View North on Main Street From J. H. Lambert Store

Handwritten Notes: "View From Lambert's Store"

Signs: Boston Branch Grocery / J. H. Lambert; Confectionery and Fruit; Cigars and Tobacco; ... Fair Model Ranges and Stoves; Hub Ranges and Heaters / Recommend Themselves / For Sale By H. L. Tilton; Plumbing; W. C. T. U. Reading Room; Luce Bros.; Laundry

Dup of V70903.HTM, V75701.HTM, and V82601.HTM

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Date: bef 1920
Location: Vineyard Haven - downtown - Main Street

People: Lambert, J. H.; Tilton, H. L.
Keywords: stores; views; barber poles; Linden Tree; Lane's Block; plumbers; lamp posts; telephone poles; libraries