Large Group in Formal Dress

Handwritten Notes: "Back Row / Men / 1. Curtis Athearn 2. Alton Tuckerman 3. Milton Welch 4. Winthrop Rheno 5. Herbert Hinckley / Middle Row / 1. Jane Brehm 2. Eva Benson 3. Edna Andrews 4. Grace Mayhew 5. Eleanor West 6. 7. Nona Barter ...*"

Signs: G

* ... "8. Marjorie Mayhew (Pease) / Front Row / 1. Vesta Maury 2. Mrs. Hinckley 3. Mrs. Clem Studley 4. Beulah Harlow 5. Mrs. John Darling 6. Louise Whitney 7. Mrs. Alpha Leonard 8. Mildred Renear 9. Bernice Humphries" What was the occasion? Where are they? Original photo.

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People: Athearn, Curtis; Tuckerman, Alton; Welch, Milton; Rheno, Winthrop; Hinckley, Herbert; Brehm, Jane; Benson, Eva; Andrews, Edna; Mayhew, Grace; West, Eleanor; Barter, Nona; Mayhew, Marjorie (Pease); Pease, Marjorie; Maury, Vesta; Hinckley, Mrs.; Studley, Clem, Mrs.; Harlow, Beulah; Darling, John, Mrs.; Whitney, Louise; Leonard, Alpha, Mrs.; Renear, Mildred; Humphries, Bernice
Keywords: group photos; flags