Tisbury High School Senior Class, 1941 (Names)

Handwritten Notes: "Back Row - L to R / - 1941 - / Herbert Isaacs, Paul Kerns, Clifton Athearn, Hildegard Coutinho, Clotilda Andrada, Nancy Swift, Barbara Coggins, Sterling Magee, Melson Bryant Jr.(?), Arthur Bailey, Gerrit Duys, Jr. / 2nd Helen Fontes, ...*"

* "... Barbara Medeiros, Gloria Larange, Beatrice Burges, Alice Silvia, Dorothy Rabbitt, Elizabeth Flanders, Eileen West. / 3rd Patricia Norton, Dorothy Maciel, Doris Palmer, Dorothy MacInnis, Maysell Belain, Mary Roderick, Virginia Dias, Miriam Norton, Florence Campos. / 4th Chandler Lord, Beverly Coggins, Eva Allen, Priscilla West, Marjorie Allen, Jeanne Chapman, Marie Hermaneaux, Marjorie Cleveland, Barbara Vanderhoop, Margaret Morrice, Bradford Brush. / Front Antone Perry, Richard Flanders, Rapheal Paiva, Stuart Bangs, Robert Plante. [See previous image for photo.]

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Date: 1941
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown? - Centre Street?

People: Isaacs, Herbert; Kerns, Paul; Athearn, Clifton; Coutinho, Hildegarde; Andrada, Clotilda; Swift, Nancy; Coggins, Barbara; Magee, Sterling; Bryant, Nelson (Jr.?); Bailey, Arthur; Duys, Gerrit Jr.; Fontes, Helen; Medeiros, Barbara; Larange, Gloria; Burgess, Beatrice; Silvia, Alice; Rabbitt, Dorothy; Flanders, Elizabeth; West, Eileen; Norton, Patricia; Maciel, Dorothy; Palmer, Doris; MacInnis, Dorothy; Belain, Maysel; Roderick, Mary; Dias, Virginia; Norton, Miriam; Campos, Florence; Lord, Chandler; Coggins, Beverly; Allen, Eva; West, Priscilla; Allen, Marjorie; Chapman, Jeanne; Hermaneau, Marie; Cleveland, Marjorie; Vanderhoop, Barbara; Morrice, Margaret; Brush, Bradford; Perry, Antone; Flanders, Richard; Paiva, Rapheal; Bangs, Stuart; Plante, Robert
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