The History of Martha's Vineyard by Dr. Charles Banks:
Volume III Family Genealogies:  pp. 80-87


Compiled by Dr. Charles Banks, c. 1925.
Transcribed and prepared for the web by C. Baer 1999.
[Comments in brackets added by C. Baer, 1999. Sources upon request.]


The derivation of this family name is traced to Glegerne, a Celtic name given to a camp on the border line of Scotland by the Romans A.D. 80 during the invasion of England. From this the name became Cleggerne, Clegherne, Cleghorn, and lastly, Claghorn. The barony of Cleghorne existed in Scotland in the 12th century and a chapel of Clegerne was connected with Dryburgh Abbey. The lands connected with the barony were granted in 1441 to Sir Alan Lockhart of Lanarkshire in whose family the title remains to the present day.

Claghorn, as a family name, appears in Scottish records as early as 1350 in Edinburgh, Cramond, Lothian and Corstorphine. In the latter named parish there lived a James Cleghorn who d. 5 June 1588, leaving among others two sons James and Henry, and the latter was father of three sons and one daughter, viz: Thomas, David, James and Isobel. James, the youngest son, with his sister Isobel, was the heir of his older brother, David, in 1647, and is believed to be the James Claghorn who was brought to New England in 1650 as a prisoner of war during the Scottish Rebellion, following the Battle of Dunbar. Corstorphine, the home of the Claghorns, was occupied for a year by the troops of Cromwell and many of its families driven into exile. In the fall of 1651 about 150 of the Scotch prisoners were sent to New England for indenture as "slaves or servants" in the ship "Unity". They were treated as human chattels and classed with Indians and negroes in the social estimate of the Puritans. They were bound out to the wealthy classes as household or agricultural helpers.

1. JAMES CLAGHORN, like all the Scotch prisoners sent to New England, was farmed out and undoubtedly, his time was sold to Bernard Lombart (Lumbert) of Barnstable sometime bef. 1654. He retaliated on his master by taking his dau. ABIAH LOMBARD to wife 6 Jan. 1653-4. He removed into Yarmouth 1662 and there lived during the remainder of his life. He was rated at Yarmouth in 1675 for the expenses of King Philip's War. His wife committed suicide by hanging in Oct. 1677, having been for sometime mentally afflicted. His will 11 Oct. 1683 was pro. 25 Oct. following and he d. bet. those dates.

10. JAMES, b. 29 Jan. 1654; served in King Philip's War 1676 and Expedition to Quebec 1690; d. 27 Mch 1723 at Rochester, Mass.
11. MARY, b. 26 Oct. 1655; m. JOSEPH DAVIS 20 Mch. 1682.
12. ELIZABETH, b. Apr. 1658; living 1683.
13. SARAH, b. 3 Jan 1659-60; living 1683.
14. ROBERT, b. 20 Oct. 1661.
15. SHUBAEL, b. (1663).
16. THOMAS, b. (1665).
17. EXPERIENCE, (1667).


15. SHUBAEL CLAGHORN, (James1) b. abt. 1663; res. Barnstable, yeoman. He m. JANE LOVELL, dau. of John and Jane (Hatch) Lovell of B. who was b. 28 July 1670. His will 5 Sept. 1725 is the proximate time of his death. The inventory of his est. amounted to £877-8-7. His wid. married John Bumpas of Rochester. His descendants are the only ones of this family to take up permanent residence on the Vineyard and for that reason other contemporary branches will be omitted from this genealogy.

