Old Photographs of Vineyard Haven, Mass.
  Photo Album #8

These photographs were collected by local historian Stan Lair (1902-1987) during the 1970's and 1980's from a wide variety of sources. He supplemented them with his own modern photos (included here) as well as handwritten notes on the back (and sometimes the front) of most of the images. We have transcribed his notes, as well as any captions or signs visible in the image. [Additional comments (marked [W.R. 1999]) have been provided by Walter Renear of Vineyard Haven.]

Sorry, but I cannot make copies of these photos available at this time. Try the Martha's Vineyard Historical Society, who may have copies of some of these photos in their files.

Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? How about the time period? Or do you know where one of these photos came from? Please Let me know!

Index to Photographs:

"The Bathing Beach and Piers" Near Union Wharf, c. 1905?
Chas. Vincent, John Andrews, Ice Boat "Miss Flapper" 1926
Downtown Before 1883 Fire; Bradley's Store and House
"The Bathing Beach, Vineyard Haven"
"Vineyard Haven Bathing Beach"; Boat "Lizzie" and Boathouses
Two Cars Outside Renear's Livery Stable; Side of Bank
Old Marine Hospital (Back Side) - Beach Rd. in Distance
Bathers and Rafts in Harbor, 1906
Woman and Boy in Horse-Drawn U. S. Mail Carriage on Beach
Old U. S. Marine Hospital (Front Side) About 1886
Vineyard Haven Town Band Posing on Grass
Dr. Winthrop Butler's Accounts for Capt. Abner West's Family
Ben Franklin Store, Main Street, March 1980
View Down Main Street c. 1980: Shirley's Hardware, Etc.
Dr. Lane's Business Card
Large Group in Baptist Church Pageant(?)
Innisfail, Surrounding Buildings, and Lagoon
Roth House
Grocery Store, Beach Road, and Van Ryper Ship Models Sign
"flea Market" storefront, Main Street, c. 1960's?
Bethel Boat "Helen May"
Schooners Leaving Harbor
View Up Union Street: Bethel, Carriage, and Stores
Small World War II Vessel Built By Colby & Dugan, in Harbor
Drug Store, Main Street, Before the 1883 Fire
Winter View of Main Street c. 1980
View From M.E. Steeple After 1883 Fire
Newly (Re)Installed Main Street Fountain, 1979
Ben Franklin Store - Clearance Sale, March 1980
Frank Silva and 1913 Ford After Vermont Trip
Car Driving Toward Cottages at West Chop
Carey Luce Standing Outside in Coat and Hat
View North on Main Street: Fountain and Wagon
Rudolphus Crocker House, Crocker Ave.
Tugboat "Whitefoot"
Luce / Dr. Cosgrove / Co-op Bank Building, South Main Street
Crowds and Coast Guard Cutter at Union Wharf
Touched Up Photo of Fischer Bros. Storefront
Connie Sanborn Delivers a Speech at West Chop, c. 1980
Association Hall / Town Hall, Baptist Church, and Spring St.
Vessel "Lauri L." Grounded at Owen Park, 1980
SW Corner of Spring Street and Main Street, c. 1960's?
Two Main Street Storefronts?
24 Men and 1 Woman Seated in Room (V.H. Glee Club?)
Bell Ringing Under Linden Tree - 1981 Iran Hostage Return
Bell Ringing Under Linden Tree - 1981 Iran Hostage Return
Schooner ...bury... Grounded on Beach Road; View of Town
Great House, West Chop
Stam's Restaurant (The Old Nobnocket Club)
Point Pond, West Chop
Vineyard Haven and Harbor
Wagon, Steamer "River Queen," and Fish Market at Union Wharf
View North on Main Street Before 1905
Tisbury School Band on Front Steps
Beach Houses on Harbor Shore
View Up Road to West Chop Light
Illustrated Map of Vineyard Haven
View From M.E. Steeple After 1883 Fire
E. Issokson Standing in Doorway
View of Beach Road from U.S. Marine Hospital
Bathers and Boaters on Shore Under Innisfail
The Seven-Masted Schooner, "Thomas Lawson"
