Article Describing Van Riper Ship Model Shop

Caption: "Nearly all types of vessels that sail the seven seas have been constructed at a unique shipyard on Martha's Vineyard in business for almost a ...*"

* ... quarter of a century. The thousands of ships built in the small boatyard of the shore of Vineyard Haven have never gone to sea and for a very good reason. They are models. / The Van Riper ship model shop is world famous for its reproductions of perfectly-scaled ships of all types from all corners of the globe. Employing a half-dozen skilled men and women, this unusual firm, headed by Charles K. Van Ryper, turns out with painstaking care handmade replicas of past and present marine vessels complete in every detail except for a crew. / Most of the firm's business is devoted to filling orders from ship-builders, steamship lines and naval architects who desire models of ships they either own or are planning to construct. ..."

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Date: *
Location: Vineyard Haven - -

People: Van Ryper, Charles K.
Keywords: models; model making