40. JAMES, b. Aug. 1689.
41. THANKFUL, b. 1690; d. 6 Jan. 1690.
42. THOMAS, b. 20 Mch. 1692-3
43. SHUBAEL, b. 20 Sept. 1696.
44. ROBERT, b. 18 July 1699; m. THANKFUL COLEMAN.
45. BENJAMIN, b. 1701; of Newport 1730.
46. THANKFUL, b. (1703); m. EBENEZER SMITH (359).
47. REUBEN, bapt. 28 Apr. 1706; m. ELEANOR LOVELL.
48. MARY, b. 1707; m. EBENEZER CLARKE of Rochester; (int.) 6 Mch. 1729-30.
49. JANE, b. 1709; m. JOSHUA LAMBERT, JR.
50. EBENEZER, b. 30 July 1712; m. (1) SARAH LAMBERT 30 Oct. 1735; (2) ELIZABETH HAMBLIN 8 Sept. 1763.
51. JABEZ, b. (1714-15).


40. JAMES CLAGHORN, (Shubael,2 James1), b. Aug. 1689; res. Barnstable, innkeeper; rem. to E., abt. 1715. He was the first of the name to settle permanently on the island. He m. MERCY NORTON (40) 30 Dec. 1715 [in Edgartown], who was b. 1687 and d. 1762 [in Edgartown.] He made his first purchase of land 26 July 1717 and res. on this property on North Water St. Here he kept a public house, 1740-48. He suffered from mental disorder from 1745 until his death 18 Jan. 1749-50 [in Edgartown.] [He is buried in Tower Hill Cemetery.]

76. JOHN, b. 6 Sept. 1716 [in Edgartown.]
77. JANE, b. 21 Dec. 1717 [in Edgartown]; m. (l) RICHARD WHELDON ["late of Edgartown"] 8 Dec. 1735 [in Edgartown]; (2) ENOCH COFFIN (35) 27 Dec. 1739.


42. THOMAS CLAGHORN, (Shubael,2 James1), b. 20 Mch. 1692-3, res. E. (Eastville), innholder. He came to E. from Barnstable and bought a lot on the "Line" in 1721, his first recorded appearance. He m. (1) ABIAH SMITH (356) abt. 1721, who was b. June 1699 and d. 10 Feb. 1730 [in Edgartown] [She is buried at Tower Hill Cemetery.] ; m. (2) SUSANNAH GIBBS dau. of Barnabas Gibbs of Sandwich 2 Nov. 1732, who was b. 28 Sept. 1712 and d. Nov. 1786 [in Edgartown, of "pul: fever."] He d. Feb. 1784 [in Edgartown, of old age, called "of Holmes Hole."]. His will 23 Feb. 1774 was pro. 28 Apr. 1785. He had been an innholder for fifty-three years in the old Linton House at Eastville.

80. BENJAMIN, b. 1722.
81. ABIGAIL, b. (1725); m. SETH COTTLE (60) 22 Feb. 1749 [in Edgartown.]
82. SARAH, b. (1727); m. THOMAS CHASE (110) 23 Apr. 1751 [in Edgartown.]
83. THOMAS, b. 1730.

By Second Wife:

84. WILLIAM, b. 1733.
85. MATTHEW, b. (1735).
86. SUSANNA, b. (1737); m. (l) WILLIAM WAILEY 1 Jan. 1776 [in Edgartown]; (2) JEREMIAH PRIOR 14 Oct. 1788.
87. JANE, b. 10 Mch. 1740, m. (l) GARRISON MEARS [of Gloucester] 21 Aug. 1760 [in Edgartown]; (2) EBENEZER SMITH (431) 9 Oct. 1777.
88. ABIAH, b. (1742); m. JOHN GERRISH of Dartmouth 4 Sept. 1767 [in Edgartown.]
89. LYDIA, b. (1744); m. CORNELIUS NORTON (503) 12 Dec. 1765 [in Edgartown.]
90. JOHN, b. (1746)
91. BARNABAS, b. (1748); drowned 9 June 1759.
92. ROBERT, b. (1750).


