Old Photographs of Martha's Vineyard, Mass.
 'Island People' Photo Album #1

These photographs were collected by local historian Stan Lair (1902-1987) during the 1970's and 1980's from a wide variety of sources. He supplemented them with his own modern photos (included here) as well as handwritten notes on the back (and sometimes the front) of most of the images. We have transcribed his notes, as well as any captions or signs visible in the image.

Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? How about the time period? Or do you know where one of these photos came from? Please Let me know!

Index to Photographs:

John Cruz
Manuel Frank
Theophilus Silvia
Jules Araujo
Mrs. Sam Cronig
"Cronig Wives" at Levine Wedding
Ed Cronig Family
Episcopal Rev. Charles Clough
"Heck" Benefit
George Salvadore in Boxing Stance
Charlie Gale
Osborn Tower, Wife & Family: Miriam, Eleanor, Alden +Osborne
Dr. David Brush and Wife With Children in Living Room
Bill Dugan + Carleton Murphy With Model Sailboats at Shore
Dr. Winthrop Butler
Wm. Barry Owen
Walter H. Renear, Sheriff
Hon. Herbert N. Hinkley / County Treasurer
David Wade Outside Cronig Bros. Main Street Store
Dave and Bob Cronig Outside Cronig's Main Street Store
Man in Suit Standing in Snow
"Boots" Andrews on Wagon with Trunks
Capt. Zeb Tilton at Wheel
Katherine Cornell, Gregory Peck, Brenda Furbes, and Others
Ben Luce Blacksmith Shop on Lagoon Pond Rd.
Carly Simon Window Shopping at Yates Drugs Store, Main St.
Capt. John Ivory Views VH Harbor from the "Dry Tortugas"
American Legion Group, Posed on Steps
Thomas J. DeCosta and his Horses at Seven Gates Farm
Carlton P. Lair 1st and his Horse "Coasterine"
Frank Bodfish at his Fathers Blacksmith Shop
Portrait of Capt. Gilbert Smith, Seated
"Dukey" Reynolds and Wm. Swift in Garage
Art Swift, Eben Bodfish, and Child on Wharf
Zeb Tilton Family Posing on Road Near Shore
Austin Tower
Col. Roth, Standing in Uniform in Lawn
Diver Dave Curney Salvaging the Port Hunter from Nickerson
Picnic with M. Wright, E. Fischer, A. Smith & E. Claghorn
Vineyard Haven Baseball Team Posing on Carriage
Group of Men Outside Capt. Oliver's store
Freeman Downey, His Son Owen, And Their Dog
Ben Turner in Top Hat
Capt. Pinto, Bill Carroll, and Bill King With Catch of Fish
Joe Pinto, Bill Carroll, and Billy King With Catch of Fish
Tisbury High School Baseball Team Posing on School Steps
Bert Bradley Leaning on Wagon Wheel Near Barn
Carey Luce as Boy Outside Lane's Block
S. C. Luce Jr. in Overcoat in Back of the Old Post Office
Howard Downs With Look, Smith & Co. Wagon
Dudley Howland, Henry Counsell, and ??
Rudolphus W. Crocker Posing on Porch with Pipe
John Lambert in Front of J. H. Lambert Boston Branch Grocery
Rudolphus W. Crocker with Three Adults in Car with Dog
Elisha Luce on Wagon, Revel House in Background, S. Main St.
Basil Welch in Phone Truck, c. 1980
Paul Bangs in John Adams Store, Ages 14-15?, Provincetown MA
Milton "Milt" Nichols Working on Telephone Pole
Frank Lopes, John Palmera, and Al Cummings Posing in Boots
Class Photo - Students Posing on Steps
Luther West with Horse
F. O. Tilton With Horse Outside Barn
B. Bumpus, A. Tilton, and L. Bumpus in 2-Cylinder Maxwell
