Known Portuguese Families on Martha's Vineyard

"D" Surnames


The following list was extracted from the table of contents of Chapter D of the first edition of Our Portuguese Heritage by Marianne Thomas.

Are you a descendant of one of these families? Do you have genealogical or historical information about these Martha's Vineyard families that you would like to share? Or is your Portuguese - Martha's Vineyard family not represented here? We would like to hear from you!


Families of:

Jose Antonio Da Costa of Fayal

John (da Costa) Peters
Antonio Garcia Da Rosa, Jr. (1894-1967) of Pico
Joaquim Antonio Da Rosa of Fayal?

Royal Sumner Daggett (1897-)
Douglas Christopher Davies
Peter Frost Dawley (1940-)
Joseph De Bettencourt (1866-1921) of Graciosa
Manuel Joseph De Bettencourt (1872-1944) of St. George
Manuel Spindola De Bettencourt (1861-1933) of Graciosa

John Joseph De Cecilio ( -1982)
John Joseph De Costa (1903-1977) of Cape Verde
Thomas J. De Costa (1881-)
John Cabral Costa (1889-)
Antone De Frates (1869-1898) of the Madeira Islands
(or Flores??)
David De Leo
Manuel V. De Loura (1870-1951)
Frank Edward De Mello (1900-1980)
John De Mello (1905-)
Thomas Joseph De Mont (1902-1986)
Antonio Gomes De Silva (1914-)
Ernest De Silva
Antone De Silvia
Ronald A. De Sorcy (1931-)
Robert Edward Deese, Jr
Mark Delemonic
Thomas Denehy (1961-)
Roger Frederick Denningham (1914-1987)
Ashley T. DePriest
Leo E. Deslauriers
Herbert Lloyd Devine (1928-)
Ralph Roland Devine (1925-)
Joseph Dias (-1781) of the Azores
Manuel Francis Dias
Manuel J. Dias (1880-1955)
Matthew Joseph Dias (1882-1948) of Fayal
Albert R. Dias
Isabella (Tounge) Dias (1890-1957)
Mary M. Dias (1840-1910)
Glenn Arthur Dickson (1957-)
________ DiPiro
Thomas Brian Dolby (1947-)
Thomas Dombrowski (1957-)
Fred Robert Edward (Domkowski) Domont (1948-)
Pasquale (Don Aroma) Donaroma (1922-)
Michael Donoghue
Richard Thomas Donovan
Brian Dorr
________ Dow
Charles Edward Downs, Jr.
Charles J. Doyle
Charles Richard Drake (1932-)
Craig Orr Dreher (1947-)
Joseph Alfred R. Drouin (1923-1990)
Antonio F. Duart of Fayal
Francis S. Duart of Fayal
Manuel P. Duart
Antonio Duart (Silvia) Sylvia (1865-)
John S. Duarte
Joseph Silva (Duart) Duarte (1857-1931) of Fayal
John Baptiste Duarte (1885-)
Mary Duarte Phillips (1885-1971)
Phil Raymond Dube (1941-)
Joseph Enos Dugan (1865-1938) of St. George
Ronald C. Dunbar (1933-)
Robert Durand
Philip Martin Dwane (1966-)

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