43. SHUBAEL CLAGHORN, (Shubael,2 James1), b. 20 Sept. 1696; res. Barnstable, mariner. He m. EXPERIENCE HAWES (40) bef. Mch. 1725, prob. at Yarmouth. She was b. 14 Nov. 1706 and d. 19 Sept. 1778 [in Chilmark.] He rem. to E. 1726 and to C. 1732-3. He saw service as Private in the Expedition to Louisburg, 1745, in the Co. of Capt. Lambert, Col. Gorham's Regt. He d. 14 Jan. 1754 [in Chilmark] and his wid. adm. the est. Inventory dated Mch. 1754. [They are both buried in Chilmark Cemetery.]

100. SHUBAEL, b. (1725)
101. JEDIDAH, b. (1727); m. JOSEPH LUCE (121) 4 Apr. 1748 [in Tisbury.]
102. EXPERIENCE, b. (1730); m. ELIHU SHERMAN of Dartmouth.
103. HAWES, b. (1733); rem. to North Carolina.
104. BENJAMIN, b. (1736) rem. to North Carolina.
105. DORCAS, b. (1740) ; m. SHUBAEL PEASE (451) 5 Nov. 1761 [in Chilmark.]
106. TIMOTHY, b. (1743); rem. to North Carolina.
107. ELIZABETH, b. 1 Aug. 1746 [in Chilmark]; m. perh. ELIHU SHERMAN 28 Oct. 1766.
108. GEORGE, b. 6 July 1748 [in Chilmark].
109. JAMES, b. 25 June 1751 [in Chilmark].


80. BENJAMIN CLAGHORN, (Thomas,3 Shubael,2 James1), b. 1722, res, E. pilot. He m. KATHERINE BLACKWELL of Rochester 27 Feb. 1746, who was b. 16 Aug. 1725 and d. 1 Jan. 1804 [in Tisbury. She is buried at Crossways Cemetery.] He was drowned 9 June 1759 with his son Samuel in Vineyard Sound. Adm. of his est. was granted to his wid. 19 July 1759 and inventory of the property amounted to £295-12-2. He was adm. to the church 1741 and was prominent in its affairs. After his death the wid. and children rem. to Rochester, but they returned and d. here. He lived in the present town of Oak Bluffs.

166. SAMUEL, b.10 Mch. 1748; d. 9 June 1759 (drowned with his father).
167. MARY, b. 7 Jan. 1751; m. ABNER NORTON (472) 12 Apr. 1770 [in Edgartown.]
168. JOSEPH, b. 21 Jan. 1753.
169. HANNAH, b. 21 Jan. 1756; m. (1) BENJAMIN BARTLETT 21 July 1774 [in Edgartown]; (2) ABNER NORTON (472).


83. THOMAS CLAGHORN, (Thomas,3 Shubael,2 James1), b. 1730; res. E., cordwainer. He m. MARY HUXFORD (27) who was b. 1734 and d. Nov. 1806 [in Edgartown, of "gout in stomach."] He d. May 1813 [in Edgartown, of dropsy "fortasse."]

171. HANNAH, bapt. 17 July 1756.
172. HEPSIBAH, b. 1760; m. JOSEPH NORTON (533) 18 Nov. 1819 [in Edgartown.]
173. BENJAMIN, b. 1763; d. 1783 at sea. ["Foundered at sea."]
174. THOMAS, b. 1765; d. 1783.
175. (Child), b. 1770; d. 1772.
176. SUSAN, b. (1775); d. 15 Sept. 1832 [in Edgartown, "one of the poor of the Town."]
177. SARAH, b. (1780); m. ICHABOD CLEVELAND (111) 4 Jan. 1800 [in Edgartown.]
178. JANE, b. (1782) ; m. WILLIAM CLEVELAND (114) 13 May 1804 [in Edgartown.]
179. MARY, b. (1784) ; m. WILLIAM VINCENT (46) 2 Oct. 1808 [in Edgartown.]


