Tisbury School, 7th + 8th Grade Class Photo, 1914-15

Caption: "Grades 7 + 8"

Handwritten Notes: "Tisbury School 7th + 8th Grades 1914-15 / Back Row - Camelo Mello, Reed Luce, Ruth Andrews, Mr. Hinckley, Teacher - Miss Smith, Teacher, Evelyn Norton, Alfreda West, Alice Stevenson, Margaret Delano, Gladys Hammett / Next Row - Stanley Smith, ...*"

* ... "Philip Mosher, Robert Ames, James Andrews, Edw. Cook, Leon Gale, Jos. Daggett, Dean Swift, Charles Clough, Ellery Norton. / Front Row - Clarence Davey, Onslow Robinson, Simeon Pinkham, Clara Rogers, Mary Andrews, Dorothy Cleveland, Emma Luce, Helen Howland, Rebecca Cary, Catherine Conroy, Eugene Gale, Stanton Lair, Howard Matthews." An arrow pointing to Stan Lair was drawn on the photo.

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Date: 1914-15
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown - Centre Street

People: Mello, Camelo; Luce, Reed; Andrews, Ruth; Hinckley, _____, Mr.; Smith, _____, Miss; Norton, Evelyn; West, Alfreda; Stevenson, Alice; Delano, Margaret; Hammett, Gladys; Smith, Stanley; Mosher, Philip; Ames, Robert; Andrews, James; Cook, Edw.; Gale, Leon; Daggett, Jos.; Swift, Dean; Clough, Charles; Norton, Ellery; Davey, Clarence; Robinson, Onslow; Pinkham, Simeon; Rogers, Clara; Andrews, Mary; Cleveland, Dorothy; Luce, Emma; Howland, Helen; Cary, Rebecca; Conroy, Catherine; Gale, Eugene; Lair, Stanton; Mathews, Howard
Keywords: schools; students; children; teachers