High School Class Photo

Handwritten Notes: "Back Row /1 /2 Malcolm Diamond /3 /4 Clifton Parker? /5 Leslie Flanders /Middle Row /1 Josephin Luce /2 Marjorie Mayhew /3 Mildred MacDonald /4 Vivian Horton /5 Charlotte Reynolds /6 ___ Pinero /Front Row /1 /2 Ben C. Mayhew /3 Millicent Luce /...*"

* ... 4 Frankie Manning?

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Location: Vineyard Haven - -

People: Diamond, Malcolm; Parker, Clifton; Flanders, Leslie; Luce, Josephine; Mayhew, Marjorie; MacDonald, Mildred; Horton, Vivian; Reynolds, Charlotte; Pinero, _____; Mayhew, Ben C.; Luce, Millicent; Manning, Frankie