Two Men Driving 1911 'Little', Owned By Manuel Campbell

Handwritten Notes: "1911 'Little' (brand name) owned by Manuel Campbell - original owner was Urban Lantz"

Signs: Delco / Batteries; Mass / 3244 / 1912

(Where are they? Do you recognize the men?) "I knew Urban Lantz well, he lived a block from my father's house on the lot which is on the north side of Spring Street and the second West from Franklin. In the rear Mr. Lantz had a cabinet shop and a garage where there were two cars stored on jacks - where the Ed Donald metal shop is located. One car was this 'Little' and the other was a French made sedan with large oval head lamps - I don't know what happened to the second car." [WHR 1999]

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Date: aft 1911
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown? - *

People: Campbell, Manuel; Lantz, Urban; Donald, Ed
Keywords: cars; stores; views