Gravestones near Christiantown

Located at Indian Hill, West Tisbury, MA.

Photographs and notes compiled by C. Baer, 1998.

This is a collection of photographs and transcripts of gravestones at the Mingo Family Cemetery and the Christiantown Cemetery at Indian Hill in West Tisbury. The photos were taken with a digital camera in March, 1998.

Christiantown Cemetery:

There are dozens of stones in the graveyard adjacent to the Christiantown Chapel, but only one has an inscription:

Mary C. (James) Spencer (1847)


Mingo Family Cemetery:

This tiny family graveyard is perhaps a quarter of a mile up the road from the Christiantown Chapel.

Joseph Q. Mingo (1912)

Lydia C. Mingo (1914)

Parthenia B. Mingo (1898)

Lucina A. (Jeffers) Mingo (1891) with footstone.

Overall view

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