The History of Martha's Vineyard by Dr. Charles Banks:
Volume III Family Genealogies:  pp. 177 - 178


Compiled by Dr. Charles Banks, c. 1925.
Transcribed and prepared for the web by C. Baer and Karen Flanders Eddy, 1999.
[Additional information in brackets compiled from a variety of sources by C. Baer.]


30. JOHN FLANDERS, b. abt. 1745, came to C. as a young man and engaged in farming, fishing and piloting. His parentage is unknown, but it is believed that he came from Salisbury, Mass. or Hampton, N. H., where the only Flanders family resident in New England had lived for over a century previous. A John, son of David and Susanna Flanders, bapt. 7 Aug. 1748 at South Hampton may be identical with John of Chilmark. He m. SARAH HILLMAN (83) 27 Jan. 1769, who was b. (1745) and they had the following named children:

40. JOHN, b 14 Sept. 1769.
41. BETSEY, b. (1772); m. CYRUS HATCH 1 Sept. 1791 [in Chilmark.]
42. RICHARD, b. 1774; d. 1788 [at sea.]
43. JANE, b. 1777; d. 1790.

[Note from Karen Eddy: It has since been proven that John Flanders is the son of Richard Flanders and Mercy Whitney of Newbury, MA. This information can be found in The Flanders Family From Europe To America by Edith Flanders Dunbar, 1935. John and Sarah later moved to Wilton, Maine, where both died and are buried. John served in the Seacoast Defence in the Revolutionary War.]



40. JOHN FLANDERS, (John1), b. 14 Sept. 1769; res. C., tanner. He m. HANNAH TILTON (260) 23 Dec. 1792 [in Chilmark], who was b. 4 Apr. 1770 and d. at the great age of 100 yrs., 2 mo., 10d., on July 14, 1870. He d. 25 Apr. 1837. They had the following named children:

50. ALVIN, b. 13 July 1794; m. MERIBEH TILTON (253) 1 Sept. 1821. [Alvin was a Chilmark mariner. Their children likely included Albert F. Flanders (b. 1823), Clarissa G. Flanders (1826-1846), Pamela T. Flanders (1833), David T. Flanders (1836-1837), and Joseph Flanders (1839-1844). Alvin Flanders died in 1854.]
51. ALMIRA, b. 16 Oct. 1795 [in Chilmark]; m. CORNELIUS TILTON (226) [21 Nov.] 1816 [in Chilmark.]
52. HANNAH, b. 15 Apr. 1799; m. JOSIAH TILTON (351) 21 Oct. 1829.
53. JOHN, b. 1 May 1800 [in Chilmark]; m. MARY HANCOCK (83). [John was a Chilmark mariner. Their children likely included Daniel Flanders (b. 1822), James H. Flanders (1825), Francis A. Flanders (1826), Ann F. Flanders (1830), Adeline M. Flanders (1832), John W. Flanders (1837), and a male child (1850). Was Mary the Mrs. Mary Flanders of Dartmouth, formerly of Chilmark, who died in 1866?]
54. DANIEL, b. 6 Nov. 1801; m. CHARLOTTE SMITH 24 Oct. 1830. [Charlotte died Aug. 1842 in Chilmark of dysentery. Capt. Daniel Flanders m. (2) Mrs. JANE K. MANTER on 5 Mar 1843 in Chilmark. He was a Chilmark mariner. His children likely included Mary S. Flanders (b. 1833), Stephen Flanders (1836), Charlotte Flanders (d. 1837), Charlotte J. Flanders (1838), Abbie Jane Flanders (1840-1842), Abbie Jane Flanders (1844), Otis Smith Flanders (1842), Daniel H. Flanders (1847), and Clarissa G. Flanders (1849)]
55. RICHARD, b. 29 Mch. 1804 [in Chilmark]; m. PARNELL POOLE 6 June 1832. [Richard Flanders was a Chilmark mariner. Their children likely included Ephraim Flanders (b. 1833), Hannah V. Flanders (1836), Richard W. Flanders (1838), Emeline S. Flanders (1840), and Cyrus H. Flanders (1846).]
56. REBECCA, b. 29 June 1806 [in Chilmark]; m. LEONARD WEST (330) 5 May 1826.
57. SAMUEL, b. 4 June 1809 [in Chilmark]; m. KEZIAH F. LAMBERT 2 Apr. 1837. They lived together 65 yrs. and at his death 16 Nov. 1903 the widow and eleven children survived. He was light keeper at Gay Head for many years. [He was listed as a Chilmark farmer in 1850. Their children were Fannie J. Flanders (b. 1837), Wilbur F. Flanders (1838), Eddy C. Flanders (1840), Olivia T. Flanders (1842), Agnes L. Flanders (1845), Clarissa C. Flanders (1847), and Freeman B. Flanders (1848). Contact Karen Flanders Eddy for more information on this family.]
58. WILLIAM, b. 13 Jan. 1812 [in Chilmark]; m. AGNES L. TILTON [19 Mar.] 1840 [in Tisbury.] [Agnes L. Tilton was the daughter of Beriah and Julia Tilton, and was born in Nantucket. She died 24 Jun 1845 in Chilmark of pulmonary consumption. Capt. William Flanders was a Chilmark mariner, and died in 1854. They had a daughter Agnes Tilton (1844-1845).]


[Odds and ends: Who was Betsey Flanders, b. 4 June 1823 in Chilmark, m. Zadoc Athearn? Who was William W. Flanders, b. 4 Apr 1842 in Tisbury?]

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