Old Photographs of Vineyard Haven, Mass.
  Photo Album #10

These photographs were collected by local historian Stan Lair (1902-1987) during the 1970's and 1980's from a wide variety of sources. He supplemented them with his own modern photos (included here) as well as handwritten notes on the back (and sometimes the front) of most of the images. We have transcribed his notes, as well as any captions or signs visible in the image. [Additional comments (marked [W.R. 1999]) have been provided by Walter Renear of Vineyard Haven.]

Sorry, but I cannot make copies of these photos available at this time. Try the Martha's Vineyard Historical Society, who may have copies of some of these photos in their files.

Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? How about the time period? Or do you know where one of these photos came from? Please Let me know!

Index to Photographs:

Union Street: Oliver's Store and Fischer Bros.' Building
Moving the Bethel Building Up State Road
Craig Kingsbury's Oxen in front of S.B.S. Grain Store, 1939
Tashmoo Lake & Pumping Station
Tugboats at Union Wharf, 1915
Tugboats at Union Wharf; Rowboat on Beach
Tugboats at Union Wharf
Faded Image of Houses and Harbor
George F. Daley's Vineyard Drug Co. Storefront
Construction of the Tisbury Police Station (Late 1970s?)
Dock, Boats, and Pond (Lake Tashmoo - Pumping Station?)
Horton's V.H.-O.B. Bus at O.B. Waiting Room
Moving the Bethel Through Five Corners, 1980s
Moving the Bethel Down State Road, 1980s
Sailboat on Beach, Boathouses, View of Town
Aerial View of Downtown, Union Wharf, Ferry, and Harbor
Illustration of Officers Saluting Outside US Marine Hospital
Hundreds of Turkeys Behind Fence
Rotograph Image of The Mansion House
Ten Young Men and Women - Tisbury HS Graduates?
Mansion House (C. M. Vincent Image)
Paddlewheel Schooner "Martha's Vineyard" and Schooner
Mr. W.? Harper Meat Market and T. H. Tuckerman Stores
View Down Main Street From Near Owen Park
View Up Church Street to Old Methodist Church
The Ferry "Hackensack" at Union Wharf
Crowell Coal Co. Advertising Card
Shanty Cement Products Cement Yard
Wm. S. Swift Taking 'Her' Down (Car and Instrument)
Snowy Road Scene
Car at Renear's Garage
Row of Cars and Trucks Outside Renear's Garage, Spring St.
Tisbury High School Basket Ball Team, 1928
Schooner and Timbers at Dock in Harbor
Carriage Passing the S. C. Luce Store, Main St.
Mill, Field, and View of Downtown
Zeb Tilton Smoking Pipe on 'Alice S. Wentworth'
Paddlewheel Steamer "Martha's Vineyard" and Schooner
Carriage Passing Three Houses on West Chop
Colinsky's Dept. Store and Truck
Tugboats at Union Wharf, 1915
Aerial View of Marine Hospital and Beach Road
Schooner at Union Wharf
"Cliffs Gay Head" / "West Chop Light House and Fog Horn"
Sam Cronig on Wagon Outside "North End Grocery"
Buildings on Water Street
Interior of C. M. Vincent Store
Steamer Rounding Breakwater and Sailboat "Half Moon"
Building at Five Corners - Prepared to Move?
Old Willis Hancock Plumbing Shop - Prepared to Move?
Newly Vacant Lot, Five Corners
Aerial View of Lake Tashmoo
John's Fish Market, Corner of Lagoon Pond Road
SSA Employees and Passengers on "Islander"
Steamer "Gay Head"
WWII US Navy Barge in Harbor (Colby + Dugan)
WWII "Plane Re-Arming Boat" (Colby + Dugan) in Harbor
Aerial View of Skiff Ave., Marine Hospital, Lagoon Pond Road
Vessels Under Construction at Colby + Dugan Shipyard
Aerial View of Beach Road, Lagoon Pond Road, and Lagoon
Schooner Newburgh Through Union Wharf
Former Cooper's Shop After Moving, Union St.
Augusta Hilton Ashore at West Chop, 1923
Old Baptist Church, Main Street, Before 1883 Fire
Carriage Passing S. C. Luce Store, Main Street
The Remains of the Mansion House After 1883 Fire
Wagon in Front of Look, Washburn & Co. Store
Man Driving Car
Elijah Hillman at the Town Pump, Main Street
Look, Washburn & Co. Wagon in the Snow
Beach Street - Facing Dukes County Garage
Group Outside Vineyard Craft Center
Baseball Team Photo
Group Dressed as Indians (Order of Red Men??)
