The Hough Collection - Part Four
  The Hough Family Photo Album, Vineyard Haven, Mass.

These images are from the collection of Dorris Hough (1889-1985) of Vineyard Haven, courtesy of Alice Robinson.
Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? Please Let us know!

These photos are all from a dark red photo album labeled "1904-5". Most of the snapshots are 2¼ x 3¼ in size, and many are even smaller.

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The Nest

The Nest

The Nest


The Nest

Dorris S. Hough and Garry Hough, Jr., July 27, 1904

B.L. (Bertha Look?), Dorris S. Hough, K.H. (Katherine Hough), G.H. (Garry or George Hough?), and Bob (the dog)

Steamer Uncatena

K.O. (Presumably Knight Owen, who was murdered by Harold Look in 1935.)

Horse-Drawn Carriage


Lagoon Views

Lagoon View #5
(Innisfail in background?)

Lagoon View #6

Jonse Family
(perhaps at Herring Creek?)

P.C. and G.H. Sr.


Lagoon from Innisfail


Lagoon Bridge

(The modern, arched bridge wasn't built until the 1930s.)


Nobnocket Club

(This was on the Vineyard Haven harbor shore, just north of Union Wharf.)


Main Street. On the right, from right to left is Alton Tuckerman's plumbing shop, Matthew Chadwick's tobacco and news store, the fish market, and Lane's Block. The drinking fountain can be seen to the left of the telephone pole.


Steamboat Pier
(AKA Union Wharf)

H.B., Dorris Hough, R.H., C.L., Bob, M.F. (Maida Fairbrother?)


M.F. (Marston Flanders??), P.O. (Paul Owen?), Dorris Hough, K.H. (Katherine Hough), K.O. (Knight Owen?), Bob (the dog), S.H.


Dorris S. Hough


C. L. (Constance Lord?)

Capt. Hartson H. Bodfish

M. F. (Maida Fairbrother?)

B. S. (Bernard Smith??)

Is this West Chop Lighthouse??

Which lighthouse and landing is this?


Landing - presumably the same one as in the photo to the left.

Two views of Herring Creek
(now Tashmoo opening.)

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