Tisbury High School Class of 1937 (Names)

Handwritten Notes: "Class of 1937 / Top Row, Left to right / Joseph Andrews, Parker Chapman, Elizebeth Cole, Philip Cole, Everel Greene, Bradford Norton, Josephine Andrada, Edward LeBeau, Lydia Rogers, Sydney Miller, John Morrice / Bottom Row / Melvin Cleveland, ...*"

* "... Sarah Dewson, Harold Dugan, Winifred Duart, Leonard Athearn, Sylvia Brown, Paul Cowdrey, Natalie Chipman, Miles Renear. [See previous image for photo.]

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Date: 1937
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown? - Centre Street?

People: Andrews, Joseph; Chapman, Parker; Cole, Elizebeth; Cole, Philip; Greene, Everel; Norton, Bradford; Andrada, Josephine; LeBeau, Edward; Rogers, Lydia; Miller, Sydney; Morrice, John; Cleveland, Melvin; Dewson, Sarah; Dugan, Harold; Duart, Winifred; Athearn, Leonard; Brown, Sylvia; Cowdrey, Paul; Chipman, Natalie; Renear, Miles
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