1921 Ribe Cartoon of Sheriff Renear Leaning Against Car
Norman Benson with Pipe
Joe + Shirley Fritsch at Albert Huntington's Cocktail party
Mrs. Shirley Frisch, County Commisioner, 1979
John Holmes and John Forte Installing Fountain, 1979
Basil Welch and Stan Lair, 1979
Al Luce in Wagon
Class Photo - Students on Steps
Tom Tilton in Fishing Gear
Teenager George (Tebby) Tilton on Union Wharf in Boots
Dr. Alfred Fairbrother in Costume
Ben Luce Standing by Fence
Charles Van Ryper and Model Steamer "Martha's Vineyard"
Chester Robinson in Hat and Overcoat, World War I
A. Freeman Leonard Jr. Adjusting Oil Drill Barge Model
Harry Legg and Frank Lopes Working on Roof
Sheriff Walter Renear - Baseball at Tashmoo Park
Ernest Mayhew Standing on Sailing Vessel
Col. Roth Standing by Sign
Portrait of Col. Roth in Uniform
Bill Andrews Standing by Barber Chair
Portrait of Dolph Manning in Suit and Tie
Harry Horton Standing on Road
Heavyset Man Between Two Cars, Renear's Garage
Art Smith and Two Women in Picnic
Molly McAlpin Raising Glass
Two Barbers Posing with Two Shaving Customers
"Bart" Mayhew as Older Man in Coat, Standing Outside House
Zeb (Captain Zebulon Tilton) About 1930
Zeb in Suit and Top Hat
Willie Davis with Horse at Norton's Livery Stable
Jean Canha Under Linden Tree With Shopping Cart, 1979
Capt. H. H. Bodfish and Harry F. Castello, in Uniform
A. S. Andrews and Another Barber Posing in Barber Shop
Henry Cronig in front of "The Double Decker" Building
Art Smith Sitting in Field
Four People in Costume for Bicentennial, 1976, Owen Park
Clarence Cleveland with Shovel Outside Coal Office
V.H. Women Holding Skirts, Wading in Water
E. F. Luce and Harry McLellan and Ice Wagon
Painting of Dr. Charles F. Lane
Professor Nathaniel Shaler of Seven Gates Farms
George "Toke" Cleveland with Basket and Top Hat
Muriel Pease Sitting in Chair, 1978
Lambert Knight Sitting in Chair by Radio Equipment, 1978
Sally Dewson Knight Sitting with Plate of Cookies, 1978
Child Russel Hancock Pulling Wagon "Daisy"
George Hillman + Friend (Louis??) Launch a Boat July 3 1899
Catboat "On Time"and Frank Vincent "In a typical position"
1911 Vineyard Haven Basketball Team Photo
Group of Eleven Teenagers - Tisbury High School Class?
Don Tilton in a 1914 Model T
Bertha (Tilton) Bumpus, Jack Bumpus, and Bob West
Lena Tilton and Mary Baptist Marching in VH Parade, Main St.
Stan Lair, 1979
William G. Manter Posing as Barber in Bill Andrews' Shop
Men in Front of Old Post Office - Reflections in Windows
Katharine Cornell Walks the Beach Near Her Summer Home
Old First National Store (Now "Bunch of Grapes" Bookstore)
Henry Ritter and Don Swift Standing in Uniform
Ed Flarety, Tisbury's First Police Chief
Rose Vincent Standing in Road
Senator Ed. Brooke at M.V. Airport
Three Older Men and Women Speaking with Drinks in Hand
Barnacle Rodney Cleveland (February 26 1893 - July 15, 1966)
Mrs. Sydna Eldridge Standing Near Fountain(?)
Celestino "Cel" Oliver Standing in Uniform on Main Street VH
Walter D. Rheno, World War I Hero, Standing by Monument
Mr. DeCarlo in Shorts with Bell and Equipment(?!)
George Sears + Mike Fontes With Dust Broom and Wheeled Can
Welcome and Hattie Tilton Standing Outside House