84. WILLIAM CLAGHORN, (Thomas,3 Shubael,2 James1), b. abt. 1733; res. E., merchant and master-mariner. He m. THANKFUL DEXTER 11 Nov. 1756 [in Edgartown], who was b. 1738 [in Falmouth] and d. 19 Aug. 1795 [in New Bedford.] He was of the Militia Co. in E. 1757 and rem. to New Bedford 1767 where he spent the remainder of his active life as an enterprising owner and master of merchant vessels which sailed all waters of the globe. He died suddenly in Boston 24 Feb. 1793 and is buried in the Granary Cemetery. An elegy written in his memory and published for circulation among his friends has been credited to Theophilus Mayhew, a native of Chilmark, as author. [Joe Eddleman <> notes that "Thankful Dexter was bedridden the last 20 years of her life." She is buried in Acushnet Cemetery, Dartmouth. Contact Joe for more information on this family.] Children:

180. ELIZABETH, b. 20 July 1758 [in Dartmouth]; m. (1) _____ POTTER; (2)_____ BABCOCK. [Joe Eddleman <> notes that Elizabeth "m. (1) 09/15/1774, in Dartmouth, Mass., Oliver Potter, occupation ship captain, d. at sea. She m. (2) 03/26/1785, in Dartmouth (Church of Christ, 1st. Congr. Chur.of Dar.), Eastland Babcock aka Badcock, b. 05/17/1762, New Bedford, (son of Benjamin Babcock and Virtue Eastland) buried: New Bedford. Elizabeth died 09/23/1849, New Bedford, Mass. Resided with Spooner Babcock in 1843. According to a letter mentioning her death, Elizabeth Claghorn died 200 miles from New Bedford. Oliver: A letter from Mary Crow speculated that Oliver Potter died cir. 1777. Eastland: Living in New Bedford in 1848.
Their children were: Mary Potter (b. 06/21/1775); Lydia Potter (b. 07/10/1777); William Claghorn Potter (b. 03/06/1779, Dartmouth); Oliver Potter; James Hayden Babcock (b. 07/30/1787, New Bedford); Susanna Claghorn Babcock (b. 03/12/1789, New Bedford, Mass.); Benjamin Babcock b. 04/11/1791, New Bedford); Ezra Babcock (b. 10/05/1793); John Francis Babcock (b. 04/14/1795, New Bedford, living in Lennox in 1848); Elizabeth Babcock (b. 09/07/1797, New Bedford, Mass); Spooner Babcock (b. 12/03/1798); and Joseph Babcock (Living in Lennox in 1848. The 1850 Mass. census for Lennox lists a Joseph Babcock aged 64 and wife Olive aged 60 living together with Collina A. Babcock age 19? and Charles H. Babcock age 15. Collins was a painter and Charles a laborer. All born in Mass.)" Contact Joe for more information on these families.]

181. WILLIAM, b. 9 Sept. 1767 [in Dartmouth.]
182. SUSANNAH, b. 29 July 1773 [in Dartmouth]; m. JOSEPH MAXFIELD.
[Joe Eddleman <> wrtes that Susannah Claghorn m. 03/30/1794, in Church of Christ, Acushnet, Mass., Joseph Maxfield, b. 05/09/1772, New Bedford, (son of Patrick Maxfield and Ms. Freelove). Susannah Claghorn lived in New Bedford, Mass. in the 1860 Mass. census (Roll M653-490), page 550, dwelling 547. Her son William Claghorn Maxfield lived with her. Her real estate was valued at $3000 and personal property at $100. Their children were: Henry Negust Maxfield (b. 02/17/1795, New Bedford); Patrick Maxfield (b. 11/09/1796 New Bedford); and William Claghorn Maxfield (b. 03/21/1800, New Bedford, occupation tailor.)" Contact Joe for more information on these families.]


85. MATTHEW CLAGHORN, (Thomas,3 Shubael,2 James1), b. 1735; res. Homes Hole, mariner. He m. JANE BARTLETT 4 Oct. 1759 [in Plymouth], dau. of Joseph and Jane (Swift) Bartlett of Plymouth, who was b. 1741 and d. Apr. 1806 [in Holmes Hole.] He d. bef. 1774.

