The Renear Collection - Page Three
  Renear Family Photo Album, Martha's Vineyard, Mass.


These photos were generously provided by Robert Renear, and identifications were made by brothers Walter Renear and Robert Renear.

Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? How about the time period? Please Let us know!

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61. Men Outside Renear's Garage

62. Veterans in Decorated Car, Parade


63. Water and Beach


64. Men Outside Renear's Garage


65. Renear's Garage


66. Truck Outside Renear's Garage


67. View Down Church Street, Before 1922


68. Beach and Water


69. Sheriff Renear Leading Parade, 1918


70. Mrs. Renear and Car


71. Woman in Furs


72. Woman in Road

73. Cars Lined Up Outside Renear's Garage

74. 1910 Reo

75. Walter Renear Driving Car, 1910

76. Martha's Vineyard National Bank

77. Leland W. Renear and C. H. Arnold


78. Renear's Sales and Service 1938 Calendar

78a. Leland W. Renear and Two Fords, c. 1937

79. Renear's Sales and Service 1956 Calendar

79a. Walter H. Renear With Vineyard Haven Hook and Ladder Co., c. 1898

80. Renear's Garage 1960 Calendar

80a. Nov. 1898 - Newburgh - Vineyard Haven Wharf

81. Renear's Service Station, 1928

82. 1930-1 Model A in Christmas Display at Renear's Showroom

83. Service Equipment Behind Renear's Showroom, c. 1930

84. Progress, 1922-1932

85. Car Beside Renear's Service Station, c. 1936

86. View Down Church Street c. 1931

87. Leland W. Renean and Two Fords, Renear's Showroom, c. 1937

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