The Renear Collection
  Renear Family Photo Album, Martha's Vineyard, Mass.


These photos were generously provided by Robert Renear, and identifications were made by brothers Walter Renear and Robert Renear.

Can you identify something in one of these photos that is not noted - a person, building, location, or event? How about the time period? Please Let us know!


* Map, Key, and a little history of the
Church Street, Vineyard Haven neighborhood.

* About Sheriff Walter H. Renear and Family

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1. Renear's Garage:


2. Renear's Garage:


3. Renear's Garage:


4. Homer's Point Hunting Group


5. Homer's Point Hunting Group


6. Renear's Gas Station and Showroom, c. 1946-7


7. Renear's Garage


8. Memorial Outside Vineyard Haven Public Library


9. Renear's Garage


10. Childrens' Birthday Party, early 1930s


11. Edgartown Forest Fire Deprtment Truck, 1930


12. Walter Renear Real Estate and Livery Stable


13. Renear Ford Showroom and Gas Station


14. Crane Tipped on Union Street


15. Crane Tipped on Union Street


16. Renear's Service Station, Church Street


17. Service Station Attendants


18. Renear's Showroom Under Construction, 1922


19. Renear's Garage


20. Aerial View of Downtown V.H.


21. View Down Church Street from Steeple


22. Ray Paltz in Ford


23. Miles Renear in Toy Car


24. Miles Renear in Toy Car


25. Renear's Showroom


26. Gay Head School Bus


27. Fords in Front of Renear's Garage


28. Fords in Front of Renear's Garage


29. Ford at Renear's Gas Station


30. Ford at Renear's Garage

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