The Renear Collection - Page Two
  Renear Family Photo Album, Martha's Vineyard, Mass.


These photos were generously provided by Robert Renear, and identifications were made by brothers Walter Renear and Robert Renear.

Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? How about the time period? Please Let us know!

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31. Puppy and Oil Truck on Church Street

32. Walter Renear in Parade Float, Oak Bluffs


33. View Down Church Street


34. Mrs. Renear and Truck


35. Wreck of 1914 Mercer


36. Boy Scout Troop in Ford


37. Woman in Scarf


38. Girl with Doll


39. Child Holding Hand


40. Frances Rockwell Renear


41. Louise Whitney and Husband


42. Man with Hat


43. Nurse with Babies


44. Walter Renear at Hunting Camp


45. Walter Renear and Women in Car


46. Walter Renear in Car


47. Walter Renear and Women in Car


48. Beach


49. Women in Car

50. Women in Car


51. Mrs. Renear and Truck, Church Street


52. Mrs. Renear and Truck, Church Street


53. Men Removing Coveralls


54. Man in Vest (Frank Amaral?)


55. Girl and Woman in Car


56. Woman and Girl in Car


57. Woman in Car


58. Family and Dog Posing by Rock


59. Child and Dog


60. Family and Dog Posing by Rock

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