Names on Back of M.V.H. Baseball Team Photo

Handwritten Notes: "160 / About 40 years ago or 1890 Mar[?] 23, 1930 / Sitting Harry Benedict Joe Nooning[?], ... / Standing Walter Renear, Smith (B...) Walter[?] Howland Manuel[?] Francis Jim[?] Francis[?] / Sitting Lynch S.S. Benedict P. Nooning[?] C. Ch..... LF /...*"

* Standing Renear 1B Smith 3B[?] Howland 2B[?] M. Francis CF / J. Francis R.F. / following game with Edgartown. / Return to D. J. Mc Bride / Oak Bluffs. - (This was evidently a photo of the back of the previous team photo (v50201.htm))

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Date: **
Location: Vineyard Haven - * - *

People: Benedict, Harry; Nooning[?], Joe; Ch...., _____; Renear, Walter; Smith, _____; Howland, Walter[?]; Francis, Manuel; Francis, Jim[?]; McBride, D. J.
Keywords: sports; teams; recreation