Cast T.H.S. Operetta "The Magazine Princess", 1938 (Names)

Handwritten Notes: "Back Row: / Marion Lair, Francis Frank, Frances Campbell, Robert Chapman, William Honey, Marjorie Santos, Laura Fontes, Anna Vincent, Eleanor Tower, Marcia Hinckley, Virginia Kayes, Dorothy MacInnis, Adele Curney, Ella Mayhew, Allan Keniston, ...*"

* ..."Clara Yates, John Pierce[?] / Second Row: / Yale Issokson, Chandler Lord, Everett Dolby, Richard Thompson, Howard Andrews, Herbert Isaacs, Robert Counsell, Malcolm Welch, Robert Flanders, Miss L. McCoy / Front Row: / Gloria Autheir, Clara Dias, Jeanne Chapman, Bertha Bumpus, Marjorie Rabbitt, Helen Fontes, Margaret Morrice, Aida Souza, Shirley Cronig, Ruth Cronig, Marjorie Allen, Helen McDonough, Gertrude Ossman, Merrill Ritter, Patricia Norton, Kathleen Brennan, Elizabeth Honey, Stewart Bangs, Miss Camille Marquis, Miss Clara Marquis / Seated: / Virginia Dias, Milton Nichols, Doris Palmer.

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Date: 1938
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown? - Centre Street?

People: Lair, Marion; Frank, Francis; Campbell, Frances; Chapman, Robert; Honey, William; Santos, Marjorie; Fontes, Laura; Vincent, Anna; Tower, Eleanor; Hinckley, Marcia; Kayes, Virginia; MacInnis, Dorothy; Curney, Adele; Mayhew, Ella; Keniston, Allan; Yates, Clara; Pierce, John; Issokson, Yale; Lord, Chandler; Dolby, Everett; Thompson, Richard; Andrews, Howard; Isaacs, Herbert; Counsell, Robert; Welch, Malcolm; Flanders, Robert; McCoy, L., Miss; Authier, Gloria; Dias, Clara; Chapman, Jeanne; Bumpus, Bertha; Rabbitt, Marjorie; Fontes, Helen; Morrice, Margaret; Souza, Aida; Cronig, Shirley; Cronig, Ruth; Allen, Marjorie; McDonough, Helen; Ossman, Gertrude; Ritter, Merrill; Norton, Patricia; Brennan, Kathleen; Honey, Elizabeth; Bangs, Stewart; Marquis, Camille, Miss; Marquis, Clara, Miss; Dias, Virginia; Nichols, Milton; Palmer, Doris
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