON F. O. & CO. (Frank O. Tilton and Eliza R. Tilton) lumber, lime, brick, etc., Water (see page 94) Tilton Frank O. ( F. O. Tilton & Co. ) Water, h. Main
Tilton Herbert L., plumber and kitchen furnishing, Main, h. do.

(p. 115)

Tilton Horace A., carpenter, h. Spring
Tilton Mabel, librarian, h. Woodlawn av.
TILTON T. W. & CO. (Mabel T. Tilton) insurance, Woodlawn av., h. do. (see page 112)
Tisbury Water Works, Main
Toedt Theodore J., (163-E 62d New York) "The Neck" Randall cottage
Tower Austin, h. Union
Town Hall, Spring, near William
Tuckerman Alton C., kitchen furnishings, Main, h. do.
Tyler Harry D., tailor, Lane's blk., Main, h. Spring

Van Doorn Edward P., boarding house, "Insel Ruh," William, h. do.
Vincent Albert C., carpenter, h. Look, near Spring
VINCENT CHARLES M., stationer, Main, cor. Centre, h. Main, cor. Beach (see page 107)
Vincent Frank C., fisherman, bds. Main
Vincent Francis W., h. Main
Vincent Fred C., clerk, bds. Main con. Woodlawn av.
Vincent James M., carpenter, h. Old Edgartown rd.
Vincent Moses C., carpenter and undertaker, Main, h. do.
Vincent Rebecca, widow of Frank, h. Main, cor. Woodlawn av.
Vincent Shubael, carpenter, h. Main
Vineyard Haven, Gas and Electric Light Co., off Franklin
Vineyard Haven Sanitarium, Main
Vineyard Haven Sanitorium Co., Dr. Frank B. Look, pres.; E. Everett Davis, sect., and treas., Main
Vineyard Haven Wharf Co., end Union, Edw. J. Smith, treas.
Vinto Lyman F., laborer; h. of Main at the Neck

Walker Arabella, h. West Chop rd.
Wade Arthur, painter, bds. Peach
Wade Earle W., painter, bds. Beach.
Wade Frank D., painter, l-l. Beach
WALKER EUGENE T., Lane's Block, Plain, h. Main, cor. Grove ave. (see page 104)
Walker Herbert W., laborer, bds. Beach, cor. Hater
Walker John R., fisherman, h. Beach, cor. Water
Walker William H., grocer, Main opp. Union, h. Church
Ward Vernon, emp. C. D. West, Main, bds. do.
Warren Joseph (49 Chestnut St., Boston) Lee Cottage, h. West Chop
Washburn Amanda, widow of James F., h. State road, near Old Edgartown rd.
*Washburn John F. (Worcester) h. Cedar Neck
Watson Paul B. (Milton) h. Main, West Chop
Weaver John, h. Water
Weeks Fred L., h. W. Chop rd.

(p. 116)

ALBERT O. FISCHER, Vineyard Haven, Mass.
Commission Merchants
Salt, Dried and Pickled Fish
Oils, Varnishes, etc.
Union Street, Vineyard Haven, Mass.

(p. 117)

Weeks Harry B., h. W. Chop rd.
Weeks Sarah W., widow of James, h. West Chop rd.
West Charles P., keeper West Chop lighthouse, h. do.
West Chop Lighthouse, Main, West Chop
West Chop Post Office, Iroquois av., West Chop
West Clement D., livery stable, Main, opp. Spring, h. do., n. Beach
West Gilbert R., carpenter, h. So. Main, n. Beach
Weeks Harry, carpenter, h. West Chop rd.
West Henry B., bds. Main, cor. Woodlawn av.
West James P., painter, emp. F. H. Jenkins
West James W., motor boat, h. The Neck
West Jermima, h. West Chop
West Luther P., agent Hatch & Co., express, h. So. Main, n. Old Edgartown rd.
West Mabel, clerk, J. P. Bodfish, bds. Main, (south)
West Mary E., h. Main
West Sarah E., willow of Capt. Abner, h. Centre, n. William
*White Emma, h. West Chop
*White Benjamin H. (Brockton) h. William, n. Look
White John F, president Martha's Vinevard National Bank, h. Main
White W. H. (Malden) dentist, Lane's block, Main
*Whitney Charles E. (506 Commonwealth av., Boston) "Hedge Lee"
Whitney Alice L., h. "Hedge Lee"
Whitney Emily F., h. "Hedge Lee"
Whitney Helen C., h. "Hedge Lee"
*Whittemore James M. Genl., (New Haven, Conn.) Carey Cottage, Main
Wiggin Joseph (Malden) h. Main, West Chop
Wilson Ellen, widow, Joseph, laundry, Beach, cor. Water, h. do.
*Wilson John F. (72 Magnolia, Roxbury? Bide-a-wee
Wilson W. A. (Roxbury) Ride-a-wee
Wingate Edward L., (Malden) h. Main, West Chop
Winslow Geo. F., h. W. Chop rd.
Winslow Harriet A., h. W. Chop rd.
Wright Marian S., telephone operator, Main, opp. Union, bds. Elizabeth Wright

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