Tisbury School, 2nd & 3rd Grade Class Photo, 1909-1910

Caption: "Grades 2 + 3"

Handwritten Notes: "Grades 2 + 3 / Tisbury School / 1909-1910 / Miss Anna Pierce Teacher 2nd Grade / Mrs. Lizzie Look 3rd / Back Row - Mary Ferreria, Russell Hancock, Jos. Rogers, Ellery Norton, Stanley Smith, Wm. Pachico, Alexandra McLellan, Alfreda West / ... *"

* ... "Next Row - Helen Norton, Helen Swift, Rachel Lewis / Next Row - Clara Rogers, Lydia Andrews, Gladys Hammett, Alice Stevenson, Evelyn Norton, Catherine Conroy / Next Row - Ruth Andrews, Madeline Godfrey, Ruth Nickerson, Kathleen McDonough / Next Row - John Sivee, David Baptiste, Robert Ames, 'Teeter' Tibbetts, Ellyat[??] Godfrey, Vernon Cosh, Reed Luce. / Next Row - Helen Howland, Emma Luce, Evelyn Cosh, Dorothy Boardman, Dorothy Cleveland, Ruth Merrill, Gladys Baptiste, Mary Andrews, Marjorie Isaacs, Clara Luce, Annie Rogers, Florence Stevenson / Front Row - Howard Mathews, Onslow Robinson, Stanton Lair, Roy Smith, Jesse Smith, George Ames, James Andrews."

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Date: 1909-10
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown - Centre Street

People: Pierce, Anna, Miss; Look, Lizzie, Mrs.; Ferreria, Mary; Hancock, Russell; Rogers, Jos.; Norton, Ellery; Smith, Stanley; Pachico, Wm.; McLellan, Alexandra; West, Alfreda; Norton, Helen; Swift, Helen; Lewis, Rachel; Rogers, Clara; Andrews, Lydia; Hammett, Gladys; Stevenson, Alice; Norton, Evelyn; Conroy, Catherine; Andrews, Ruth; Godfrey, Madeline; Nickerson, Ruth; McDonough, Kathleen; Sivee, John; Baptiste, David; Ames, Robert; Tibbetts, "Teeter"; Godfrey, Ellyat[??]; Cosh, Vernon; Luce, Reed; Howland, Helen; Luce, Emma; Cosh, Evelyn; Boardman, Dorothy; Cleveland, Dorothy; Merrill, Ruth; Baptiste, Gladys; Andrews, Mary; Isaacs, Marjorie; Luce, Clara; Rogers, Annie; Stevenson, Florence; Mathews, Howard; Robinson, Onslow; Lair, Stanton; Smith, Roy; Smith, Jesse; Ames, George; Andrews, James
Keywords: schools; students; children