Return Concerning Lunatics and Idiots
confined in House of Correction
in Edgartown (1842)

[Dated 3 Jan[?] 1843.]

[The following was extracted from the original document stored at the Massachusetts State Archives in Boston.]

[The table was left blank, but the following questions were answered:]

General Questions

1. What are the materials of the walls and floor of the rooms in which the Lunatics and Idiots are confined?

Stone + Brick

2. Means of ventilation for the rooms - size of the windows, &c.?

two windows thirty two by twenty three Inches
four places in the Door six by six

3. How are the rooms warmed?

by fire place of Brick

4. How often cleaned?

white washed twice a year when there is no prisoners and twelve times a year or more when there is prisoners

5. How often and how much are the inmates allowed to exercise in open air?

None out of the room

6. What is the size of the courts or yards in which they exercise?

we have no yards

7. What is the size of the entries or halls to which they have access?

they have no access to either

8. Do they come in contact with or have communication with criminals?

they do not

9. What medical attendance is employed? Is a physician employed to attend upon them for the purpose of cure of Insanity, or only in case of bodily disease?

we have not had any person one in the house of Correction for about two years


Isaiah D. Pease Master of the
House of Correction in Edgartown

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