Vineyard Haven HS Girls' Basketball Team c. 1942

Handwritten Notes: "Front Row L to R - Alice Mathewson; _____ Pachico; _____; Ruth Pachico / 2nd Row - L to R Rosalie Leonard Bernard; Margaret MacInnis; Lorraine Johnson; Jane Cottle Gale; Tina Frank Lamb; Lucille Andrews Engley; Ida Leonard ... *"

... * "Back Row - L to R Agnes Flaherty Rice; Esther Rabitt Cummens; Kathryn Baptiste Stewart; Ruth Hancock"

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Date: c. 1942
Location: Vineyard Haven - * - *

People: Mathewson, Alice; Pachico, _____; Pachico, Ruth; Leonard, Rosalie; Bernard, Rosalie (Leonard); MacInnis, Margaret; Johnson, Lorraine; Cottle, Jane; Gale, Jane (Cottle); Frank, Tina; Lamb, Tina (Frank); Andrews, Lucille; Engley, Lucille (Andrews); Leonard, Ida; Flaherty, Agnes; Rice, Agnes (Flaherty); Rabitt, Esther; Cummens, Esther (Rabitt); Baptiste, Kathryn; Stewart, Kathryn (Baptiste); Hancock, Ruth
Keywords: sports; schools; students; teams; basketball teams; uniforms