Old Photographs of Martha's Vineyard, Mass.
  'Snapshots' Photo Album

These photographs were collected by local historian Stan Lair (1902-1987) during the 1970's and 1980's from a wide variety of sources. This particular album consists almost entirely of original photographs. Handwritten notes on the back (and sometimes the front) exist on many of the images. We have transcribed all notes, as well as any captions or signs visible in the image. [Additional comments (marked [W.R. 1999]) have been provided by Walter Renear of Vineyard Haven.]

Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? How about the time period? Or do you know where one of these photos came from? Please Let me know!

Index to Photographs:

Unwashed Children on Strike
Cars and Crowd Outside "New" Tisbury School, c. 1929
Soldiers on Wharf
Policeman and Parade Outside "New" Tisbury School
Frank Bodfish With Broom in Father's Blacksmith Shop
Hine's Bridge, Lagoon Pond, and View of Town
Oak Bluffs Steamer Wharf and Wooden Sea Wall
Five Sailors and Car in Front of Renear's Garage
Sea View Hotel and Steamer "Gay Head" at Oak Bluffs Wharf
Man Waving on Frank Vincent's "On Time II"
Two Men in Horse-Drawn Sleigh Passing Stone Wall
Long Line Outside "New" Tisbury School
Golfer Swinging at Tashmoo Golf Course
"Service Equipment", Automotive Garage
View Down Church Street Near Renear's Garage, c. 1930
Two Cars Outside Renear's Garage - "1932 Progress 1922"
Man Between Two Cars
Union Wharf Rebuilt Around Schooner Newburgh
Five Sailors and Car in Front of Renear's Garage
Cars Parked in Front of Renear's Garage
Renear's Gas Station and Methodist Church
Car Parked Outside Renear's Garage; View Up Church St.
Four Women on the Beach
"Mill Located East of Vineyard Haven Public Library" c. 1875
Soldiers, Flags, and Car on Wharf
Four People, Dog, and Bottles on Beach
Baseball Game, 1920
Vessel "...el M. Jackson" at Union Wharf
Baseball Game, May 1920
Man and Five Teenage Boys Next to Small Building
Post Card #800: Vineyard Haven Baptist Church
Five Girls and Two Boys Posing on Steps
Four Men With Horses, Wagons, and a Bicycle, Outside Garage
Heavy Surf and Sea Wall (Near Ocean Park, Oak Bluffs?)
Students and Teacher Posing on Steps, 1906
Boats on Shore, Menemsha
Steamer Monohansett Sunk at Woods Hole Dock
Steamer "Naushon" at Sea
Oak Bluffs Wharf in Ruins (After Which Hurricane?)
Hatch & Co. Horse and Wagon on Wharf
Steamer "Mercury" Steaming Over Calm Water
Four Men and Two Horses Posing With Plow in Field
Four-Masted Schooner at Sea
Nobnocket Club and Neighboring Buildings on Beach, VH
Ice In Vineyard Haven Harbor; View of Wharf and Breakwater
Crowd Watching Firemen Extinguish Methodist Church Fire 1922
Crowd Watching Firemen Extinguish Methodist Church Fire 1922
Firemen Extinguishing Methodist Church Fire, 1922
Clement West with Dalmation in Horse-Drawn Carriage
Train "Active" Leaving Oak Bluffs Wharf; Paddlewheel Steamer
Bellevue Heights Planing Mill
Frank J. Perry's Segar Store, Arcade Building, Oak Bluffs
View of Oak Bluffs Wharf Through Sea View Arch
View Down Street (Where is this??)
Catalog of C. H. Shute's Stereoscopic Views of Oak Bluffs
"Altar, Wesleyan Grove" (Crowd at Tabernacle)
Horse and Wagon on Lake Avenue; View of Lake Anthony, 1873
List of Belfast Bay Views (+ Wesleyan Grove) by W. C. Tuttle
List of Oak Bluffs "Winter Views" Photos by C. H. Shute
Snowy View South on Main Street Toward Lane's Block
Truck and Crew and Snow After "Feb. 10th" Storm
Slushy Street Scene (Where is this?)
Snowy View South on Main Street Past "Our Own Bakery"
Damage in Menemsha After 1938 Hurricane
Horse and Wagon Outside "Vineyard Hotel", Cottage City
Wreckage at Menemsha After 1938 Hurricane
Family Posing Outside Cottage on Cottage Ave., Campgrounds
Crowd and Firemen Extinguishing Methodist Church Blaze, 1922
Woman Posing in Front of Tisbury Town Hall Mural (c. 1980?)
Crowd and Firemen Extinguishing Methodist Church Blaze, 1922
Group of Distinguished-Looking Men Outside "WARREN" Tent
Tisbury School Kindergarden Class, 1907
Water Spout Off Ocean Park, Cottage City, Aug. 19, 1896
Class Photo of Students and Teacher (School? Year?)
Illustration of Lower Circuit Ave., 1883
Crowded Buick Passing North Tisbury Post Office
Tisbury School Class Photo (Year?)
View of Church Street, Post Office, and Lane's Block
Workmen Who Built the Whitney House, 1903
Six Duck Hunters With Guns and Dogs
Tisbury High School Basketball Team, 1913-14
Beach Road Wreck and View of Harbor and Town

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