The EDDY Family of Martha's Vineyard

From pp. 32 - 34 of "The Eddy Family In America,"
"A Genealogy Compiled by Ruth Story Devereaux Eddy, A.B., A.M.
And Published Under The Direction Of The Eddy Family Association, Inc.
In Commemoration Of The Three Hundredth Anniversary Of
The Landing Of John And Samuel Eddy At Plymouth, October 29, 1630
Boston, Massachusetts 1930"
(Fourth Printing, Braun-Brumfield, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1990.)

Provided by Karen Flanders Eddy and transcribed and prepared for the web by C. Baer, 1999.
[Additional information in brackets compiled from Banks Vol. III.]

John Eddy (Samuel, William), b. Dec. 25, 1637, at Plymouth; d. May 27, 1715, at Tisbury, Marthas Vineyard, aged about 78 years (Tisbury Rec.). He m. Hepzibah Doggett of Watertown, b. about 1643; d. May 3, 1726, at Tisbury, aged about 83 years. She was the dau. of John and Bathsheba (Fay) Doggett. (See Doggett Gen. for an account of this family. Also spelled Doget). [ed.- Note contradiction with Banks Daggett genealogy!]

On Apr. 3, 1645, John was apprenticed by Samuel and Elizabeth Eddy to Francis Goulder and his wife Katherine of Hobbes Hole, Plymouth, or as it was sometimes called, Wellingsley. They were near neighbors. John must have finished this apprenticeship in which he learned the trade of a blacksmith in 1658. In the records of Edgartown, Marthas Vineyard, under date of Dec. 28, 1659 is the following record.

The Town (then called Great Harbour) voted to pay the charge of the Smiths Transportation hither if he desires, this is John Edy of Plymouth. (Edgartown Records, I, 133.) On Oct. 22, 1660, he was the owner of one of the shares of land which was given him by the town (Edgartown Rec. I, p. 147). On May 1, 1663 it was voted that John Edy, having remained three years in town should have a lot of 10 acres and a commonage with two acres of meadow - the meadow lies about the pond at Miles Brook (Dukes Co. Deeds, VI, 115).

From these records it would seem that John went to Great Harbour in the spring or summer of 1660, and remained there from the time of his arrival. In the Plymouth Colony Rec. (Vol. 11, p. 37) is a deed dated August 27, 1660, in which

"Aron Knapp of Taunton within the government of New Plymouth, husbandman sold to John Eedey of Hymn, blacksmith, ten acres of land, bee it more or less Scittuate and lying Neare unto the land of Nicholas White in the plantation of Taunton aforsaid hounded by the land of John Eddway, Carpenter on the Northwest side: by the Comons on the southeast side and the Mill River on the end of it. At the end of this deed after the signature and the names of the witnesses is the statement "I John Eedey doe by these presents make over this my deed to Daniell Makenny of Taunton."

Thus it is probable that soon after the date of this deed Aug. 1660 and before Oct. 22, 1660 John went to Marthas Vineyard and became the blacksmith of this new settlement. John Doggett, his wife's father, had purchased land in Martha's Vineyard, and one of her brothers was there. It seems likely that this was another inducement for the young man to go to the Island. The records of Edgartown show that he became one of its prominent men and took an active part in its life.

He bought of John Dogget a plot of six acres for a homestead lot. The exact location of this has not been ascertained, but it is supposed to have been on the "Line" (Sup. Judicial Court Files 4974 also Edgartown Rec., 1, 4, 7). In 1662 he was chosen constable and became a member of the train band. During the period of dissatisfaction with the government of Mayhew, he, together with Thomas Dogget and a few others would not sign the paper showing disapproval (Banks Hist. of Marthas Vineyard, Vol. I).

On Jan. 29, 1663, the neck or land called Quanomica was divided and John Eddy, the following year, came into possession of one of the twenty-five shares.

The following account is taken from "The History of Marthas Vineyard" by Col. Charles E. Banks. He has made an exhaustive study of all the early families on the Island, and is an authority on all matters pertaining to the early history of the place.

This lot was one of the five and twenty, just south of the cemetery on Tower Hill, having a frontage of 142 rods on the harbor. As proprietor he participated in all the divisions of land during his residence in Edgartown, and in 1667 was granted one sixth of the West Chop Neck by Governor Mayhew (Dukes Co. Deeds 1, 239). At this time the project for the purchase of Takemmy was under consideration, and he entered into negotiations with the three partners for admission as a proprietor in the proposed new settlement. Accordingly he offered his lands at Holmes Hole as an exchange for this right, as is shown by the following document:—

Know all men by these presents that I John Eddy of the town of great-harbour upon the vineyaard do for myself my heires and assignes sell unto William Pebody Josias Standish and James Allin I say I do sell my whole accommodations Iying at Holmes his hole being on sixth part of that which was bought of the Indians by thomas Layton of Rode Island and this I do for and in consideration that the for s'd William Pebody Josias Standish and James Allin are to lett me the said Eddy have five pounds worth of land at Takemmy at the same rate as they bought it of the Indians provided that the said Eddy demand it within two years after the date hereofe as also they shall let me have one Lote among them to live upon I the sd Eddy paying for it at the rate that they buy of the Indians the afores'd five pounds worth to be part of the Lote if I do not demand the land and live upon it then to pay me five pounds at the end of the s'd 2 years the payment to made in current pay at prices current and in wittness of the premises I have hereunto set my hand this 29 of June 1669.