190. BARTLETT, b. 1767.
191. DEBORAH, d. 1825; prob. unm.
192. JANE, b. (1770).


90. JOHN CLAGHORN, (Thomas,3 Shubael,2 James1), b. abt. 1746; res. E, mariner. He m. LYDIA WEST (115) 7 Feb. 1770 [in Tisbury], who was b. 29 Aug. 1747 and d. 31 Dec. 1770 [in Tisbury] in childbirth. He d. at sea bef. 10 Jan. 1771 as adm. of his estate was granted to Isaac Daggett and Cornelius Norton on that date. "A whale killed him" as stated on his gravestone. Adm. of his wife's estate was granted to her father, Dr. Elisha West 4 Feb. 1771 and he was made guardian of her infant daughter.

200. LYDIA WEST, b. Dec. 1770; m. THOMAS WHITTRIDGE 9 Oct. 1790.


100. SHUBAEL CLAGHORN, (Shubael,3-2 James1), b. abt. 1725; res. C., mariner. He m. MARTHA HILLMAN (62) 7 Jan. 1748 [in Chilmark], who was b. abt. 1728. He sold his property in C. 1772 and rem. to North Carolina with his brothers (103, 104, 106). He served in the Revolutionary War in various capacities after his removal to that state.

201. JEDIDAH, b. 8 Mch. 1749; m. SETH CLEVELAND (50).


108. GEORGE CLAGHORN, (Shubael,3-2 James1), b. 6 July l748; res. C., shipwright. He m. DEBORAH BROWNELL 20 Dec. 1769 [in Dartmouth], dau. of Jeremiah and Deborah (Burgess) Brownell of Dartmouth. He rem. to Dartmouth, prob. at the time of his marriage. He served in the Revolution and held the rank of Colonel in the militia. His most famous product was the U.S.S. Constitution which he built for the Government in Boston. He d. 5 Feb. 1824 at Seekonk, R. I. [Judy <> writes, "The Deborah Brownell that is constantly said to be the daughter of Jeremiah and Deborah (Burgess) Brownell was b. 8 April 1721. That would make her 27 years older than George. Their first child was b. @ 1771 which would make her 50. I have the last child Lydia b. Feb 1791 which would make Deborah 70 years old. I have investigated and found that another child of Jeremiah and Deborah, David, married Grace Church. They had a daughter, Deborah b. 8 Oct 1749 (certainly closer in age to George). I can't find a record of the daughter after her birth that connects her to her parents. If you notice, George and Deborah had a daughter, Grace b. 1782, which leads me to think that Deborah is really the granddaughter of Jeremiah and Deborah. Any thoughts?"]

212. HENRY, d. 17 Sept. 1801 [in New Bedford.]
213. BENJAMIN, b. 8 Feb. 1772; d. 23 Feb. 1789.
214. TIMOTHY, b. and d. y.
215. POLLY, m. SAMUEL L. VALENTINE 22 Apr. 1798.
217. GRACE, b. 1782; m. WILLIAM BEEBE 7 Oct. 1802; she d. 1883 aged 101 yrs. 17 days.
218. LYDIA, b. Feb. 1791; d. 16 Aug. 1863; m. JEREMIAH WHEELER.
219. GEORGE, m. AMY INGRAHAM [dau. of Timothy and Sarah Ingram]; d. at sea s. p. [Almy died 1 Jan. 1833 in New Bedford.]


109. JAMES CLAGHORN, (Shubael,3-2 James1), b. 25 June 1751; res. C. farmer. He m. (1) SALOME COTTLE (166) 17 Feb. 1774 [in Chilmark], who was b. 18 May 1752; d. 14 Oct. 1787; m. (2) MARY WILDE 9 Mch. 1788, dau. of Jesse Wilde of Williamsburg; she was b. 1760 and d. 1796; m. (3) MRS. ASENATE (STRONG) MILLER 8 June 1796. He d. 1 Aug. 1810 and adm. of his estate was granted to his son James 16 Oct. of that year.

