The Swartz Family Collection
  The Swartz Family Photo Album, Vineyard Haven, Mass.

These images are from the collection of Russell and Jay Swartz.
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Maria L. Dias Swartz (1885-1974)
and Caetano Swartz (1878-1935)

She was the daughter of Rosa Rodrigues
and Jose F. Dias of Fayal, Azores.

Photo taken 1906.
They resided in Vineyard Haven, MA.

Antone T. Silva (1864-1940)
and Mary J. Silva (1872-1956)

Funeral Cards of Antone T. Silva
and Mary J. Silva

L to R: Joe Nunes with child Hortense Nunes, ? Nunes, Mary Dias Swartz, Caetano Swartz. Children William Swartz and Mary Swartz

Caetano Swartz house, Edgartown Road, Vineyard Haven.

(Closeup of previous photo.)

1st Row (L to R): Arthur Silva, Frank Silva

2nd Row: Albert Silva, Celestino Silva

All sons of Mary and Antone Silva

(L-to-R) Frank Silva, Cel Oliver, William Swartz, ??
Dukes County Garage. 1931 license plate.

(L-to-R) Manuel Campos, Frank Silva, and William Swartz, in Bill Swartz's car

Group in Joe Nunes' fishing boat.

1st lady on left: Alice (Duart) Fullin (wife of Remo Fullin). The woman next to her in the bandana is Ida Swartz.

Two girls in front: (L to R) Janet Maciel and Jane Maciel

The boy in the second row on the right with the camp teashirt and watermelon is Ida's son Russell Swartz.

Ida Silva Swartz with lamb

Bill Swartz, 1930

Bill Swartz

Mary Swartz and William Swartz,
daughter and son of Mary Dias Swartz and Caetano Swartz

(L to R) Joe Nunes, Dennis Amaral, Gil Amaral (who married Hortense Nunes)

Helen Silva Borges,
1931 license plate

West Tisbury School, 1929

3rd Row: Doris (Farauhar) Correllus - Joseph Maciel - Anthony Silva? (Behind Louise) - Laura DeCosta

2nd Row: John Mayhew - Emma Maciel - George Silva - Louise Athearn - Elizabeth Turner

1st Row: Harvey Thomas - Donald Thomas - Eleanor Shultz - Dorothy Maciel - William "Billy" Silva

In Background: Phoebe Greene - Lorraine Norton - Ida Silva - Lydia Howes

West Tisbury School students, 1929
(Closeup of previous photo.)

Silva Family (Children of Mary and Antone Silva):

Front Row - Frank Silva (1908), Laura Silva Sherwood (1902), Antone Silva (1899), Mina Silva MacNeill (1900), Ida Silva Swartz (1914), Helen Silva Borges (1911)

Second Row - Albert Silva (1904), Celestino Silva (1906), Arthur Silva (1909)

Missing - William Silva (1896), Olive Silva Athearn (1895), Mary Silva Burgess (1897), George Silva (1901)

Frank P. and Mary Rose Lopes
Look Street, Vineyard Haven

Mystery photo #1.
Do you recognize this baby?

Mystery photo #2.
Do you recognize this family?
(Mount: "Raymond's Studio, New Bedford")

Mystery photo #3.
Do you recognize these children?
(Mount: "Chamberlain")

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