The Hough Collection - Part Five
  The Hough Family Photo Album, Vineyard Haven, Mass.

These images are from the collection of Dorris Hough (1889-1985) of Vineyard Haven, courtesy of Alice Robinson.
Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? Please Let us know!

These photos are all from a dark red photo album labeled "1904-5". Most of the snapshots are 2¼ x 3¼ in size, and many are even smaller.

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Panoramic view #1 from Dean Luce's store. This image is looking northwest over Church Street to the old Methodist Church.

Dean Luce had a clothing store on Main Street, about where the Thrift Shop was located until recently.

Panoramic view #2 from Dean Luce's store. This image is looking northeast toward the harbor. Lane's block is on the right. The empty lot in the center is where the second Crocker harness factory burned down in 1899, and where the Martha's Vineyard National Bank was built in 1905.

Which house was this?
(Perhaps on Crocker Ave.?)

And which house was this?

Horse and carriage (where?)



Baby carriage(?) and poles


Red Lodge Aug. 31, '04
(Where was this?)

HB, GH (Garry Hough Jr.), "Mok" (the dog), K.O. (Knight Owen?), K.H. (Katherine Hough?), H.H. (Hilda Hough), P.O. (Paul Owen?), "Willy" (the dog), Dorris Hough, John (the dog)

H.H.(Hilda Hough?), Aug. 31, '04

Clough House

William Street, Nov. 1904

Vineyard Haven Shorefront(?)

Beachside 1905 (east side)

Beachside is on the harbor, just north of Owen Park in Vineyard Haven. See #40 on the map.

Beachside 1905 (west side).

Access to Beachside is (currently, anyway) from a driveway to Main Street, and is shared by the "Captain's House"

Beachside, 1905

"Beach" - Evidently looking south (top) and north (bottom) along VH Harbor from the shore in front of Beachside.

From Beachside, 1905. That's the steamer Uncatena at Union Wharf.

From Beachside, 1905.
(Probably northwest toward Crocker Ave.)

Miss Howell's, '05

I believe this was on the north side of Crocker Ave. (Does anyone know?)

Beachside and Brooks Cottage from Miss Howell's, '05. (According to the 1907 directory, George Brooks of Brookline summered at "Long View" on Crocker lane.)


West Chop Light, '05

Mr. and Mrs. Chase, Mrs. Isaac Chase 1903.

Mr. Joseph Chase (c1817 - 1916) was from Boston and was married to Clara d'Anville Luce (1819-1908). They retired to Beachside in 1884. They had two sons: Dr. Joseph Chase Jr. of Weymouth and Isaac Chase of Boston. Isaac Chase visited his parents every weekend at Beachside during the summers.


Probably in front of Beachside. Union Wharf is seen at the right.

Diving off Union Wharf. The old Methodist Church steeple is visible on the far left, and the Havenside tower on the far right.

West Chop is in the distance.

Crocker Ave.?

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