Old Photographs of Vineyard Haven, Mass.
  Photo Album #3

These photographs were collected by local historian Stan Lair (1902-1987) during the 1970's and 1980's from a wide variety of sources. He supplemented them with his own modern photos (included here) as well as handwritten notes on the back (and sometimes the front) of most of the images. We have transcribed his notes, as well as any captions or signs visible in the image. [Additional comments (marked [W.R. 1999]) have been provided by Walter Renear of Vineyard Haven.]

Sorry, but I cannot make copies of these photos available at this time. Try the Martha's Vineyard Historical Society, who may have copies of some of these photos in their files.

Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? How about the time period? Or do you know where one of these photos came from? Please Let me know!

Index to Photographs:

Group of Men and Boys Outside Market
Three Boys with Bike Outside 1796 House
Golfer at Tashmoo Golf Course
Boys in Row Boat at West Chop
Mansion House Corner, Showing Fountain
Aerial View of West Chop, West Side, Centered on Landing
Aerial View of West Chop Landing
Interior of Vineyard Drug Co.
View of Vineyard Haven and Harbor From Hill to North
Group with Fish Strung From Pole
Herring Creek
Price List for Ford Motor Co. Cars & Trucks, 1923
Road to West Chop Lighthouse
Large Group Bicycling Up Beach St.
Group Picture of Navy Sailors
Capt. Donald Tilton and Mgr. Theodore Howes
Cora Madeiros Addressing Bicentennial Crowd at Owen Park
Proposed Lots at Tashmoo-West Chop 1889 Development
Inside View of "A. S. Andrews' Tonsorial Parlor"
Helen McDonough and Friend Near Old Methodist Church
Five Teenagers Posing on Stone Wall
Group of Five on South Beach, Including Bertha (Tilton) Luce
Aerial View of Houses (Where is This??)
Five Children on Bicycles (and a Tricycle)
Two Children in a Field
1920 Parade Float
Interior View of Smith, Bodfish, Swift Co. Store
Two Ships at Union Wharf
Main Street, 1970's - Old Post Office
Mansion House Corner Before the 1883 Fire
Moller House, West Chop Road
View of Lagoon Pond Road and Beach Road from Marine Hospital
Cottages of P. E. Moller, H. B. Weeks, H. W. Daggett
View of Vineyard Haven, Lagoon, and Beach Road from Hill
Trolley Crossing Oak Bluffs-Vineyard Haven Bridge
Aerial View of U.S. Marine Hospital, Skiff Ave., Causeway Rd
The Intersection of State Road and Edgartown Road?
Class Photo (Do You Recognize Any Children?)
High School Class Photo
View of Vineyard Haven Harbor from Marine Hospital, c. 1979
View of Beach Road and Oil Tanks from Marine Hospital, c1979
View of Beach Road and Breakwater from Marine Hospital c1979
View of Hines Point from Marine Hospital, c1979
Passenger Ferry (Which One?)
Painting of Dr. Charles F. Lane
View of Beach Road and Oak Bluffs (From Marine Hospital?)
Harbor Viewed From West End of Breakwater
Main Street After the 1883 Fire (View From M.E. Steeple)
Reenactment of the Liberty Pole Story
Tour Bus and Unloading Ferry
Main St. Looking South Toward the M.V. National Bank
The Bathing Beach, Vineyard Haven
Picket in Front of New Bedford Ticket Office, 1960
Aerial View of Union Wharf, Downtown Area, and Harbor
Group in Front of Main Street Post Office
Perc Test at the old Center St. Lair Property
Dr. Hough House (Later Dr. Mitchell, Dr. File), c. 1979
4H Group - Children Seated in Rows of Chairs
View From Mt. Aldworth Toward Beach Rd. (1920's?)
The Tashmoo (Inn) When At The Location of Cronig's Market
Jean Canha With Shopping Cart Under Linden Tree, c. 1979
Jean Canha With Shopping Cart Under Linden Tree, c. 1979
Jean Canha With Shopping Cart Under Linden Tree, c. 1979
Jean Canha With Shopping Cart Under Linden Tree, c. 1979
Capawock Theater, Traffic, and Jean Canha, c. 1979
Cars, Ticket Office, and Ferry at Union Wharf
Icy Wharf at West Chop, 1979
Wrecks in Vineyard Haven Harbor (After 1898 Gale)
Steamship Passing Schooner Grounded(?) In Icy Water
Woman on Wooden Platform Near Car
Six Smiling People in a Room
Two Women on Stairs Leading Down to Hines Bridge
View of Town From Mt. Aldworth; Cows in Foreground
Man and Woman With Team of Horses
View of Bass Creek, Marine Hospital, and Surroundings
Two Schooners at Union Wharf
"Chamarita" - Group of Actors(?) on Painted Set
View of Town from Mt. Aldworth
S. C. Luce Jr. Shaking Hands With Dog on Main Street
Group of Women on Capt. Frank Vincent's "On Time" at Dock
Marion Wright, Thankful Downs, Lizzie Downs, Ethel Fischer
Marion Wright, Lizzie Downs, Edna Claghorn, Ethel Fischer
Elisha Luce Standing in the Street
Ethel Fischer, Lizzie Downs, Mr. ____ Luce, and Fourth Woman
Four Women in Hats on Beach, Eating
Man Wearing Unusual Outfit (What is it??)
Two Women in Fishing Gear Standing in Rowboat
Davis Look and Thankful Downs Sharing a Laugh
Tisbury School Class Photo
Two Women in Hats (Edna Claghorn on Right)
Two Women in Horse-Drawn Carriage (Edna Claghorn Driving)
Group of Six in Hats on South Beach
View of Old Main Street Baptist Church Before the Fire
The Cedars at West Chop
Lumber Yard and Union Wharf (Rebuilt After 1898)
View of Town From Harbor, Including Old Harness Factory
Steamship Passing Schooner on Icy Shore
Telephone Poles Bent After Storm (Hurricane?) on Beach Road
Aerial View of ??? (Where is this?)
Aerial View of ??? (Where is this?)
Aerial View of Mink Meadows Opening
Aerial View of Lake Tashmoo
Aerial View of Harbor and Town
Newly Installed Fountain by M.V. National Bank, 1979
Workers Installing Fountain at M.V. National Bank, 1979
Boat Houses on Shore North of Union Wharf
Carriage Passing Stephen C. Luce Store
View of Beach Road and Bass Creek from Marine Hospital
The Bethel Boat, 'Helen May'
Large Steel Steam Vessel (What is it?)
Aerial View of Beach Road and Lagoon Pond Road
View of Beach Road from Marine Hospital
Early View of Vineyard Haven
Cars in Front of Dukes County Garage
(Military?) Band Playing on a Lawn, 1970
Programme - Vineyard Haven Brass Band - Jan. 9, 1883
Illustrated Map of Vineyard Haven
View of Union Wharf, Lumber Yard, and Shore
Wreck on Beach Road; View of Town
Row of Tugboats at Union Wharf

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