Members of the Martha's Vineyard Men's Glee Club, c. 1946-7

Caption: "Vineyard Glee Club; Members of the Martha's Vineyard Men's Glee Club are, front row, left to right, John Kinnecom, Yale Issokson, ...*"

* ... Hamilton Benz, director; Fred Remington, Joseph C. Borges, Mrs. Clarence Davey, accompanist; Leroy W. Luce, George P. Baptiste and Lawrence W. Winterbottom; back row, Theodore Meinelt, Franklin N. Baptiste, Albert Silvia Jr., S. David Cronig, David Marks, Donald E. Tilton, Curtis Athearn, Raymond..."

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Date: c. 1946-7
Location: Vineyard Haven - -

People: Kinnecom, John; Issokson, Yale; Benz, Hamilton; Remington, Fred; Borges, Joseph C.; Davey, Clarence, Mrs.; Luce, Leroy W.; Baptiste, George P.; Winterbottom, Lawrence W.; Meinelt, Theodore; Baptiste, Franklin N.; Sylvia, Albert Jr.; Cronig, S. David; Marks, David; Tilton, Donald E.; Athearn, Curtis; _____, Raymond
Keywords: music; bands; choruses; choral groups; singers; singing; clubs