220. WILLIAM, b. 13 Nov. 1774; living Somerville, N. Y. 1846.
221. SARAH, b. 12 Oct. 1776; m. EPHRAIM GREEN.
222. EXPERIENCE, b. 19 Apr. 1778; m. ELISHA NASH 25 Nov. 1799.
223. LYDIA, b. 11 Feb. 1780; m. WILLIAM PORTER of Palmyra, N. Y.
224. ORINDA, b. 20 Oct. 1781.
225. BETSEY, b. 8 Apr. 1784; m. JOSEPH BEAL.
226. MARTHA, b. 28 Aug. 1786; d. Cummington, Mass. May 1845.

By Second Wife:

227. JAMES, b. 24 Jan. 1789; res. North Evans, Erie Co., N. Y.
228. MARY, b. 8 Aug. 1790; d. 1792.
229. GEORGE, b. 14 June 1792; res. Masonville, N. Y.
230. AHAZ, b. 14 Feb. 1794; d. Aug. 1822.
231. BENJAMIN, b. 1 Feb. 1796; res. Williamsburg, Mass.

By Third Wife:

232. MARY WILDE, b. 9 Mch 1797.
233. TEMPERANCE, b. 7 Nov. 1798.
234. JUDAH, b. 24 June 1800 ; res. North Ridgeway, Ohio.
235. ELMIRA, b. 23 Dec. 1802.
236. JAMES MILLER, b. 16 Aug. 1804; d. 1899 Buffalo, N. Y.


168. JOSEPH CLAGHORN, (Benjamin,4 Thomas,3 Shubael,2 James1), b. 21 Jan. 1753. Res. T., housewright. He m. ANNA MENDALL 30 Apr. 1786, who was b. 14 May 1755. He was a school teacher in Homes Hole. He d. 19 Oct. 1805 [in Tisbury, "of E. Parish",] and his will 2 Oct. 1805 was pro. 5 Nov. 1805.

245. SAMUEL,. b. 5 Mch. 1787; m. PHILURA P. SPAULDING 28 Nov. 1811 [in Tisbury.] [They had a daughter, Augusta Matilda Claghorn (b. 12 Dec. 1812 in Norwich, New London Co., CT); and a son Rufus Spalding Claghorn (b. 30 Aug 1815 in Tisbury.)]
246. HANNAH, b. 6 May 1788; m. [Capt.] JOSEPH HAMMETT (120) 4 May 1806 [in Tisbury.] [She d. 30 Jun 1857 in Marion, MA, "formerly of Holmes Hole."]



181. WILLIAM CLAGHORN, (William,4 Thomas,3 Shubael,2 James1), b. 9 Sept. 1767 [in Dartmouth]; res. Rochester, Mass. master-mariner. He m. DOLLY HASKELL, 9 Nov. 1788 [in Rochester], dau. of Elnathan and Dorothy (Robinson) Haskell of Rochester, who was b. 11 Apr. 1767 and d. 7 Apr. 1823. He d. 28 June 1798 at Cape Fear, N. C. [Joe Eddleman <> notes that "William was on a sea voyage when his father died."]

250. JOHN WILLIAM, b. 24 Aug. 1789.
251. CHARLOTTE, b. 20 Nov. 1792 [in Rochester.]




190. BARTLETT CLAGHORN, (Matthew,4 Thomas,3 Shubael,2 James1), b. abt. 1767; res. E., mariner. He m. SARAH NORTON (183) 11 Oct. 1792 [in Tisbury], who was b. 29 May 1767 [in Edgartown] and was living 1850 [with her son Bartlett in Tisbury. She d. 23 Sep 1859 in Holmes Hole of consumption.] He d. 17 Feb. 1849 [in Tisbury of influenza. His death record calls him a yeoman.]