View of Union Wharf and Downtown Before 1905
Men and Cars Outside Renear's Garage, Church Street
Chicken Baptiste, Ed Flaherty, Howard Whitney, & Tow Truck
Group Outside Stephen C. Luce Store (Including Carey Luce)
Vineyard Haven Harbor, After the 'Gale of '98'
Cars and Drivers Outside Renear's Garage, 1914
View of Innisfail Hotel from Opposite Side of Lagoon
Innisfail Hotel and Neighboring Buildings
Pumping Station, Lake Tashmoo
Bathers and Boats at Beach
Vineyard Haven Glee Club, c. 1946-7?
View of Downtown From Methodist Tower After 1883 Fire
Hine's Bridge, Sailboat, and View of Town, About 1880
Holmes Hole Postal Cancellation
SBS Employees Posing Near Awning, c. 1915?
Parade Passing Hinckley & Renear Undertaking, 1927
Wm. G. Manter & Whitney House Crew, 1903
Tisbury School Kindergarten, 1906-07 Class Photo
Tisbury School, First Grade Class Photo, 1908-9
Tisbury School, 2nd & 3rd Grade Class Photo, 1909-1910
Tisbury School, 4th Grade Class Photo, 1910-11
Tisbury School, 5th + 6th Grade Class Photo, 1912-13
Tisbury School, 8th Grade Class Photo, 1915-1916
Tisbury School, 7th Grade Class Photo, 1914-1915
Tisbury School, 6th Grade Class Photo, 1912-1913
Tisbury School, 7th + 8th Grade Class Photo, 1914-15
Tisbury High School, 1917-18
Tisbury School Students, c. 1909?
Four Men and a Policeman, Shaking Hands
Celebrating the Release of the Iran Hostages, 1981
View of Main Street Ruins After the 1883 Fire
"Toward Falmouth from West Chop"
Retouched Joke Photo of Ham Operator Tom Norton K1LEP
"The Cedars at West Chop"
View of North Side of Town From ME Steeple -After 1883 Fire?
Josiah Cleveland with 50,000 Herring
Wagon in Snow on Union Street, 1915
Three of Zeb Tilton's Brothers
Vineyard Haven Baseball Team
S.B.S. Employees 1914
H. C. Hancock & Son Shop and Gas Station
Schooner "Lady Kelvin"
Cars and Crowd at New Tisbury School, 1929
Cast of Play, Posing on Stage
Soldiers in Uniform Standing, Women Seated
Phil Spaulding and Children, Wading at West Chop
View of Hines Bridge and Beach Road From Hines Point
The Old Methodist Episcopal Church
Mansion House Corner Before the Fire 1883
View North on Main Street Toward Lane's Block Along Gutter
Schooners Wrecked in Harbor After 1898 Gale
Schooners Wrecked in Harbor After 1898 Gale
Schooners Wrecked in Harbor After 1898 Gale
Schooners Wrecked in Harbor After 1898 Gale
Schooners Wrecked in Harbor After 1898 Gale
Schr. "Newburgh" Through Union Wharf, 1898 (Stern View)
Schr. "Newburgh" Through Repaired Union Wharf, 1898-9
Group in Front of Capt. Oliver's Store
Frank Vincent's Vessel "On Time II"
Wagon at Corner of Union and Water Streets
View of Downtown From M.E. Steeple After 1883 Fire
Buildings on Water Street (pre-Black Dog Bakery)
View of Town From Across Marsh (Now Legion Park)
M.V.H. Baseball Team, Posing in Uniforms
Illustration of Hotel Naumkeag, Cottage City
Mansion House Corner and Fountain
Front Page of "Camp Meeting Herald", Aug. 17, 1869
Front Page of "Island Review", Aug. 30, 1878.
Front Page of "Cottage City Chronicle", Aug. 4, 1884
Front Page of "Vineyard Gazette", June 3, 1920
Front Page of "The Vineyard News", Apr. 10, 1919
Front Page of "The Cottage City Star", Jan. 6, 1881
Front Page of "Chick's Vineyard Haven News", Dec. 28, 1887
Front Page of the "Martha's Vineyard Herald", Aug. 27, 1903.
