Tisbury High School Senior Class, June 11, 1936 (Names)

Caption: "T.H.S. Senior Class June 11, 1936"

Signs: Front Row: left to right: / Lawrence Andrews, Louise Athearn, Christine Luce, Claire Ward, Alma Turner, Agnes Luce, Gloria Cautinho, Elizabeth Andrews, Mildred Legg, Olga Larsen, Stephen Norton. / Second Row: Evelyn Dias, Jeanne Brennan, ...*

Irene Pinto, Elizabeth Peakes, Adelaide Bangs, Elizabeth Cleveland, Florence Whiteside, Evelyn Campos, Mary Lopes. / Back Row: Victor Sivee, Eldon Tilton, Frederick Luce, Eric Cottle, Robert Colter, Benjamin Cromwell Jr., Howard Chadwick Jr., Harry Taylor." (See previous image for photograph.)

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Date: June 11, 1936
Location: Vineyard Haven - -

People: Andrews, Lawrence; Athearn, Louise; Luce, Christine; Ward, Claire; Turner, Alma; Luce, Agnes; Cautinho, Gloria; Andrews, Elizabeth; Legg, Mildred; Larsen, Olga; Norton, Stephen; Dias, Evelyn; Brennan, Jeanne; Pinto, Irene; Peakes, Elizabeth; Bangs, Adelaide; Cleveland, Elizabeth; Whiteside, Florence; Campos, Evelyn; Lopes, Mary; Sivee, Victor; Tilton, Eldon; Luce, Frederick; Cottle, Eric; Colter, Robert; Cromwell, Benjamin Jr.; Chadwick, Howard Jr.; Taylor, Harry
Keywords: students; classes; schools; graduates