The Hine's Foot Bridge; View of Beach Road and Town

Handwritten Notes: "The Hine's foot bridge V.H. / Built in 1873 for the convenience of the Hine family by Elihu M. Mosher. It was 700 feet long - cost $2000.00 to build / Ran from Hine's Point to the Beach Road terminating near what is now the Tilton Lumber Co. / ...*"

* ... "The reason it was built was to provide a short walk to the Beach Road, wrote C. G. Hine. The traffic count was never comparable to that of Brooklyn Bridge or any other such, but many a small boy made use of it to fish for cunners."

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Date: *
Location: Vineyard Haven - Lagoon - Beach Road

People: Hine, C. G.
Keywords: bridges; views; steeples; sailboats