Group in Front of Main Street Post Office

Handwritten Notes: ""Hi Stanton: This is the picture I spoke about. I'm sure I was told that Billie Andrews is on the end and I'm sure Pierce is next to Mr. Dunlap but I don't know the others. This was taken with a somewhat different camera and I have one of P.T. ..."*"

Signs: Vineyard Haven Post Office [?]

* "... alone taken that morning. I can remember the blue plaid mackinaw. I have always understood it was the time the first draftees left. You can have the picture but I would be interested to know who the others are. It could be Carey Luce standing in front of the drop letter box -- the slacker! See what you can make out of it. Kath" [1982 Letter to Stanton Lair from Kathleen J. McDonough of Vineyard Haven, containing this photo.]

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Date: WW I?
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown - Main St.

People: McDonough, Kathleen J.; Andrews, Billie; T_____, Pierce; Dunlap, Mr.; Luce, Carey
Keywords: views; U.S. Government; post offices; soldiers; draft; volunteers; wars; military; wars; wartime