Tisbury High School Senior Class, 1939 (Names)

Handwritten Notes: "Front Row - (left to right) / George Silva, Eleanor Schultz, John Pierce, William McClure, John Finnegan, Robert Flanders Jr., Laura Fontes, Marjorie Santos, Jane Cowen, George Costa, William Swartz, Clifford Dugan. / Second Row - / Francis Frank...*"

* "... Allan G. Keniston, Jesse Oliver, Ashley Mayhew, Yvanne Plante, Dorothy Tilton, Lena Cleveland, Gloria Silvia, Elizabeth Honey, Clara Silva. / Third Row - / Marshall Marden, Jessie Vanderhoop, Aida Sousa, Carolee Rice, Olive Flanders, Natalie Chadwick, Kathleen Brennan, Helen McDonough, Betty Kerns, Robert Chapman. / Also in Class - Absent because of Measles - / H. Drusilla Greene, Eleanor Tower, Elizabeth Turner, Alfred Vanderhoop, Robert Counsell. [See previous image for photo.]

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Date: 1939
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown? - Centre Street?

People: Silva, George; Schultz, Eleanor; Peirce, John; McClure, William; Finnegan, John; Flanders, Robert Jr.; Fontes, Laura; Santos, Marjorie; Cowen, Jane; Costa, George; Swartz, William; Dugan, Clifford; Frank, Francis; Keniston, Allan G.; Oliver, Jesse; Mayhew, Ashley; Plante, Yvanne; Tilton, Dorothy; Cleveland, Lena; Silvia, Gloria; Honey, Elizabeth; Silva, Clara; Marden, Marshall; Vanderhoop, Jessie; Sousa, Aida; Rice, Carolee; Flanders, Olive; Chadwick, Natalie; Brennan, Kathleen; McDonough, Helen; Kerns, Betty; Chapman, Robert; Greene, H. Drusilla; Tower, Eleanor; Turner, Elizabeth; Vanderhoop, Alfred; Counsell, Robert
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