Memorandum - that the lot mentioned is to be one whole accommodation of the town now to be setled and that if ye town be not settled then the fores'd land at holmes his hole to be returned to me the s'd Eddy in wittness to all the premises I haye set hereunto my hand the day and year above s'd
John Eddy (Tisbury Records, P. 17)

Within two years the new township being an assured success, he was granted a lot by the propriet.'rs, on May 20, 1671, "if he com according to compacicion,"

Whereas we whose names are under written have obtained liberty of Mr. Thomas Mayhew to buy and purchas land within the bounds & limits of Taakimmy upon the Vineyard this may signifie unto men that we willi; Pebodie Josiah Standish James Allen and James Skiffe have made purchas of certain lands within the above saide bound with a purpos to people or plant the same and inorder thereunto have devided the whole into twelv parses or shares payable to the charges of the whole purchas beside one lott for the mill one for a minister and one lott for John Eddy if he come according to Compaccicion and we have admitted certain perssons to have shares, etc. (Sup Jud Court Files, No, 4974, Boston) May 20, 1671.

Thenceforth John Eddy, since he came "according to compaccion" was identified with Tisbury till the close of his life. Eight years later he sold all his Edgartown properties to John Coffin, with the exception of some small divisions on the necks. (Dukes Deeds, 1. 318. Dated March 6, 1679.)

In 1680 he was a defendant in a suit brought by Simon Athearn for trespass and defamation, and acted as a juror later in the same year. (Court Records, Vol. I.) He was chosen constable of Tisbury in 1683, 1684, 1692; selectman in 1687, 1688, 1693, 1696, 1697, 1700; tithing man, 1699; besides acting in several minor capacities on committees appointed by the proprietors or freeholders. His last public office was held in 1711, when he was chosen surveyor of highways, being then in his 73rd year.

In May 17, 1673, he was one of the overseers of John Doggett's will. (See Dukes Co. Deeds, I, 321.)

John Doggett states "I give my wife that £5 which I was to receive of John Edy as part pay for the two oxen of mine he sold for £10. . . . Land at Aquampache, at Felixneck & Konomache and meadow at Sangekantackett to my two daughters Elizabeth and Hephzibah & all cattle at the Vineyard. ... With reference to my estate at the Islands above mentioned I desire my loving friends, Isaac Robinson & John Edy my son-in-law to be overseers of this my will."

In 1675 John Eddy's name appears on the list of whites, thirty-eight in number, capable of bearing arms. His name appears many times in the description of lands belonging to others whose lands joined his, "in the neck of land by John Eddys." He was chosen with Joseph Doggett "to by what land Thay can of the Indians for the uses of the towns within the township of tisbury. " He was one of the two witnesses to sign the deed given by Josias "Sachem of Tackomy " when the tract of land known as the Additional Purchase was made in Jan. 1671. When on Oct. 22, 1675 the "lands on the north side of the old Mill brook to the sound were divided" the fifth lot, about 24 rods in breadth, fell to John Eddy and the seventh lot to John Eddy and John Manter.

The townsmen empowered James Allen and John Eddy to purchase from the Indians certain additional meadows. This they did on Dec. 24, 1681, purchasing from John Papameck Deeds, 1, 129).

On Dec. 4 1689, it was agreed and voted "by the freeholders of Tisbury that goodman robinson goodman eddy and goodman whitney shall procure ye old records that is to say all records of or in ye old books and loose papers of consarnment sutch as they shall see convenent to cause them to he entered en ye new boock and in s.' doing the town cloth ingage to answer and pay them for all necessary cost and charge in and about the same."

On Nov. 21, 1694 it was agreed "and voted in a legal town meeting that Mr. Simon Athern, Thos. Look, John Edy, Joseph daggett and peter Robinson are chosen a commity for the town of Tisbury for to draw up a petition to the general assembly for an easment of their tax and for an addition of Lands unsettled to their township." (Tisbury Rec., p. 26.)

