Race Horses and Sulky Drivers at Track

Handwritten Notes: "L to R - Castell Wilkes (Osgood Mayhew) - King Benton (Bert Bradley) - Alert (Frank Bodfish) - Mable (Clyde Mayhew) - Coasterine (Carl Lair)"

( Was this track the one that used to be up near the present High School?) "I don't think so (because of the building). I think this is the West Tisbury track. The one near the High School was in a field (now Deer Run, or some such name, development) just off Barnes Road. They were called sulky drivers, not jockies." [WHR 1999]

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Date: *
Location: West Tisbury? - -

People: Mayhew, Osgood; Bradley, Bert; Bodfish, Frank; Mayhew, Clyde; Lair, Carl
Keywords: racing; horses; gambling; games; entertainment; sports