American Legion Group, Posed on Steps

Handwritten Notes: "Back L to R - Freeman Downey - Dr. David Brush - Frank Swift - George Fred Tilton - Paul Bangs - Nelson Hinckley ?? / Middle L to R - Hariph Hancock, Robert Cromwell, Wm Andrews, Theodore Howes - Herbert Stevens - Joseph Campbell. / Front - Flag...*"

Signs: American Legion

* ... "Howard Whitney - Seated / Theodore Cronig - Donald Tilton - Herbert Norton - Edward Duarte - Raymond Paltz - Grover Ryan - Eugene Rogers - Flag - George Baptiste Where are they? Are they all WWII veterans?

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Date: *
Location: Vineyard Haven - * - *

People: Downey, Freeman; Brush, David, Dr.; Swift, Frank; Tilton, George Fred; Bangs, Paul; Hinckley, Nelson; Hancock, Hariph; Cromwell, Robert; Andrews, William; Howes, Theodore; Stevens, Herbert; Cambell, Joseph; Whitney, Howard; Cronig, Theodore; Tilton, Donald; Norton, Herbert; Duarte, Edward; Paltz, Raymond; Ryan, Grover; Rogers, Eugene; Baptiste, George
Keywords: veterans; vets; wars; military; soldiers; sailors; Army; Navy; American Legion; weapons; guns; flags; clubs; organizations; uniforms