Old Photographs of Vineyard Haven, Mass.
  Photo Album #9

These photographs were collected by local historian Stan Lair (1902-1987) during the 1970's and 1980's from a wide variety of sources. He supplemented them with his own modern photos (included here) as well as handwritten notes on the back (and sometimes the front) of most of the images. We have transcribed his notes, as well as any captions or signs visible in the image. [Additional comments (marked [W.R. 1999]) have been provided by Walter Renear of Vineyard Haven.]

Sorry, but I cannot make copies of these photos available at this time. Try the Martha's Vineyard Historical Society, who may have copies of some of these photos in their files.

Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? How about the time period? Or do you know where one of these photos came from? Please Let me know!

Index to Photographs:

'Newburgh' Through the Wharf After the 1898 Gale
L. E. Briggs Store, Fountain, and Telephone Office
Looking North West from Mansion House Corner After 1883 Fire
Marching Band, Parade, on Main Street Near Linden Tree
Horses Outside Norton & Bradley's Car Rental, Main Street
The "Helen May" Moored in the Harbor
Lizzie Downs, Thankful Downs, and Ethel Fischer in Car
The "City of Portsmouth" at West Chop Wharf By Moonlight
Aerial View of Marine Hospital, Lagoon Pond Rd. + Beach Rd.
St. Augustine Church (Now Superintendant's Office)
Aerial View of Beach Road and Bridge, c. 1979
Aerial View of Beach Road and Harbor
View of Marine Hospital (Rear) and Houses to the East
Ferry, Traffic, and Tour Buses, c. 1960's.
Aerial View, West Chop Wharf
Mansion House Corner and Fountain
Aerial View of Lagoon, Hines Point, Downtown, and Harbor
Aerial View of Lagoon, Beach Rd., Lagoon Pond Rd., + Town
Aerial View of West Chop (West Shore) and West Chop Landing
Aerial View of West Chop (West Shore)
Aerial View of West Chop (Harbor Shore)
Aerial View of Lagoon Pond Road, Beach Road, and Downtown
Aerial View of Hines Point, Beach Road, and Bridge
Aerial View of West Chop, 1979
Aerial View of West Chop
Mac Welch as Child with Rifle and Dead Bird, c. 1930
Aerial View of Beach Road, Harbor, Lagoon, and Hines Point
Aerial View of West Chop Lighthouse
Truck Amid ('54?) Hurricane Wreckage, Beach Road
Bathers, Boats, Beach and Breakwater
Aerial View of ??? (West Chop Somewhere?)
Aerial View of Eastville, Hospital, Beach Road, and Lagoon
Horses Outside Norton & Bradley Automobiles For Hire
Silhouette Reclinging Outside Mill House
Bethel, Garden, and Neighboring Buildings
Renear's Livery Stable and E. H. Manter Shoe Store
Repair(?) Work on Baptist Church, William Street
Main Street, Looking North Toward Lane's Block
High & Grammar School, Centre Street
Woman Drinking from Newly Reinstalled Fountain, Main St.
View South on Main Street From Near Bank
Boat Houses Near Dukes County Wharf
Schooners Nearing Harbor and Breakwater
Schooners Entering Harbor
Aerial View of Mink Meadows Pond
Paddlewheel Steamer "Island Home" and Schooners in Harbor
Sailors Free Reading Room, View Up Union Wharf
Aerial View of ?? (Where is This?)
Zeb Tilton's "Alice S. Wentworth" at Shipyard, c. 1929
Looking Towards Hines Point From a Cottage Near Innisfail
At the Top of the Steps Leading Down to Hines Bridge
"Lady Kelvin" - W. O. White's Gloucester Mackerel Schooner
Centre Street School
View of Union Wharf and Downtown From Harbor
Group Posing Outside Crocker Harness Factory
Trolley Crossing Oak Bluffs - Vineyard Haven Bridge
Carriage Passing The Stephen C. Luce Store
Large Group of Students in Front of Centre Street School
1858 Walling Map: Holmes Hole Inset
Snow Piled on Union Street After 1898 Portland Gale
Painting of Two Heath Hens
Fourteen Men and Women (in Costume?)
Four Men Outside Luce Bros. Store
Four Men Outside Luce Bros. Store (Closeup)
Frank Tilton's and Chas. Barnett's Houses from Crocker Ave.
View North on Main Street From J. H. Lambert Store
Metal Storage Shed Full of Street Signs, Barrels, and Junk
Outside of Storage Shed, Half Buried in Sand
"U.S.S. Constitution" Being Towed Through Vineyard Sound
Man on Deck of Steamer "Nobska"
Schooner Newburgh Through Union Wharf
Schooner Newburgh Through Union Wharf - Beach View
Twenty Men in Diving Helmets and Suits
The "Port Hunter", Sunk
Schooner "Canaria" and Other Wrecks After 1898 Gale
Happy Hollow Farm, Edgartown Road
Capt. Sim Pinkham With Another Sitting on Boat "Heron"
"The organ grinder- a familiar summer sight on the Vineyard"
Schooner "Newburgh" Through Union Wharf (Beach View)
Union Wharf Built Around "Newburgh"; Lumber Yard
Main St. Looking South From Owen Park
View of Downtown and Harbor From Near Mill
Basil Welch
Programme - Vineyard Haven Brass Band, Jan. 1883
Vineyard Haven Fire Department Posing With Truck
View of Downtown From Near Beach Road, Across Marsh
View of Downtown From Harbor
Stan Lair in Bowler, c. 1980
"40 and 8" Parade Down Water Street, 1920
Harry McLellan with Block of Ice and E. F. Luce Ice Truck
Tugs at the Vineyard Haven Wharf Around 1905
View of Beach Road and Lagoon Pond Road from Marine Hospital
"Bird's-Eye View from Mt. Aldworth"
Aerial View of Marine Hospital, Skiff Ave., Causeway Road
W.P.A. Group Posing in Front of Building (Association Hall?)
Three Men Outside Stephen C. Luce Store
S.B.S. Store Interior, Main St. (Next to the Theatre)
Fifteen S.B.S. Employees (?) Posing Near Awning

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