After the death of his father John Eddy of Tisbury entered into an agreement with his brothers in regard to the lands which Samuel had left. This agreement is in the Plymouth Co. Registry of Deeds, Book 7, p. 177. It is very important, because it is absolute proof that John Eddy of Tisbury was a son of Samuel Eddy of Plymouth, when to this deed is added the one which follows it below (Book 9, p, 264).

Swansey, Octobr. ye 14th 1695 Be it knowne unto all Men by these presents that wee whose names are Under Written have joyntly Agreed And Concluded in And about some lands wch did appertaine unto our honored father Sami'l Eddy late of Swansey Deceased And are come to a Full Conclusion of ye Same in Amongst ourselves wch is as followeth viz. that Zachariah Eddy arid Obediah Eddy Shall have all ye land wch is in And upon the East side of Namasket Great River to them . . . wch said land is called and knowne by ye Name of Capt. Southworths purchase: And likewise John Eddy and Caleb Eddy shall have all ye land on ye west side of Namasket Great River, called and knowne by the name of the Sixteen shilling purchase . . . wee the sd Zachariah Eddy Obediah Eddy John Eddy & Caleb Eddy have hereunto Sett our hands and Seals this Twenty Ninth Day of October one thousand Seven Hundred & Six and in the fifth year of that Reigne of our Sovereigne lady Anne Queen of England. This deed was acknowledged on ye 11th day of … 1707 and recorded Dec. 1, 1707.

I John Eddy of ye towne of Tisbury in Duks County . . . for Ten pounds sell to Jacob Tomson of ye towne of Middleboro in ye county of Plymouth ... all that my one half share of land in that purchase of Land commonly called ye sixteen shilling purchase, both divided & undivided lying within ye township of Middleboro, aforsd; wch affore mentioned half share of Land is ye one half of that Share of Land, wch did originally belong unto my hon'd father Samuel Eddy deceased & hath since been in partnership between myself & my brother Caleb Eddy. In witness whereof I ye aforsd John Eddy have hereunto Sett my hand this 28th day of Sept. 1711.

Col. Banks states that John had provided for his declining years by an arrangement with his son Benjamin in 1706, by which all his property was given to this only son on attaining his majority in consideration of support during the remainder of his life (Dukes Deeds, II, 140). But this was destined to be broken by the early death of Benjamin in his 24th year. By a will Benjamin, who had married, required his wife as executrix to see that the agreement which "I have with my honored father and mother, John and Hepzibah Eddy touching their annual allowance shall be well and faithfully observed." (Dukes Probate, 1, 27). In the month following Benjamin's death, Hannah, the widow, evidently being desirous of being relieved of the support of the aged couple, transferred the entire property to John Manter, the husband of John's daughter Hannah (Dukes Probate, I, 27), in consideration of his assuming the "Agreement between John and Benjamin Eddy to the value of £9 annually for the support of John Eddy and wife living in one end of the house." John Eddy's homestead was on the east side of the Old Mill Brook abutting on the Mill Path on which it had a frontage of 160 rods. During the rest of his life John lived quietly. He gradually disposed of his several scattered possessions to his various children, so that when he made his will on Dec. 24, 1714 he had very little property to bequeath. He and his wife are buried in the West Tisbury Cemetery. The stones are in good condition and the inscriptions fairly legible.

His will is printed in full in Bulletin No. 16. It mentions wife Hepzibah daughters Hannah Manter, Beulah Coffin, and Abigail Eddy, grandson Samuel Manter, son-in-law John Manter.

Children, all but Eles born in Marthas Vineyard:

+69. ELES (probably Alice) EDDY, b. May 1, 1659 (Falmouth Rec.). [m. 16 Mch. 1682-3 Benjamin Hatch]
70. SARAH EDDY, (probably) b. about 1661; perhaps m. May 1, 1681, NATHAN MANTER.
+71 ELIZABETH EDDY, b. about 1663. [She m. Jonathan Lambert (3) 11 Dec. 1683.]
+72 HEPZIBAH EDDY, b. about 1665. [She m. Moses Hatch (27) 9 May 1686.]
+73 HANNAH EDDY, b. about 1670. [She m. John Manter (10).] [She is buried at West Tisbury Village Cemetery.]
+74 AMY EDDY. [She m. Joseph Daggett (390) about 1685. Banks states she was born about 1668 and probably died during 1712-1714.]
+75 BEULAH EDDY, b. about 1680. [She m. Enoch Coffin (14) about 1701.]
+76 BENJAMIN EDDY, b. about 1685 [He d. 27 May 1708 aet. 24 .] [He is buried at West Tisbury Village Cemetery.]
+77 ABIGAIL EDDY, b. Sept. 1687. [She m. Thomas Trapp (14) 18 Jan. 1716-17. She d. 14 Feb. 1717-18 and is buried at Tower Hill Cemetery.]


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