1976 Article About Stan Lair's Trolley Car Model

Caption: "Model-maker brings the Vineyard... / by Julia Wells"

Handwritten Notes: "Dec. 27, 1976"

"Vineyard Haven - Anyone with an imagination and a bit of Vineyard history tucked into his head can walk down the beach in Oak Bluffs and picture the way it used to look when the open-air trolley rolled along her leisurely tracks." / "It was called the Martha's Vineyard Street Railway Company. Flashes of quaint pictures could click through the mind, like flickers of an old-time movie. Bustle-skirted ladies holding their wide-brimmed hats and gentlemen tapping gold-headed canes pass into the moving picture. The trolley was a distinctive piece of the Vineyard." / "Now it's just another piece of memorabilia recording the early days of a summer resort." / "Although the old trolley may be long forgotten some day, it will never be lost. ..."

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Date: 1976
Location: Vineyard Haven - -

People: Lai, H. Stanton; VanRiper, _____
Keywords: models; model-making; trolleys; Ford jitney; electric cars;