Two Men Driving 1911 'Little', Owned By Manuel Campbell
Fishing Boat Grounded at Owen Park, 1980
Two Men Driving 1911 'Little', Owned By Manuel Campbell
1903 Rambler Owned by Dr. Roth, at Dukes County Garage
Young Dean "Deanie" Swift in Lawn
Wreck on Beach Road Harbor Shore
Mt. Aldworth Inn and Neighboring Houses, Edgartown Road
View North on Main Street Near Capawock, 1950s?
"Ritter House" After the 1883 Fire
Illustration of Steamer at Night
Telephone Group, Policemen Posing In Front of Line Truck
Tisbury High School Students (?) Posing on Steps
"The Rooster's Chowder House"
"City of Portsmouth" Leaving West Chop Wharf at Night
The Old Methodist Church (Children Posing on Railing)
Two Schooners at Union(?) Wharf
Rep. Studds and Campaign Group
View North on Main Street; Car Driving South
W. E. Carroll Truck and Driver
Three Women in Dresses
U.S. Navy LST Landing at Steamboat Wharf on Nantucket, 1960
Aerial View of Union Wharf and Harbor, c. 1960s-70s
Tashmoo Lake and Pumping Station
Musicians in Marching Band
Baptist Church Group, Willard Johnson Pastor
Man in Truck, Showing Foot[?] to Crowd of Children
Bathing Beach, Vineyard Haven
View South on Main Street, From Near Owen Park
William Street Looking North From Near Drummer Lane
William Street Looking South from Drummer Lane
Cap'n Zeb Tilton at the Wheel
Six Men in Revolutionary War Costumes?
Tugboats "Savage", "Cheektowaga" and Others at Union Wharf
Hydrofoil "Flying Cloud", 1960's
Eight Young Men in Suits Posing on Bench - Class of 1915
Crowd and Cars on Beach Behind Fence Near Steamer
View North on Main Street: J. H. Lambert Store, WCTU, etc.
Fischer Bros. Storefront
Storefront of George F. Daley's "Vineyard Drug Co." Store
"Wharf Scene": Two Tugboats at Union Wharf
Golfer at Tashmoo Golf Course
Looking down Spring St. in 1874 from William St.
Looking up Church St. at Old M.E. Church
Mansion House Corner - August 10, 1883
Four Women Wading in Shallow Water
Two Women at Old Tisbury Pumping Station
Tashmoo Inn and Tennis Courts, Main Street
Poster: "First Grand Spelling Match"
Old Centre Street School
Car in Front of Dukes County Garage, c. 1923
Baptist Church Group with Minister Willard Johnson
Innisfail Hotel
Mansion House Corner bef. 1883: Peakes Express, Baptist Ch.
Group Posing in Front of Second Crocker Harness Factory
16-Piece Vineyard Haven Brass Band, Posing in Street
Illustration of "Baptist Church, Homes Hole, 1837-1883."
Illustration of United States Marine Hospital
Gov. McCall + Lieut. Gov. Coolidge, 1918 Speech on Main St.
Documents and Photos Regarding West Chop Light Station
Notes on West Chop Light-Station, 1817-1891
Notes on West Chop Light-Station, 1863-1888
Notes on West Chop Light-Station, 1889-1906
Construction of Second Slip at Union Wharf, March 1981
Unveiling of Samuel McCall Plaque at Gay Head Schoolhouse
Parade Float - 1918 McCall Plaque Parade to Gay Head?
Gov. Samuel McCall Giving Speech at Carter Park, Main Street
McCall Parade - Soldiers Marching off Union Wharf, 1918
"West Chop in Front of Bissell's (1978)"
"Shoeing a Horse"
C. M. Vincent Store Interior With Vincent Family
The Dr. Edward Roth House (Razed), Downtown
View of Wharf, Harbor, and Town From Hill Near Mill
The Marine Railway
Painted Portrait of Dr. Charles F. Lane
View of North Side of Town From ME Steeple -After 1883 Fire?
Old "Eben A. Thacher"
New "Eben A. Thacher"
"Eben A. Thacher" - Photo #3 (Leaving Harbor)
"Eben A. Thacher" - Photo #4 (Snowy Shore Scene
Fischer Bros. Store, Neighboring Building, and View to Wharf
The Hine's Foot Bridge; View of Beach Road and Town

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