Small World War II Vessel Built By Colby & Dugan, in Harbor

Handwritten Notes: "Built by Colby + Dugan for the Government - World War II"

Signs: Vineyard Haven

"The boat built at Martha's Vineyard Shipbuilding Co. was a Navy Seaplane Tender. They had a rubber bumper all around it to keep it from hurting the seaplane. Colby was William Colby who owned the shipyard. Dugan was William who was a house builder and I believe was in cahoots with Colby. Colby owned the asphalt plant on Goodales. He had two sons - one died in WWII, one died here while running the plant for his father." [Bob Kinnecom, 1999]; "I worked at the shipyard at this time, just before going into the service, and used to deliver these boats to New Bedford. They were known as 'Plane Re-Arming Boats' and were employed to carry armaments out to large seaplanes anchored offshore." [WHR 1999]

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Date: early 1940's
Location: Vineyard Haven - harbor -

People: Colby, William; Dugan, William
Keywords: boats; harbors; wharves; views; wars; military; ship building