The Families of Antone (Medeiros) Alley and Domingo Pachico (Medeiros) Alley of Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

[The following genealogy was extracted from pp. A10-A15 of Our Portuguese Heritage by Marianne Holmes Thomas (ChiP, 1996). Modern generations are omitted here, although the book contains descendants to the present day.]
See Notes on the Medeiros and Alley Families of Martha's Vineyard for new research on this family.


The Alley Family, one of the largest on Martha's Vineyard, is headed up by the brothers Antone and Domingo Pachico Medeiros who were born in the Azores and brought to the Vineyard in the 1880's, by way of New Bedford. Family lore has it that the surname "Alley", a play on halibut, was derived from a nickname given to Antone when, as a teenager in Cottage City (Oak Bluffs), he peddled fish in the Portuguese community. Whatever its origins, the name was thought to be far easier to deal with than "Medeiros", and it was adopted by nearly all of the family members.

At the turn of the century, just before his marriage, Antone bought a small farm "Up-Island" in West Tisbury. With that move the family tree split into two major branches, one firmly associated with West Tisbury (the descendants of Antone) and one with Oak Bluffs (the descendants of Domingo).

1. ANTONE (MEDEIROS) ALLEY, b. in 1871 on the island of St. Michael in the Azores, the son of
_____ and ______ and the brother of Domingo Pachico (Medeiros) Alley (150). He in Mary Silvey who was b. in 1884 and d. May 18, 1966. He d. December 19, 1944 and is buried in West Tisbury MA.
[See Notes on the Medeiros and Alley Families of Martha's Vineyard.] They had the following children:

*10. ALBION ANTHONY ALLEY, called "Beanie", b. in 1902. He m Mary Ann Flight
October 20,1923 (wtvr). She was b. in 1902 in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland. She d. July 13, 1984 (obvr).
He d. in 1972.

*11. LILLIAN M. ALLEY, b. 1905; m George Gustave William Magnuson (1).

*12. NORMAN ALLEY, b. in 1907. He m. Elsie Mae (Souza) Harripson (10) May 23, 1946 (wtvr). She was b. in 1920, the dau of Antonio Souza (1) and Anna Amaral (23). She used the surname of her stepfather, James Hampson (1), who was the second husband of Anna Amaral (23). Prior to her marriage to Norman Alley (12), Elsie Mae (Souza) Hampson (10) had been m(l) to Manuel F. Francis (41). She m(3) Joseph Leo Pelletier in January and m(4) Melvin Lemond Sennett. Elsie Mae (Souza) Hampson (10) d. in 1980.

*13. ALFRED FORREST ALLEY, called "Fred", he was b. December 7, 1908 (wtvr). He m(l) Helen Richardson from Wellesley Hills MA. She m(2) _____ Kennelly. Alfred Forrest Alley (13) m(2) Winifred Theresa Fleming July 27,1937 (wtvr). She was from Rye NY. She was b. in December 1908 in Ireland, the dau of Patrick Fleming and Mary Duff. She d. August 15, 1940 (wtvr). Alfred Forrest Alley (13) m(3) Florence Corrie. She was b. in 1915 and d. October 23, 1988. He d. January 12, 1964 (obvr).

*14. LOUISE LEONA ALLEY, b. June 15, 1913; m. Henry Packish Benefit (21).

*15. EVELYN DORIS ALLEY, b. December 23,1915 (wtvr); m.(l) Daniel Prisantel (1); m.(2) Edwin Bauer.

16. EDNA ROSE ALLEY, b. December 16, 1917 (wtvr); m.(l) Paul Adams Campbell September 18, 1940 (wtvr). He was b. in 1914, the son of Donald Rideout Campbell and Elizabeth G. Adams. He d. June 26, 1945. Edna Rose Alley m(2) Howard Williams in Ohio July 20,1945 and m(3) _____ Lyons.


, b. in 1864 on the island of St. Michael in the Azores,
the son of _____ and _____ and the brother of Antone (Medeiros) Alley (1). He m Lina Noff May 15,1886 (obvr). She was b. in 1864 in Germany, dau of William Noff and Wilhelmina _____. She d. _____. He d. May 12, 1922 in Oak Bluffs MA. They had the following children:

*160. ANTONE H. (MEDEIROS) ALLEY, b. in 1887.

*161. GEORGE P. (MEDEIROS) ALLEY, b. September 30,1888.


*163. MANUEL A. (MEDEIROS) ALLEY, b. in 1898.

164. FRANK (MEDEIROS) ALLEY, b. _____.

*165. ANNIE MARY (MEDEIROS) ALLEY, b. April 11, 1908; m. Hollis West Fisher (100).

160. ANTONE H. (MEDEIROS) ALLEY, (Domingo1), b. in 1887. He in Norann E. Duffy. Called "Annie", she was b. in Roscommon, Ireland in 1883, the dau of Patrick Duffy and Bridget Giblin. She d. January 2, 1981 (obvr. He d. January 17, 1975. They had the following children:

*170. GEORGE CHARLES ALLEY, b. November 4, 1910. He in Elizabeth Mary Madeiras (27) April 10, 1934. She was b. March 1, 1912, the dau of Frank C. Madeiras (10) and Mary Pachico Combra (10). He d. July 1, 1974.
171. HENRY L. ALLEY, b. in 1913; d. in 1933.
172. FRANK P. ALLEY, b. _____


161. GEORGE P. (MEDEIROS) ALLEY, (Domingo1), b. September 30,1888 in Oak Bluffs MA. He
m(l) Mary E. Monaghan November 23, 1908 (obvr). She was b. in 1890 in Shenandoah PA and d. March
20, 1927. He m(2) Alberta E. Bearse in May, 1934. She was b. in 1893 in Raynham MA and d. October
25, 1940 (obvr). He d. August 16, 1946 (obvr). He had the following children: (first marriage)

*180. MARY THELMA ALLEY, called "Tillie", b. November 20, 1911, m Raymond Edward Brown (21).
181. GEORGE P. ALLEY, called "Junior", b. October 13, 1915, m Edith L. Bearse October 9, 1942. He d. July 14, 1984.
182. ANNA ALLEY, b._____; d. _____.
183. FRANCIS K. MEDEIROS ALLEY, b. August 19, 1918, d. March 13, 1919.
*___. FRANCIS KENNETH ALLEY, b. in 1920. This family member used the surname Medeiros. [See Francis Kenneth (Alley) Medeiros (160) in Chapter M.]


162. DOMINGO CHARLES (MEDEIROS) ALLEY, JR., (Domingo1), b. in 1892. He m. Nellie H. Reap.
She was b. in 1885 and d. June 10, 1963 (obvr). He d. May 14, 1919 (obvr). They had the following children:

* 190. ADELINE ALLEY, b. in 1913; m James Joseph Fauteux (1).
* 191. KATHLEEN H. MEDEIROS ALLEY, b. June 29,1916 (obvr), m. Clarence Bernard Herrmann(l).


163. MANUEL A. (MEDEIROS) ALLEY, (Domingo1), b. in 1898. He in Catherine M. O'Connor November 23, 1920. She was b. in 1902 in Stamford CT, the dau of Thomas O'Connor and Katherine Kelly. She d. February 24, 1990 in Oak Bluffs MA. They had the following children:

*200. MARGERY CATHERINE ALLEY, called "Peggy", b. in June 27,1932; m(l) Francis Edward Rogers (10); m(2) Donald Richard Combra (23); m(3) Peter Violette in 1982.
201. JAMES THOMAS ALLEY, b. Jan 12,1935; d. February 5,1987 in Falmouth MA.

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