Front Page of "The Medlen or Newbedford Marine Journal" 1799
Cars, Crowd, and Building (Steamboat Wharf, Oak Bluffs?)
Public Library and Main St., Looking North
New Yellow Firetruck on Main Street, c. 1979?
The Mansion House, Before the 1883 Fire
News Article About Van Ryper Model of Steamship "Acadia"
1976 Article About Stan Lair's Trolley Car Model
Seven-Masted Schooner "Thomas Lawson"
Schooner at Shipyard
Model (and Notes) of "S. S. Acadia" by Stan Lair, 1934
Model of "S. S. Acadia" by Stan Lair, 1934 (top view)
Model of "S. S. Acadia" by Stan Lair, 1934 (side view)
Model of "S. S. Acadia" by Stan Lair, 1934 (bow view)
Looking down Church St. from M.E. Church Tower
View North on Main Street; Linden Tree in Protective Frame
Group of Schoolchildren
The fish huts at the Herring Creek.
Stores on Main Street, 1960's?
Augusta Hilton, Ashore at West Chop, 1923
Parade on Water Street
Capt. Seth Daggett House on Beach St. (Later the "Makery")
Wrecks in Vineyard Haven Harbor After 1898 Gale
(Second) Vessel "Eben A. Thacher"
Schooner "Augusta G. Hilton" Ashore at West Chop, 1923
Steamer "Naushon" and "Alice Wentworth" Grounded
Tisbury High School Baseball Team, c. 1929
Vineyard Haven Group (Baseball Team?) and Car
1910 "Reo"
Peter Lynch with Horse and Wagon
Vineyard Haven HS Girls' Basketball Team c. 1942
Car Assembly #1 (View from Train)
Car Assembly #2 (Wheels and Parts)
Car Assembly #3 (Men Holding Wheels)
Car Assembly #4 (Partially Assembled Car by Train Tracks)
Car Assembly #5 (Partially Assembled Car Standing on End)
Car Assembly #6 (Partially Assembled Car Standing on End)
Car Assembly #7 (Partially Assembled Car Standing on End)
Car Assembly #8 (Men Sitting in Wheel-less Car)
Car Assembly #9 (Man Removing Overalls?)
Car Assembly #10 ("Thank God we are through!")
Union Wharf and Union Street From Roof of Lane's Block
Boat Yard, Beach Road.
1914 Mercer
Capawock Theater, c. 1919: "Back to God's Country"
W. W. Douglas Store, Main Street, 1883
Henry Burgess and Crew with Road Building Equipment
Crew with Road Building Equipment
Sloop "Spray"
View of Tashmoo Lake From Hill Near Head
Looking Northwest from Mansion House Corner After 1883 Fire
The Branscomb House (Rufus Spalding etc.) After 1883 Fire
Corner Main and Beach Streets After the Fire of 1883
The Dr. Roth House and Great House After 1883 Fire
Tuckermans (Now a 'T' Shirt Shop) on Main Street, c. 1960s?
Mill Located East of Vineyard Haven Public Library Abt 1875
The Great House and a Cow (Now A+P Parking Lot)
Interior of Vineyard Drug Co. (Later Yates), Main Street
Ruins on Main Street After 1883 Fire
Ruins on Bottom of Church Street After 1883 Fire
Mansion House Corner Looking West After 1883 Fire
View Southeast from ME Steeple After 1883 Fire
Carlton P. Lair and Horse in West Tisbury, 1907
Basil Welch, Lucille Andrews & Kath. Baptiste on Tricycles
Mrs. Roth in Car
Schooner Hauled Out at Boat Yard, 1886
View of Bethel and up Union Street from Wharf
Cast of "The Golden Trail" - Tisbury H.S. Operetta, 1935.
Twenty-Two Red Cross Nurses Assembled on Sidewalk
Cast of Dramatic Production in Revolutionary-Era Costumes
Tugboats at Union Wharf (View from Icy Shore)
Large Group of Bicyclists Riding Up Beach Street
Seven-Masted Schooner "Thomas Lawson" at Boston Harbor, 1911
Schooner "Augusta G. Hilton" Ashore at West Chop, 1923
Main Street After 1883 Fire - View East from ME Steeple
Main Street After 1883 Fire?
