M.V.H. Baseball Team, Posing in Uniform

Signs: M.V.H.

See v50202.htm for the names that were evidently on the back of the original. "The M.V.H. stood for Martha's Vineyard Herald. The owner of the Herald (based in Oak Bluffs) is also known for having purchased the Civil War Soldier Statue now in the Oak Bluffs Park near the Police Station. My grandfather, at the left rear, played My grandfather, at the left rear, played first base and pitcher. I have copies of newspaper clips on this team. The photo was taken behind the Methodist chapel in the camp meeting grounds." [WHR 1999]

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Date: **
Location: Oak Bluffs - Campgrounds - *

People: Benedict, Harry; Nooning[?], Joe; Ch...., _____; Renear, Walter; Smith, _____; Howland, Walter[?]; Francis, Manuel; Francis, Jim[?]; McBride, D. J.
Keywords: sports; teams; uniforms; recreation