260. JANE, b. 24 Mch. 1794. [She appears alone and unmarried, aged 56, in the 1850 Tisbury census.]
261. THOMAS, b. 1797; d. 1817.
262. SARAH NORTON, d. 9 Apr. 1805.
263. JOSEPH, b. 17 Dec. 1806 [in Edgartown]; m. AUGUSTA NYE DAGGETT Mch. 1828 [in Tisbury.] [He was a pilot by occupation. She was b. 27 Mar. 1806 in Tisbury. They had the following children, all born in Holmes Hole: Sarah Jane Claghorn (b. 13 Mar. 1829, m. Capt. Valentine Lewis (1829-1893) on 11 Sep 1851 in Tisbury, died on 25 Mar 1855 of phthisis, buried at West Chop Cemetery); Peter D. Claghorn (b. 2 Jan. 1832, m. Melintha Lambert 10 Sep 1859 in West Tisbury, he appears as a mariner in 1860 Tisbury census); Mercy (or Mary?) A. Claghorn (b. 16 Jul 1833, d. 3 Nov. 1847 of scarlet fever?); Hannah Wilson Claghorn (b. 10 Feb. 1837?, d. 14 Jun 1847?); Ethelinda T. Claghorn (b. 20 Dec. 1839, m. Valentine Lewis of Rochester 3 Aug 1858 in Tisbury); James Paxton Claghorn (b. 2 Sep. 1844, d. 6 Apr. 1847); and James Paxton Claghorn (b. 6 Apr. 1847, m. Louisa T. Fisher (c. 1849-1916), had dau. Sara Jane Claghorn b. 26 Jan. 1868 in Tisbury. James d. 24 Feb 1909 in Tisbury. Contact Ronald W. Fletcher <> for more information on this family.) Joseph, Augusta, and son James appear together in the 1860 Tisbury census.]
264. BARTLETT, b. 7 Oct. 1808; m. LUCINDA W. NYE [of Rochester] (int.) 30 May 1829. [They had two sons Timothy Pease Claghorn (b. in Tisbury 15 Apr. 1835, m. Elizabeth Carey "Lizzie" Harding on 27 Oct 1861 in Tisbury; she remarried in 1865) and Joseph Claghorn (b. in Tisbury 15 Mar. 1842) who were both lost at sea in 1862. They also had children James Nye Claghorn (born 29 Jan. 1830 in Tisbury, who m. Margaret A. Norton of Farmington ME on 11 Jun 1855 in Tisbury, had son James O. Claghorn b. c. 1855-6); William B. Claghorn (b. 3 Apr. 1833 in Tisbury, m. Lucretia L. Cleveland on 19 Jul 1857 in Holmes Hole, had son Charles H. Claghorn, b. 1859. William was very sick as a child, Dr. Yale writing "cough + difficult respiration... will probably prove fatal" when he was two weeks old) and Sarah West Claghorn (b. 20 Jun 1840 in Tisbury; m. James Weeks of Tisbury "Neck" on 23 Jan 1860 in Tisbury.) Bartlett was a pilot by occupation. He, Lucinda, and mariner sons Timothy and Joseph appear together in the 1860 Tisbury census.]
265. SHUBAEL NORTON, b. 1812 [in Edgartown]; m. DENCY A. LOOK [b. 5 May 1816 in Chilmark, dau. of Aaron and Prudence Look] 24 Nov. 1844 [in Tisbury.] [He was called a mariner and she a spinstress, in their marriage record. They had a son Charles F. Claghorn, born 6 Oct. 1845 in Edgartown. Shubael died in Edgartown of consumption in Dec. 1846. Dency and Charles appear in the 1850 census of Tisbury in the home of Clarissa Luce.]


[The following family was submitted by Joe Eddleman>:]

[250. JOHN WILLIAM CLAGHORN, (William,5 William,4 Thomas,3 Shubael,2 James1), b. 08/24/1789, Rochester, Mass. Living in Philadelphia in 1848.

300. James Claghorn.
301. Eugene Claghorn.
302. Edward Claghorn.
303. William Claghorn.]

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