News Article About Van Ryper Model of Steamship "Acadia"

Caption: "Makes Model of Ship."

"A twenty-seven inch model of the Eastern Steamship Acadia, familiar to many who watch the shipping here, was placed on display at Briggs' store, Vineyard Haven, this week. The model is one ordered by the steamship company from the Vineyard Haven shop of Charles Van Ryper, and was designed and in most of its details built by Stanton Lair." / "The Acadia is one of the largest, most elaborate and complete ever made in the shop. Real brass rings encircle her port holes, real glass windows grace her cabins, which open upon the promenade deck, and a plume of smoke rises from her stack." / "A recent order which is being filled at the present time is a model of the Bounty, of the historic mutiny which led to the settlement of Pitcairn Island. ..."

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Date: c. 1934
Location: Vineyard Haven - -

People: Van Ryper, Charles; Lair, Stanton
Keywords: models; model-making