Harry (Poker) Norton Standing on Sailing Vessel
Ed Flarety Marching in Parade Up Main Street
Portrait of Jack Beatty in Suit and Hat
Walter Renear 1910
Tisbury School Band Posing on Steps, 1950
Six Men Standing in Road Near Shore.
Luther West Standing With Newspaper
Dr. C.R.L. Putnam Holding Baby Cornelia Huntington
Ray Paltz, Sitting in Uniform in a Field
Milt Nichols on Telephone Pole
Dr. Mayhew Sitting in a Car
Dr. Mayhew in a Boat
Dr. O. S. Mayhew
W. E. Parsons' 7 Passenger Westcott Automobile
Four Adults Sitting Near Steps of Cottage
Fred James: "A Familiar Scene at Oak Bluffs, Mass."
1928 Oak Bluffs Junior High Basketball Team Champions
Men Outside First National Store, Upper Circuit Ave., OB
Crowds on Boardwalk, Oak Bluffs
Cottage City Club.
Two Young Women in Swordfighting Gear
Alpha Leonard With Gun(?)
Yates Drug Store Employees, 1944
Uncle Nathan With Basket, Oak Bluffs
Ted Howes Marching in Band, Main Street VH Circa 1925
Nobnocket Orchestra c. 1915 (Tuckerman, Peakes, and Luce)
Madam Nordica Standing in Car Near Bearded Man
Lillian Nordica Portrait
Lillian and Captain Joseph de la Mar, 1876
Vineyard Haven Baseball Team Posing in Field
Policeman Ed Flarety Outside of Ginter Co. Store
Portrait of Simeon Pinkham Sr.
1912 M.V.A.S. Fair - Manuel Campbell Winning Mile
Percy McDonough, John McDonough, Marshall McDonough
'Marthas Vineyard Claims Most Youthful Active War Worker'
'All Ready For A Drive' - Harold Rogers with Ox and Buggy
Capt. Grafton Daggett
Annie Kelley (Rogers)
Jump Spark Jim West in Front of 'Ocmulgee' Sign
Large Group in Formal Dress
Frank Look
Bill Luce Competing in Sporting Event
Portrait of Dr. Cosgrove
Erford Burt
Josephine Swift
Connie Leonard
A Young Zeb Tilton in Overcoat and Hat
WWI Soldier Herbert Norton, in Uniform, With Another Soldier
Frank and Abbie Downs, Standing Outside
Benjamin Dexter
Man with Mustache and Glasses in "Captain" Hat
Child Henry Burt
George Alley, Arthur Ben David, and a Third Man
Albert Fischer and Lillian Manter in Wagon
Hariph Hancock Outside Building
Large Group of WPA Workers (Detail)
Large Group of WPA Workers (Detail)
Large Group of WPA Workers (Detail)
Large Group of WPA Workers (Detail)
Dr. David Brush in Street Holding Crate
Bill Tilton
John L. Tilton Sitting on Wall
Ernest Mayhew Standing on Sailing Vessel
Adams Sisters With Short Man
The Adams Sisters
Walter and Doris Mayhew
Evelyn, Virginia, and Doris Flanders
Man in Cap and Glasses with Cigarette, in Front of Truck
Robert and Gladys Flanders and Children, in Front of Car
Grinning Man in Suit with Pipe
Shadrach Tilton in Apron, Sitting on Fence
Eldon West Working on Model Schooner
"Fence Viewer Oscar Flanders Walks His Beat"
Captain and Mrs. John Reynolds
Orin Norton, Edgartown Blacksmith
Charlie Vanderhoop, Gay Head Lighthouse Keeper
Nancy Luce in Chair Holding Chicken
Art Smith Holding Edna Claghorn in Basket, 1912
Fred Fisher, c. 1980s
Members of the Martha's Vineyard Men's Glee Club, c. 1946-7
Basil Welch and Stan Lair Clowning Around, 1982
Four World War I Veterans at VH Legion Hall, 1986
Four World War I Veterans at VH Legion Hall, 1986
Dorothy West in Chair on Porch, 1980s

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