Presentation of WCTU Drinking Fountain at Owen Park, 1935
West Chop Light
Union Wharf, 1980, Before Freight Shed Demolition
View Southeast from ME Tower After 1883 Fire
1928 Tisbury High School Girls' Basketball Team
Tisbury High School Students, 1919-1920
The Marine Railway, Beach Road
Military Vessel CG-281
"Glimpse of the Mansion House & Main St."
R. W. Crocker's View from Lawn, West Chop
Catholic Church, Spring Street
Two Men in Colonial Costumes with Book (Pageant?)
Three Men in Colonial Costumes with Swords (Pageant?)
Man and Woman in Colonial Costumes (Pageant?)
Six Men in Revolutionary Costumes (Pageant?)
Trees Down in Beach Street After Storm
The (New) Vessel "Eben A. Thacher"
Five Corners and Beach Road, Flooded
Steamer "Island Home" and Schooners
Baptist Church Steeple Maintenance, 1979
West Chop Lighthouse
Baptist Church Steeple Maintenance, 1979
Baptist Church Steeple Maintenance, 1979
Baptist Church Group
Basil + Mac Welch as Children
Old Crowell Coal Co. Office, Demolished
Aerial View of U.S. Marine Hospital
Baptist Church, William Street
Stem Section of a T2 Type Tanker (Model), 1942-3
Model of T-2 Tanker, 1/8 scale
Two Views of Model Cabin Cruiser by Stan Lair (at Van Riper)
Stern Section of Model T2 Type Tanker, c. 1942-43
Article Describing Van Riper Ship Model Shop
View Down South Main Street Toward Mansion House & Fountain
Tisbury School Fourth Grade c. 1912
Nye House After Hurricane, Beach Street
Vineyard Haven Band, 1960
Stan Lair Working on His Model Flying Horses
Underside of Stan Lair's 'Flying Horse' Model, 1977
Tugboats at Union Wharf
WCTU Temperance Award Certificate, Tisbury High School, 1918
Vessel "Patricia" on Beach Road After 1938 Hurricane
View on Deck of Wreck "Perth Amboy", 1917
Two Cars Full of People
Bass Creek; View of Howard Ave. and Marine Hospital
Vessels in Harbor; View of Harbor South of Union Wharf
Mrs. Roth and Group in Car
Tisbury High School Senior Class, June 11, 1936 (Photo)
Tisbury High School Senior Class, June 11, 1936 (Names)
Tisbury High School Senior Class, 1941 (Photo)
Tisbury High School Senior Class, 1941 (Names)
Tisbury High School Class of 1937 (Photo)
Tisbury High School Class of 1937 (Names)
Tisbury High School Senior Class, 1939 (Photo)
Tisbury High School Senior Class, 1939 (Names)
Cast of "The Magazine Princess", T.H.S. Operetta, 1938
Cast T.H.S. Operetta "The Magazine Princess", 1938 (Names)
Ruins of Mansion House Chimney After 1883 Fire
Rod Cleveland and Vessel 4C73G
View of Homes' Hole in 1838 (Banks' Salt Works Illustration)
The Ritter House (Tisbury Museum) After 1883 Fire
Sleepy Hollow (Carl Lair's Farm), Edg. Rd., After Snow
Canoes and Costumed "Indians" in 1913 Pageant
Man and Woman Outside W. W. Douglas Store, 1880s
"Eben A. Thacher" (Capt. Joe Pinto Leaning Out Window)
Aerial View of Beach Road, Bridge, and Beyond
Wreck on Harbor Shore, Beach Road
View From the M.E. Church Steeple Before the 1883 Fire
The Mansion House Before the 1883 Fire
"E. Issokson, Custom Tailor" in Front of Store
Looking Down Main St. from Mansion House Corner, Before 1883
View from the Great House (Baptist Church and Cromwell Lane)
Illustration of Holmes Hole Harbor From Book Cover
Former Chas. Barnett House
Illustration of Harbor
View of Homes' Hole in 1838 (Banks' Illustration)
Wreck in VH Harbor
Two Men on Beach Near Dock
Line of Cars, Parade on Wharf
Looking Down Spring St. Towards Main St. (Before 1883)
Mansion House V.H. Before the 1883 Fire
Illustration: Officers in Front of Marine Hospital
Panorama: Vineyard Haven Harbor From Eastville (NYYC Fleet)
View North on Main Street from Front of Luce Bros. Store
Large Group of People Posing on Huge Log Raft in Harbor
Wreck and Schooners, Vineyard Haven Harbor

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