The Hough Collection
  The Hough Family Photo Album, Vineyard Haven, Mass.

These images are from the collection of Dorris Hough (1889-1985) of Vineyard Haven, courtesy of Alice Robinson.
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Nathan Smith, c. 1850, age 67.
He was married to Polly Dunham.

Maria Presbury Smith Hough
Daughter of Jane and Nathan Smith,
and wife of George T. Hough.
Circa 1860, age 20.

Presbury L. Smith,
brother of Nathan Skiff Smith.
(Photo by Chas. H. Williamson.)

The House on the Hill, where the Hough family summered.


The House on the Hill, Mount Aldworth.

Beachside and surroundings, Feb. 2001.
Owen Park is on the far left.

Beachside, Feb. 2001


Panoramic View from Beachside, Feb. 2001. (North)

Panoramic View from Beachside, Feb. 2001. (South)

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